In light of the news item postponing the season finale of Boston Legal to make way for Dancing with the Stars, Darryl the Hitman suggests a new Boston Legal promo for ABC.

Bumped: Alan and Denny OTP by Nicalamity


Alan Shore: So, Denny, what are you doing?

Denny Crane: Oh, just practicing my moves.

Alan Shore: I'm sure it's clear why you're doing that but for the fun of it, tell me anyway.

Denny Crane: Well, I've got some free time now.

Alan Shore: Free time? Aren't we supposed to be in court next week?

Denny Crane: No, man, we got bumped.

Alan Shore: What do you mean, we got bumped? Someone didn't mistake you for Denny Soprano, did they?

Denny Crane: Like anyone could outgun me? Please!

Alan Shore: So what's going on then?

Denny Crane: Well, they're airing a new show next week--Dancing Around The Question.

Alan Shore: I see. And what has this to do with you?

Denny Crane: Well, I signed up for it.

Alan Shore: Did you, now?

Denny Crane: Yes. By the way, what are you doing next week?

Alan Shore: Apparently nothing now.  Why?

Denny Crane: I do need a partner and we're flamingos and all.

Alan Shore: Oh, why not? Just don't tell Shirley.

Denny Crane: You've got to admit it, Alan--it's never dull, is it?

Alan Shore: No, my friend, it isn't.

Denny Crane: That's the spirit! Now feel the beat already! Lock and load!

*Alan and Denny continue dancing while "Old Friends" by Simon & Garfunkel plays in the background*


vignette by Darryl the Hitman
icon by Nicalamity