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Boston Legal / Season 03 starring James Spader, Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois

Show Notes for Boston Illegal Radio
A Conversation with David Dean Bottrell aka Lincoln Meyer
Episodes 3x2 - 3x9, September, 2006 - November, 2007
Host Dana Greenlee

Boston Legal Podcast
Click to listen to our conversation with David Dean Bottrell (Lincoln Meyer), season three's trial witness, suspect, serial whacker, singing kidnapper.

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Highlights include:
- the source of David's "Lincoln" voice
- his very unusual audition story
- Lincolns back story
- the last minute scene in "Trick or Treat" that DEK wrote to be added in - that turned out to be one of David Bottrell's favorite scenes
- filming the funny police line-up - and its surprise 'extra'
- Alan Shore's malevolent stare toward Lincoln Meyer - that went nowhere
- his impressions of the other cast members
- Julie Bowen tells David a secret
- Singing the Chipmunks song
- filming the stunts
- the long night of repeatedly being run through by an arrow
- deleted scenes
- new project as screenwriter/director adapting the book "How to Cook Your Daughter: A Memoir" by Jessica Hendra

Sound bite-1: Lincoln Meyer (on TV):27 She was just the most giving personóa marvelous judge, and an ideal neighbor. Why, itís absolutely heartbreaking, what happened. I know Iíll certainly remember her fondly, as Iím sure others will, too. The neighborhood wonít be the same without her. Itís tragic, what happened. Really. Tragic.
Denise Bauer: All right. That guy is creepy.
Gracie Jane (on TV): That was the next-door neighbor, Lincoln Meyer.

Deconstructing Lincoln

1. Tell about the experience of casting for Lincoln. Did you audition?
2. Did you know from the get-go that you'd endure eight episodes? Did you wait each week for a new script to see what Lincoln was up to - or were you clued in on the arc?
3. The original sides for Lincoln Meyer gave the briefest of direction: "Effeminate, reminds one of Truman Capote."
4. In figuring out the character, Lincoln appears to be a contradiction:
SB-2: 3x2 New Kids on the Block 23
Jeffrey Coho: Do you know why she got a restraining order against you?
Lincoln Meyer: Oh, that was the husbandís idea. I think he felt threatened by.. yíknow.
Jeffrey Coho: What?
Lincoln Meyer: The infatuation. She was drawn to me. Nothing was ever consummated of course. Iím deeply Christian.
Denise Bauer: Judge Cooke was infatuated with you?
Lincoln Meyer: Itís not something Iím comfortable talking about.
5. Lincolnís an effeminately infatuated peeping Christian ("She was biblical with Scott Little"). Is this what he believes of himself or is it his portrait to the world. What do you imagine was Lincolns back story that made him who he is?
6. Your arc saw Lincoln as a trial witness, a Plan B suspect, his own countersuit against CP&S, serial whacker, right through to a nefarious kidnaper who sings. Here's an impossible question: Pick your favorite episode or scene.
7. Iíd like to take you through some of Lincolnís signature lines - reveals the many faces of Lincoln. He certainly wasn't one-note. (Angry, Smug, Pensive, Sinister, Creepy) Do you remember consciously working on, and how you brought out, his emotional range?
Peepy SB: 3x2 New Kids on the Block
SB-3 "Through the window. Iím a peepy. Women sometimes like having a peepy."

