Chief of Staff Alan Shore: Good morning, Mr. President. Happy President's Day.

POTUS Denny Crane: It's great having a day that is completely yours, Alan. Y'know, other people can share your birthday. And other people can share your anniversary. But there is no other President to share President's Day. It's mine! And I'm going to put my own special stamp on it.

COS Alan Shore: Really? How are you going to do that?

POTUS Denny Crane: I'm changing the name to Denny Crane Day.

COS Alan Shore: Denny, I mean Mr. President, I don't think you can do that. I think that requires an act of Congress.

POTUS Denny Crane: Don't be silly. Those blockheads couldn't make a decision if their lives depended on it. It takes them six weeks just to change their mind. It's my day, and from now on it will be known as Denny Crane Day. I'm changing Camp David to Camp Denny, too. I'm putting my stamp on everything.

COS Alan Shore: I see. Are you doing anything special on this newly-stamped day?

POTUS Denny Crane: You bet. I've cancelled all my meetings. Cheney and I are going hunting at Camp Denny.

COS Alan Shore: I see. you think that's such a good idea? You could have the shortest presidency since William Henry Harrison.

POTUS Denny Crane: Oh, don't worry. I'm giving him blanks. He's a lousy shot, anyway, he won't know the difference. Do me a favor, will you? Call Air Force Crane and make sure the helicopter is on the West Lawn at noon to pick us up.

COS Alan Shore: I see we're stamping everything.

POTUS Denny Crane: Damn straight. Denny Crane. President of...President of...

COS Alan Shore: It'll come to you.

vignette by olucy
icon by nicalamity