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Shock and Oww! Season 02 Episode 18

Boston Legal / Season 02, ep 06 starring James Spader, Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois, Justin Mentell, Sara Michelle Bathe

Show Notes for Boston Illegal Radio
"Shock and Oww!" 2x18 March 7, 2006
Host Dana Greenlee; Co-host Daniel Roebuck [DanielRoebuck.com]

Listen to our "Shock and Oww!" podcast with special guest co-host Daniel Roebuck, cast as Russell Blayney, Denny's 'American Homeowner' client. Daniel hosts Part 1 and Sue, Boston-Legal.org's contributor, co-hosts Part 2.
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1. Intro
A story of 50,000 volts, a partner as erotic art, a partner at Narcotics Anonymous, a fathers distrust, American Homeowners and Denny finding his bliss again.

Tease: Sitting in the co-host seat? What’s my line guess his identity. Y/N: You’re an actor / producer/writer/director? You have a special bond with Jay Leno? You portrayed the young killer in a movie that really hit me for a loop in the mid-80’s – Rivers Edge. You acting in Shock and Oww?
Danny: I could see his veins glowing right through his skin. He as being charred from the inside out. And I could smell his burning flesh from where I was standing. It smelled just like a roast. A well-deserved cooked roast.
Daniel Roebuck, Denny Crane's 'American Homeowner' Russell Blayney, is joining me for the deconstruction of episode 18, Shock and Oww! to provide commentary.

You’ll want to listen to the full show. First, deconstruct “Shock and Oww”. We’ll get Debb from Montreal on the phone to revisit our Parallel Univ/Trek in the courtroom. She’s found similar themes of Vigilantes and Renegades, Narcotic addiction, Star Trek Alumni, Death by High Voltage. Finally, we’ll merge into some BL news of the week.

Let’s take this by storyline: 1) 50,000 volts, vigilantes and Russell Blayney, American Homeowner 2) a partners nudity as Alan negotiates for Shirley 3) Narcotics Anonymous – Paul, Rachel and Brad ‘I’m a drug addict’ Chase 4) Balcony.

Jayne Brook ... Rachel Lewiston
Currie Graham ... A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg
Daniel Roebuck ... Russell Blayney
Fran Bennett ... Judge Diane Avent
Patrick Renna ... Attorney Warren Peters
Richard Bairos ... Miguel Dominguez
Robin Riker ... Candy Springtime
Bonnie Bartlett ... Marguerite Hauser
Mark Derwin ... Attorney Michael Eaves

side:  Daniel shares his adventures at the Movieland Wax Museum auction from which he's driving home while doing this podcast.

Episode Conversation
side:  “Shock and Oww” was directed by Jeff Bleckner and written Phoef Sutton & Sanford Golden & Karen Wyscarver
side: Daniel – thoughts? Bleckner has been directing episodic television since the 1970's (Welcome Back Kotter. Blecker directed one earlier episode of BL, last season's "Tortured Souls".
Phoef Sutton - his fourth BL script of the season, including "Ass Fat Jungle" and "Helping Hands".

1. 50,000 volts, vigilantes and Russell Blayney, American Homeowner
SB-1 Reporter: Construction worker Russell Blayney arrested for attempted murder for setting a bobby trap in his home to catch burglars [1:16]
Side: Russell Blayney: Victim or Vigilante? Ted Garcia, local tv reporter?
SB-2 Ginsberg/ Warren Peters/Denny/ Judge Avent: The Commonwealth moves that bail be denied.. [:42]
SB-3 You. Blondie. On my team. This is a farce. Try this in the press. Create our own reality. [:51]

Side: One of those blobs!
SB-4 I live alone. Jamaica Plain. Nebulizer and a roast [2:48]
SB-5 Denise/Denny: So much for putting our hero on the stand / We’re the ones creating the narrative. [:25]

Side: Changed dialog: my TV, bike, my power tools, stereo, guitar / He’s this big spic (2x) / simulating the jolt of electricity (yours?) / it was like I was watching all the assholes who had ever / cut: It didn’t take long,.Just like the microwave.
Talk about Curry Graham – picture of you both on your website.
SB 8 Ginsberg/Denny/Jury voir dire: American homeowner! [:38]
Judge Avent: play in the sandbox you built. One jurer: kill the son of a bitch.

2. Daniel Roebuck Chat
Daniel Roebuck portrays Jaron, a Romulan member of Spock's underground movement for the Vulcan-Romulan Reunification movement. TNG: "Unification, Part II" which also included Leonard Nimoy
Who Stole Santa's Sack? Ed Asner, Kathy Bates, Jay, Andy Griffith
fan of the monster/creature genre, he produced, wrote and appeared in the Monsterama TV series (2003-4).
regular for three seasons on the evergreen hit drama, MATLOCK, portraying attorney
LOST in the last three episodes of the acclaimed series’ first season. Daniel played the misunderstood Dr. Leslie Arzt and made TV history when he exploded on camera in the season finale!
Dan has started taping an episode of GHOST WHISPERER. He says it's great to be reunited with Jennifer Love Hewitt again. They first worked together on House Arrest when she was a teenager.
Rumors of a sequel to the Oxygen channel movie, CONFESSIONS OF A SOCIOPATHIC SOCIAL CLIMBER. Dan & Jennifer both appeared in the original movie.

End of Part 1 END MUSIC: "A Gozar Con Mi Combo" by The Cachao Combo from the mambo scene in "Helping Hands".

