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The Cancer Man Can Season 02 Episode 11

Boston Legal / Season 02, ep 06 starring James Spader, Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois, Justin Mentell, Sara Michelle Bathe

Show Notes for Boston Illegal Radio
"The Cancer Man Can" 2x11 January 10, 2006
Host Dana Greenlee; Co-host Rob Greenlee

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1. Intro
A story of partners, coat rooms, influence and finally becoming harmonic.

Dedicated to Christian Clemenson’s smile!
Side: From friend Michelle who found this article posted at JS.de, run by Brigitte: 1990 GQ Magazine Article: "At the end of eleventh grade, Spader resolved to drop out and move to New York. "He was not like some big star at Andover," says his ex-classmate Christian Clemenson.

Episode Conversation
Let’s take this by storyline: 1) DANIEL POST, lung cancer and the double-blind study for a cure 2) Jerry 'Hands' Espenson looking to make Partner 3) Denny finding his bless with BEV and 4) Balcony
written by Janet Leahy & Michael Reisz and directed by Lou Antonio
Mary Boucher .... Judge Rose Olsheim
Joanna Cassidy .... Beverly Bridge
Larry Cedar .... Robert Hopper
Art Chudabala .... Peter Clark
Christian Clemenson .... Jerry 'Hands' Espenson
Marisa Coughlan .... Melissa Hughes
Michael J. Fox .... Daniel Post
Erica Gimpel .... Attorney Samantha Fried
Sammy Davis Jr. “The Candy Man Can"

2. DANIEL POST, lung cancer and the double-blind study for a cure
So Paul actually DOES have cases now.
SB-1 Paul, Denise, Daniel: "Daniel Post, CEO, Christberg, Pelem Incorporated; He has stage four metastasized lung cancer."
Side: From a casting call, although this part has now been cast with Larry Cedar. Posted on October 3, 2005 Shoot Dates: October 10, 2005 (in Manhattan Beach). Breakdown-- Robert Hopper: Mid-late 40's. Slightly gaunt from his battles with Stage 4 lung cancer, Robert was a participant in a double-blind research study of a new cancer drug. He is suing Daniel Post [Michael J. Fox], a wealthy businessman and cancer patient, who used his influence to insure that he received the actual drug while Robert received the placebo.
Robert Hopper is played by Larry Cedar .... was Leon, a regular in Deadwood; he was in ST: Enterprise in 2002, Boston Public, the year before that, Murphy Brown in 1997, Star Trek Voyager in 1996, ST: Deep Space Nine in 1994, he was in Doogie Howser and LA Law (both DEK series)
Side: In initial courtroom scene, walked with a cane; Attorney Samantha Fried is played by Erica Gimpel. She was in "House" that aired the same night, Jan 10. A regular on Veronica Mars and been on a ton of ER eps over 7 years - Adele Newman, social worker from Child Services.
Side: Peter Clark is played by Art Chudabala who was in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Picket Fences"
Side: Mary Boucher played Judge Rose Olsheim in the cancer cure case and was also the judge in season one - Truth Be Told
Side: Email from Robert B. Gelles Oak Hill Neckwear of Braintree, MASS: Did anyone catch the reference to Devlin-McGregor Pharmaceuticals. This was the name of the firm that made "Provasic" in the movie, the Fugitive with Harrison Ford. They were behind Richard Kimble;s wifes murder.
Denise and Daniel are having a glass of wine in the lounge of a restaurant. "Last to Know" by Neil Finn from his album "One All" [2001]. thanks to Camryn from Santa Barbara who posted this on BL.org/music page. Neil was in Split Enz and Crowded House, writing "Don't Dream It's Over". Lyrics: "Feels like an accident waking up / Under a bus with my fingers crossed / Now is the time we could make it up". Stick around to the end of this podcast to hear more of this poignant song. fitting to the story.
SB-2 Date - Denise Bauer: "Given the evidence, a credible witness, and documented proof that you were administered the actual drug and not a placebo…"
SB-3 Robert Hopper: If I take your money I won’t be hurting you. The only think that will really hurt you now is if I take your time.

