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Legal Deficits Season 02 Episode 10

Boston Legal / Season 02, ep 06 starring James Spader, Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois, Justin Mentell, Sara Michelle Bathe

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Episode Summary

"Legal Deficits" / Season 2, Episode 10
Broadcast: December 13, 2005
A story of felonies and misdemeanors, handcuffs, bingo, hands, necessity and being a hoot.
Brad Chase pushes for an immediate trial after he is arrested for impersonating an FBI officer and assaulting a priest during the rescue of a kidnapped child. Shirley Schmidt is worried about how this case may reflect on the firm and is reluctant to consent to Brad's request for the erratically-behaving Denny Crane to be the lead attorney. Meanwhile, Alan Shore tries to bail out his secretary, Melissa (Marisa Coughlan), who is in serious credit card debt, and seeks the assistance of the firm's quirky but brilliant bank and finance genius, "Hands" Espenson (Christian Clemenson).

Episode Credits

Directed by .... Mike Listo
Written by  .... David E. Kelley & Lawrence Broch
Zylan Brooks .... Clerk
Christian Clemenson .... Jerry Espenson
Marisa Coughlan .... Melissa Hughes
Richard Fancy .... Father Michael Ryan
Juan Garcia .... Detective Perry Vale
Henry Gibson .... Judge Clark Brown
Currie Graham .... A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg
Aramis Knight .... Tito Perez
Dianna Miranda .... Helena Perez
Christopher Rich .... Attorney Melvin Palmer
Steven Shaw .... Jury Foreman
Mark E. Smith .... Bailiff

Legal Deficits Season 02 Episode 10


Episode Dialogue

Alan Shore: I was in a relationship. But now I’m not. You still at 1 800- LIZZIE?

Denny: Going to trial. I’m swelling up just thinking about it. Trials make me swell with adrenalin. Do I look swollen?
Alan: Somewhat.

Alan: Bingo!
Jerry Espenson: You making fun of me?
Alan: No! Sir.
Jerry Espenson: You said what I say. That’s making fun.
Alan: No! It’s just… I used to have a dog you see, and Bingo was his name oh. B. I...  Never mind.

Shirley:  Do not make yourself the story. The jury needs to be focused on him.
Denny: [incredulous] Did you just say don’t make me the story?

Attorney Melvin Palmer: I do think we can make this pretty young woman happy. Okay then. We have this saying in Texas, ‘Time to let the horses out of the barn.’
Alan shakes his head slightly and neighs softly.

Attorney Melvin Palmer: Given that we are bigger than Wal-Mart or McDonalds or Microsoft we
enjoy some security. And potential lawsuits like this? We have an expression in Texas, Mr
Shore. You’re all hat, and no cattle.

Melissa Hughes: This is not a come-on. It is just a statement of fact. When you
rattled off that whole ‘you don’t want the public to know’ laundry list. That was the single sexiest thing I have ever seen a man do.
Alan: You should see me when I do it naked.
Melissa: I’m just gonna go, uhm, change my… *Alan’s head comes up* …   screensaver.

Denny: Think we’ll ever see the day when the defense lawyer will be legally permitted to shoot the defendant?
Alan: We seem to be making progress.
Denny: Denny Crane. I’ll be your attorney.

Did You Know... ?

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Episode Reviews

2.10  "Legal Deficits" written by Abney

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[Listen to Dana and Kyle's conversation about Legal Deficits - mp3 download and follow along with the show notes]

Episode News

Ratings  Ratings [101 by Nielsen]

Dec. 13, 2005 "Legal Deficits" - 11.7 million viewers. Households: 6.7/11, #6; adults 18-49: 3.2, #7. NBC's "Law & Order: SVU" rerun, 7.6/12, came in first, followed by "The Amazing Race," 7.3/11.
Ranked #32 for week of Dec. 5-11, 2005 with 9,540,000 viewers [3.4 viewers RTG]
Ranked #28 Season to Date from Sept. 19 - Dec. 11, 2005 with 11,220,000 viewers [4.0 RTG; No. of TC: 9]
Boston Legal is ranked #11 on TiVo's most recorded shows chart as of Dec. 16. It was #9 last week. There are more than 110 million households in the U.S., only 2.73% of which own TiVos (about 3 million).  Source: NTI (Fast Affiliate Ratings)


Alan Shore recognizes an old... friend [1-800- LIZZIE]

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Airdate: December 13, 2005
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Episode Ratings
December 13, 2005:
Households: 11.7 million viewers. Households: 6.7/11, #6; adults 18-49: 3.2, #7. Source: NTI (Fast Affiliate Ratings)

James Spader Meeting Place "Legal Deficits"

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