Part 2 of 2 [http://www.boston-legal.org/audio/Boston-Legal-2x18-Shock-2.mp3]
Co-host Sue Bueti

1. Guest stars from the American Homeowner storyline
SB-5 Ginsberg/Denny: That bastard stole my story. [:40]
Talk about Currie Graham
SB-6 Candy Springtime/Denny: Russell Blayney - Broiled, baked or fried [1:29]
Talk about Robin Riker; There are no facts anymore – just good or bad fiction; PR spin in Hollywood
SB-7 American homeowner! [:38]
Talk about jurors.

2. Narcotics Anonymous – Paul, Rachel and Brad ‘I’m a drug addict’ Chase
SB-11 Paul: I believe Rachel's using again. She's back on Crystal Meth. [:46]
SB-12 Paul to Brad: I need a favor. I very important, very personal favor. [1:12]

Brad’ll get the job done by any means necessary!
SB-12 Brad to Rachel: Excuse me. I'm looking for some on books on addiction and recovery. [1:08]
Side: Talk about Jayne Brook
SB-13 Brad: I’m Brad. I’m a drug addict. [1:39]
Autobiographical to Mark
Talk about Tim/Wesley Thompson
Fill in story: Rachel - Nice story. Too bad it was a lie. My father? Kept every emotion tightly tucked away in his suit pocket. Right next to his watch. Ferreting out information with these obtuse questions
SB-14 Paul tp Brad: So you made contact with Rachel? [1:24]
SB-15 Rachel: Dad? Paul: I had lunch meeting nearby. [1:26]

Deleted: Paul gives Rachel a hug, picks up Fiona and exits. Rachel closes the door and sits down on the coach, picking up a book. Knock on the door. Rachel opens the door, surprised to find Maggie Calder flanked by two police officers. Department of Social Services. report of child endangerment. These officers have a warrant to search your premises.
We’ve received an anonymous report of drug use in front of a minor. : That sonofabitch. She grabs for her coat. I have to go. He has my daughter.
Magge Calder: Ma’am. Fiona is safe.
Officer #1: We’ve got something.
Rachel and Maggie turn to see Officer #1 holding a small leather kit. He unzips it revealing a crystal meth kit including pipe, spoon and chemicals.
Rachel Lewiston: Th-that’s not mine. I swear. To Maggie. I swear. A friend of mine left it here last night.
Officer #2: Rachel Lewiston, you are under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. He handcuffs Rachel.

3. A partners nudity as Alan negotiates for Shirley
SB-8: Shirley: I met Karl when I was a sophomore at Wellesley..[2:00]
Side: Tell us about Marguerite Hauser/Bonnie Bartlett
Fill in story: in the conference room with Marguerite , Shirley, Alan; Alan seeing photos first time, contract, “As I recall, it wasn't your minds that met. If you were old enough to screw my husband you were old enough to understand what you were signing.” “Half of Karl's collection is already promised to The Museum of Modern Art in New York. I intend to auction off the other half.” [Alan clutches portfolio to chest like ‘mine!’]
Defense: The twenty-sixth amendment, which not only extended the right to vote to eighteen year olds but also persuaded the States to grant them status as adults, was ratified in 1971. The photos were taken in 1966. Which, by the way, is my new favorite year. [Shirley wasn’t 21 yet]
Alan: because I was destined to discover and revel in the natural wonders in all that is you. [lots of Shirley/Alan talk now]
Next scene fill in: talk about Attorney Michael Eaves/Mark Derwin. Pictures find way to Internet. Negotiation didn’t work - this time.
SB-9 Attorney Michael Eaves: Mr Shore, you are on our last nerve. You said you had an intriguing offer. [2:00]
Both attorneys do vague blackmail. Marguerite: For such a vague man, you've been extraordinarily clear
Equivalent to Alan’s usual 3 min closing argument.
SB-10: Alan to Shirley-I haven't decided. You know the one where you're not quite sure what you're looking at? [:44]

SB- Denny: I may not be the Denny Crane I once was, but until today I didn't realize that this Denny Crane might be even better. [1:30]
Denny misses Bev. Naked photos of Shirley.

5. Preview
2x19 Stick it SB-15 preview [:30]

6. Trek in the Courtroom
Themes: Vigilantes and Renegades, Narcotic addiction, Star Trek Alumni, Death by High Voltage.

8. News
Sue: Ratings
March 7, 2005 "Shock and Oww!"
Households: 11.4 million viewers; 7.6/13, #5; adults 18-49: 3.4/9, #T6)
Boston Legal grabbed the top spot in viewers and household demos and tied for second for 18-49 with 3.4/9 [always good to be above a 3]. A repeat of L&O:SVU" scored a 7.2/12 for NBC, and "The Amazing Race" was third at 6.1/10.
Boston Legal lead in news: Compared with the last new broadcast of "Commander In Chief" (households: 6.8/10; adults 18-49: 2.3 on 1/24/06), the hour of "Sons & Daughters" was down 23.53% in households but up an impressive 39.13% in adults 18-49. " (households: 7.5 million viewers; 5.0/7, #9; adults 18-49: 3/7, #9 overall, #3 in time slot) In 'same time one year ago' news, the debut of "Blind Justice" did better than BL one year later (households: 8.1/14, #4; adults 18-49: 4.5, #5) but was fairly quickly cancelled. One never knows.
Dana: Spader on Ellen March 6
Play two sound bites
Sue: Calendar
- March 22: William Shatner's [Denny Crane] birthday
- March 22: "William Shatner in Concert" on Living in TV Land
- April 4: David E. Kelley's birthday
- April 11: preemption for "The Ten Commandments"
- April 18: 02x23: "Race Ipsa" [date tentative]

END: Theme - "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley from "Helping Hands"

~ FIN ~


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