3. Jerry 'Hands' Espenson looking to make Partner
SB-4 Jerry Espenson: They are meeting soon to vote on this year’s partnerships. It will be my third time to be up for partner

Friend Anna reminded me: "Christian Clemenson appeared in two episodes of Family Ties with MJ Fox"
SB-5 Alan/Denny: "You mean Hands? Not a chance. He’s a weirdo."
Side: Asperger's syndrome, variant of autism. AS (Wikipedia): above average intellectual capacity, and atypical or less well developed social skills; Can't see the subtexts of social interaction (sometimes resulting in well-meaning remarks that may offend, like stating he's smarter than Alan), a cure is neither possible nor desirable, hereditary. (eugenics)
SB-6 Hands and Brad in break room: "Did he mention how it looks for me?"
He turns his head to expose his neck and chuckles then walks off, hands on thighs. Sweet.
SB-7 Alan: "I have an urgent announcement to make regarding National Security. I don’t think our country is being run very well."
Side: Eric Payne plays Mark Halpern, the guy at the podium presenting the partner candidates to the voting partners, but in season one the actor was in 3 eps by the name of "Sam Halpern" in episode: "Head Cases" (int’l meeting, "Still Crazy After.." and "Truth Be Told" (Imamess clued me in and volunteers to keep track of character names for DEK - Harvey Cooper, another 1st name in TP Wallace Cooper (Anthony Heald) and there's a DA Ginsberg coming in a future ep, different from ADA Frank Ginsberg, Brad's rival.
Also was in "I'm With Her", the Chris Henchy (husband of Brooke Shields) show starring Teri Polo. The ep was The Peck Peck, which also guest starred Mark Valley. (want this ep)
50 top-most partners. Saw the red-headed woman that's always in staff meetings.
SB-8 Angry Alan: "Well you need to hear it! I said nothing when you fired Sally Heep..."
Give this man another Emmy; Janet Leahy & Michael Reisz's brilliant monologues. ‘All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to say, “It’s a business.”’ (Throwing her closing from Witches of Mass Destruction in her face; reminiscent of German pastor Martin Niemullier who opposed the Nazis - silence breeds intolerance; Witches of Eastwick?); Catherine "i woman i profoundly adore"? Still trying to grasp where that transformed from Dedham days.
SB-9 Paul: "Brad, you made full partner." Denny knights Brad who humored Denny with grace.
Intercuts two scenes – Phil Neel, editor, did the same in Hired Guns for which he won the ACE Eddie award for editors (and nominated again this year for an ACE for his editing in “Ass Fat Jungle”)
SB-10 (4:29) Intercuts Jerry packing and Brad's surprise party. Jerry: "How's that Shirley? Is that enough?"
Clackity-clack; Garrett with his false praise: Here are your cases. They're excellent; Denny: sock holster; Jerry: Hot secretary who makes me nervous. Rosenburg v. Kaplan 273 Mass 411 Uphold employment contract entered into under duress. Criminal Law Treatise 22 ARL 3rd R1228, emotion diminishes responsibility for a crime.

4. Denny finding his bless with BEV
Banquet "The Childrens Group / Robert Christopher Sutton Award for Community Excellence":
Side: The MC at the Charity function - S.E. Perry - was in TP8 Police State, rushing in when Alan infamously hid the murderer... and the murder weapon.
SB-11 Bev: "... and blow."
Side: Boston Legal filmed at a hotel in LA October 12: "I saw James Spader in the elevator lobby of the Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles on October 12th. Boston Legal was filming earlier that day in the Crystal Ballroom and the Tiffany Room. Thanks to Vanilla - the prom scene from Pretty in Pink was also filmed at the Millennium.
six days later, Shatner zipped to the hospital afflicted with a painful kidney stone.
Side: Joanna Cassidy was in the Hollywood Wives miniseries in 1985 along with Candice Bergen. Most recently as Brenda's mom in Six Feet Under; she was a judge in several episodes of LA Law
SB-12 Shirley-Denny: "Maybe because you were too busy having sex on your desk?"
Side: Joanna Cassidy starred w/ Spader in The Family Tree - It aired on NBC from February to March 1983.
SB-13 Bev-Denny: Feel free to have sex with anyone else. I love you!

SB-14 Denny: I'm getting married ... gotta go - we're registering for flatware.

7. Preview
SB-15 preview1
SB-16 preview2:
Sue pointed out the background music at the end of the clip is from Zevon's beautiful and haunting "Keep Me In Your Heart", which he wrote while he was dying of lung cancer.

8. Trek in the Courtroom
Notes and images in pdf

9. News

Ratings for The Cancer Man Can. Households: 11.29 million viewers.
Jan. 17: Betty White's [Catherine Piper] birthday
Jan. 31: Preempted for Presidents State of the Union Address
Feb. 7: James Spader's birthday
BL Award Watch
March 7: 02x18: "Shock and Oww!" Scoop: Exclusive - not yet announced anywhere; A vigilante story - again - a homeowner is in trouble for boobytrapping his home to catch burglers. This makes Denny happy! A partner goes to Narcotics Anonymous

END: Theme - The Last To Know / Neil Finn

~ FIN ~


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