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Gone Season 02 Episode 09

Boston Legal / Season 02, ep 06 starring James Spader, Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois, Justin Mentell, Sara Michelle Bathe

Show Notes for Boston Illegal Radio
"Gone" 2x09 December 6, 2005
Host Dana Greenlee; Co-host Rob Greenlee

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1. Intro
A story of paint ball, Mannix, a cat, giving the finger and 37 mil living below the poverty line.
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Rundown: deconstruct Gone, Next weeks ep Legal Deficits, revisit our Parallel Univ/Trek in the courtroom, BL news of the week, Boston Legal-related sound bites from Jon Cryer and Jami Gerz and your emails.

Episode Conversation
Let’s take this by storyline: 1) Opening: Denny and Alan still sleeping together 2) Randell Kirk as Denny’s paintball target 3) Brad and Denise get creative to rescue Tito Perez 4) Balcony scene
Directed by Mel Damski ; Teleplay by David E. Kelley; Story by David E. Kelley & Jonathan Shapiro; Edited Michael Hathaway

2. Denny and Alan still sleeping together
1-SB: lullaby tug of war

3. Randell Kirk as Denny’s paintball target
Yes, another Star Trek reference: The name of the homeless gentleman was Randall KIRK.
Michael K. Williams (Kirk) in Lackawanna Blues (Emmy Outstanding Made for Television Movie Lead Actress Directing for a tv Movie) but cool that Ryan Michelle Bathe was in it - Sara Holt!
Good bad ugly theme music as he walks in asking for $100k. Does zip work for you?
2-SB: Warren Peters: does not give you right to shoot people
Patrick Renna (Warren Peters) Ronnie the Pizza Guy from the x-files. Ronnie with vampire fangs that gets a stake driven through his heart by Mulder. who can forget that! But he was also a good guy medic in the excellent if not terrifyingly real FX series on the Iraq war - Over There
See Garret and Sara! Denny: know my name? maybe sometime I'll know yours. Show of force.
3-SB: Alan/Denny: Lobby – Not against you. We’re sleeping together!
Alan: I'll be your lawyer
Denny: we're friends - and we're sleepgin togehter (everyone looks)
Alan: why are you being such a bully?
4-SB: Alan gives the poverty facts; 37 million below poverty line
5-SB: $75k to Randall

Lewiston walks in. Denny: Whatever.
I'm going back on Larry King. Tonight. You saw me last time. I popped. Tivo me.
75k to Mr. Kirk This check came from you. A personal check from you. It's really of no concern. You deserve that settlement.
Lewiston: The wagons are beginning to circle. Plans to reprise his role on LK. He got a 7 share.
Denny shoots a paint ball at Jane fonda.
Jane and I used to... you know. Then she turned on me. They caught her in one of those communist bitch hunts.
The want to be entertained by shock and drivel.
6-SB: Larry King/ Gracie Jane: Is that your excuse? Highjacker.
Gracie Jane is back (Jill Brennan); in "Schadenfruede", similar to anchor Nancy Grace on Court TV & CNN's headline news.
7- SB: Denny Crane: I wish you’d let me in on the game. I can act you know. I won an Emmy.
Disappearing Storyline:
Early show summaries referenced the following s/l with regard to Randall Kirk, the homeless guy:
"Instead of suing, he wants them to represent him in suing the government for letting his wife die after the hurricane in New Orleans."
Whether they cut it for more Brad Time or there was a network note saying the JUST finished recovering from the "Witches of Mass Destruction" onslaught about the US presence in Iraq, the very real, very emotional indictment about the handling of Hurricane Katrina was, shall we say, axed.
Don’t even rescue them from dying (New Orleans)

4. Brad and Denise get creative to rescue Tito Perez
Brad slowly shuts the door of the FBI office when he sees the agent is 'going there’. And the agent says 'can we take a walk" and looks at Brad
8-SB: Never saw you take badges.
Private citizen, poisonous fruit, technically. its a crime
I wanna know about this 'intervention' from Brad's past that the agent alluded to.
Steve Ryan (Special Agent Kevin Drummond); on West Wing as Secretary of Defense; on "Wiseguy" my fave 1990; "Arrested Development" playing "J. Walter Weatherman" couple episodes: "Making a Stand" 19 December 2005; Det on TP season 7
9-SB: Go all Mannix on us
Smith and Wesson! Brad’s navy seals buddies in casting; U.S. military's elite, Navy SEALs come to mind and Marine Corps' Force Reconnaissance (Force Recon) units are special-purposes units roughly analogous to the Navy SEALs. But Marines aloof – but Brad apparently has strategically placed friends… who KNOW about his childhood Mannix emulation. Robert R. Shafer (Smith) and Buddy Lewis (Wesson) - be on this podcast anytime
10-SB: shock and awe, boys, at the brothers apt.
11-SB: Garrett reads the defense of necessity