Later -
SB-4: 3x07-TrickOrTreat :47
Lincoln Meyer: Well. He implied I was a pedophile. A freak who should be registered as a sex offender when Iíve committed no such offense! And even if I had, which I most certainly have not, to suggest that Iím a killer! A murderer? That Gracie Jane woman reported it in front of millions of people and I was damaged.
Judge Gilbert Potts: What about this Peeping Tom crap?
Lincoln Meyer: I am an open and notorious Peepy. Why, when I would send her flowers I would write, ďWith love, from your little Peepy.Ē And she liked having a Peepy. And even if she didnít, it doesnít give these lawyer people a right to infer that Iím a killer! I mean, look at me, Judge! Iím damaged.
8. A point of intense speculation within the BL fan community came from a scene with Lincoln, Shirley, Brad and Alan. At the end of the scene, you and James Spader stared at each other intensely. What were you both trying to convey? We all thought it was foreshadowing of some greater confrontation.
SB-11: 3x07-TrickOrTreat :25
Shirley Schmidt: Great. And whoís representing this Ė charming man.
Lincoln Meyer: Thatís the most fun part of all. Iím representing myself, Shirley. Like Gideon. I hope youíll all join me for Judge Hooperís deposition; refreshments will of course be served. Oh, itís all too delicious for words, donít you think? Alan gets a good long look at Lincoln as Lincoln talks to the receptionist. Iíve got a caterer coming in twenty minutes and I want the conference room clean, and I mean clean.
Sinister Lincoln. After having taken a liking to Shirley, he tries this unique technique of asking her out.
21. SB-12: 3x8 Lincoln
Lincoln Meyer: Thatís little comfort. What if someone else were to turn up dead? Could I persuade you to get a bite with me, Shirley?
Shirley Schmidt: You could not.
Lincoln Meyer: Would it help if I had a pistol. Oh, dear, I bet if this were a movie weíd have one of those ominous chords play right about now. (An ominous chord plays.)
Shirley Schmidt: What are you doiní, Lincoln?
Lincoln Meyer: What youíre goiní to do is walk out of here with me, calmly and without incident. You and I need to get on with our special friendship, Shirley Schmidt.
9. Talk to us about working with Candice Bergen and rest of cast.
10. You're a writer - and your eight episodes were all written by David E. Kelley. I'm curious about your thoughts on working with the words of one of the trinity of television writers.
11. You were directed by exec producer Bill D'Elia twice as well as the cream of the regular crop of BL directors. How does doing your job as Lincoln vary from director to director? Any interesting guidance given to you by a director that you can share?
12. Time to address the singing. Lincoln is in his basement, his 'Little Waco', strumming a ukulele, serenading a bound and gagged Shirley Schmidt.
SB-13: 3x9-On the Ledge :15
Christmas, Christmas time is near,
Time for toys and time for cheer.
Weíve been good but we canít last.
Hurry, Christmas, hurry fast.
And a little later: 22
SB-14 Want a plane that loops the loop,
Me, I want a hula-hoop,
We can hardly stand the wait,
Please, Christmas, donít be late!
What twisted mind decided Lincoln was a fan of the Chipmunks? Did you sing 'live' in the scene or lip sync to something you pre-recorded? Did you play the ukulele?
12. "On the Ledge" brought a new dimension into your acting - stunts and blood. Shirley head butted Lincoln. Tell us about choreographing that scene with the fabulous Candice Bergen.
13. In your final scene - and for our final sound bite - the SWAT team breaks the door in and triggers Lincolns spring bow, letting fly an arrow which goes through his body, felling him. Thankfully, not lethally. Let's listen in while Lincoln is being wheeled out on a gurney.
SB-15: 3x9-On the Ledge :17
Paul Lewiston: There she is!
Shirley Schmidt: Before you all start hugging me, did any of you have the presence of mind to bring vodka?
Lincoln: A little antiseptic. A Band-Aid. Itís just a flesh wound.
Of course, I can't resist playing the sound bite that leaps to mind from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail":
SB-16: 06 King Arthur: Look, you stupid Bastard. You've got no arms left. Black Knight: It's just a flesh wound.
14. Tell us about your film "Available Men." won twelve ďBest Short FilmĒ awards since its world premiere in March 2006 at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival. It was released on DVD in January 2007.
15. Many Boston Legal fans have called yours an Emmy-winning performance. Now that the television academy just changed their rules last month regarding no ep limit for 'Outstanding Guest Star Emmy' nominations, will your run of Lincoln be submitted?
DEK guest actors won in 9 out of last 10 years: Christian Clemenson won in that category in 2006, for TP, William Shatner & Sharon Stone in 2004, Alfre Woodard (2003), Charles S. Dutton (2002), Michael Emerson/Hinks (similar character to Lincoln) (2001), James Whitmore & Beah Richards (2000), Edward Herrmann (1999). John Larroquette (1998)
16. Any current writing projects you can talk about?

END MUSIC:  - "Christmas Don't Be Late" | sung by David Dean Bottrell

~ FIN ~

David Dean Bottrell (Lincoln Meyer) wrote and directed this award-winning short film. Why not order it!



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