Brad does that pursed lips thing; "Lets go."
12-SB: Brad: Bad answer!
(That response didn’t seem very considered, Dominic; Ashcroft’s picture in the wall?) also, Lou Volpe (Dominic Martini, the brother) was also on Boston Public and DOOL but a year before Mark was on that soap.
Denise and Brad walk into the church and Denise warns: "Remember. All bark. No biting." * Brad crosses himself*
13-SB: Brad, Denise, Father Ryan, a cat and an axe
I’m Special Agent Robb of the FBI, this is Special Agent Beadle (rbtb.co.uk, alternative band)
Richard Fancy (Father Michael Ryan) Played a Minister on Bill Murrays What About Bob? (1991); Seinfeld reoccurring - 10 eps as Mr. Lippman and "Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager, Murphy Brown and season one of LA Law
14-SB: The axe
Brad cracks neck – again
Cat + Fingers / other shows = guaranteed laughs
There's a great scene in Keen Eddie [Keeping Up Appearances] that I have a feeling influenced the fingers/cat scene, where Mark Valley's [Brad] character Eddie Arlette sets a friends tooth on the kitchen counter. His roommate Fiona accidentally manages to knock it to the floor whereby her cat scampers after it and swallows it. The room quickly clears as Fiona freaks out. [2 min VIDEO from Keen Eddie on "Gone" ep page]
Someone also noted that this same animal/appendage theft took place in "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang". Girl: *slamming door* "Did I just cut off your finger?"
Downey: "Yeah. It's on the floor. Pick it up. Pick it up."
Extortion: Give me the finger
Suit up. I have paramilitary training. Cracked neck again
Rescue - drum beat as swat rescues kid; Denise collapses against brads shoulder, he puts arm around her and they walk off together.

5. The Balcony
15-SB: Denny Crane: I can act. I won an emmy.

6. Previews
Rob: Next ep: We’ll dissect 2x011: “Legal Deficits” Dec 13, 2005
16-SB: Here’s a sound bite: GONE (:30)
Dana: friend Katy recalled Christian Clemenson (cast as "Hands Espenson) just happens to be one of James' oldest friends. He played Spaders brother in Bad Influence
7. Parallel Universe: Trek in the Courtroom
Bl.org/startrek. Similarities From Debb in Montreal: >> read details
17-SB: Spock “bad leadership”; SB: woman “dreadful”

8. BL News
- Dec. 16: Justin Mentell's [Garrett] birthday [23]
- Dec. 17: International Press Academy's SATELLITE™ Awards
- Dec. 20: preempted for another Barbara Walters special
- Dec. 24: Mark Valley's [Brad] birthday [41]
- Dec. 27: 02x1&2: "The Black Widow" & "Schadenfreude" [repeats]
- Jan. 03: preempted for Orange Bowl
- Jan. 10: 02x11: "The Cancer Man Can"
- Jan. 17: 02x12: "Helping Hands"
- Jan. 24: 02x13: "Too Much Information"
- unknown: "Breast in Show"
- unknown: "Smile"
- Feb. 21: "Live Big" [Guest Star Tom Selleck]

Rob: Recent Ratings
Dec. 6, 2005 "Gone" - Households: 6.7/11, #7; adults 18-49: 2.7, #11, a series low with 9.64 million viewers. It beat the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," 6.2/10, on CBS, but not "Law & Order: SVU" with a 10.8/17. Source: NTI (Fast Affiliate Ratings)
Rob: Acura commercials
Spader is the new voice of the Acura. A contributor to the site is “poetic filmmaker” who produces a community television program. She sent us a couple that’ll be on the site soon one for the RL and one for the MDX. Let’s hear them – just the Spader part.
18/19-SB: Acura 1-2
Dana: Casting Lisa Vidal
(Third Watch, The Division) has landed a multiepisode arc,' She’ll play the head of a women`s shelter who gets involved with Alan.
Dana: BL.org Updates
Music of Boston Legal; Transcript for Gone. Ep pages for Smile, Breast in Show and Live Big [exclusive at this point]
Plea: There was a great Boston Legal Parody on the MAD TV November 26, 2005 # 1107. Searching like mad – torrents skip that ep. (Michael- James Spader: Alan Shore, Nicole Parker- Candice Bergen: Shirley Schmidt, Frank Caliendo- William Shatner: Denny Crane, Keegan) comments on madtv board: Good sketch, good concept. Not too long, but the Emmy thing was great.
Press page: A few minutes with Mark Valley
Mark shares his thoughts on where Brad Chase has been when not in storylines and whether Shatner cheated at push-ups. [Interview from March 2005 at the Boston Legal panel at the DGA]
9. Oher actors talk about Boston Legal
CBS netcast: so many of the stars I interviewed had a connection to DEK or TP like Jason Segel - How I Met Your Mother; Paula Marshall & Henry Winkler - Out of Practice, Charles S. Dutton - Threshold, Jamie Gertz - Still Standing , Holland Taylor & Jon Cryer - TWO and a half MEN
20-SB: Cryer
21-SB: Jamie

10. Feedback
EMAIL: From Tamara /Materials Science and Engineering/Carnegie Mellon
I am still catching up on listening to your podcasts. I just found your site, and I love it!
I just have to wait until exams are over to really delve into all of the reviews and everything that I want to read. I will definitely be taking your podcasts with me when I travel, which, while I think about it is probably silly to be telling you....but I just wanted you to know that they're helping with one of the more treacherous aspects of the holidays: Waiting at the airport!
EMAIL: Kris Banister
Keep up the good work!! I am really enjoying the podcast and website.
I have to give the site some criticism. I am a Macintosh user and all your video stuff is in M$ media format and that does rub me the wrong way. Anyone not running a M$ Windows box can't play the video. Moving to a video standard that is accessible across multiple OSes would be appreciated.
END: The theme to Mannix plays under us – in loving tribute to Brad’s childhood role model, the famous private detective.

~ FIN ~


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