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Episodes from Boston Legal

The Practice Season Eight

TP Season 8 Episodes 1-22| September 28, 2003 - May 16, 2004
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The final season of The Practice brought us Alan Shore, Denny Crane and Tara Wilson. Since we consider this the evolution of a franchise, we thank several friends - Imamess, Sheri, olucy, Jaime - of this site for transcribing the following episodes.

8x01: "We The People"
September 28, 2003
Alan Shore: Something came up at Carruthers. I left. Now Iím looking for new employment. And since my heart has always yearned to do whatever this is . . .
Ellenor Frutt: What exactly came up at Carruthers, Alan?
Alan Shore: I embezzled. Allegedly.
>> transcript

8x02: "The Chosen"
October 5, 2003
Jimmy Berluti: First, this Shore guy is totally corrupt. Second, the client is nuts. She thinks God talks to her.
Eugene Young: Excuse me?
Jimmy Berluti: She also thinks bald men access her thoughts. And if you stare at her more than 8 seconds, you invade her privacy. And Shore? He just tried extorting the lawyer. Heís a crook.
>> transcript

8x03: "Cause of Action"
October 12, 2003
Sheila Carlisle: sits Got it. Give me a criminal.
Alan Shore: Iím sorry?
Sheila Carlisle: Iím not asking for a murdererójust give me somebody clever. Give me an embezzler.
Alan Shore: Iím an embezzler. Weíll get lunch.
>> transcript

8x04: "Blessed Are They"
October 19, 2003
Alan Shore: I detect a fair amount of self-loathing and . . . I donít think youíre sick, Mr. Fosterling. I think youíre peculiar, but . . . a lot of us are quite peculiar. And maybe with a little help, you could find a way to continue to enjoy yourself that doesnít make you hate yourself.
>> transcript

8x05: "Heat of Passion"
October 26, 2003
Judge Harrod: The last lawyer before me from your firm insulted the integrity of this room. I will not let it happen again.
Alan Shore: Iím not liking you so far. How about this? Deny my defense and Iíll get you tossed for abuse of judicial discretion and we can be done with each other. Does that work for you?
Judge Harrod: Oh, you wonít be done with me, Mr. Shore. I assure you.
Alan Shore: Are you attracted to me, Judge?
>> transcript

8x06: "The Lonely People"
November 2, 2003
Diane Ward: What is it in particular that youíre drawn to? Curiosity? Suspicion? Or simply distrust?
Alan Shore: I think I enjoy the company of inquisitive people, especially when theyíre perceptive. They often cause me to discover more about myself.
Diane Ward: So itís all about you?
Alan Shore: Perhaps.
>> transcript

8x07: "Rape Shield"
November 9, 2003
Ellenor Frutt: You got fired from your last firm for embezzling.
Alan Shore: Allegedly.
Ellenor Frutt: You threatened extortion your first week here.
Alan Shore: That was an accident.
Ellenor Frutt: Break privilege, for which you almost got disbarred.
Alan Shore: Horseshoes.
Ellenor Frutt: Sleep with witnesses.
Alan Shore: Just the one.
Ellenor Frutt: And now I find out you actually impersonated an opposing party so you could settle a case. Thatís not just fraud. Thatís probably criminal. Alan, look at me. You are seriously self-destructive.
Alan Shore: Isnít everybody
>> transcript

8x08: "Concealing Evidence"
November 23, 2003
Policeman: Did anybody just come in here?
Alan Shore: Is he a criminal?
Policeman: Heís a homicide suspect.
Alan Shore: Homicide! My God! Do you know what youíve done? We represent murderers here. Itís quite possible the man you speak of, came into this building to hire us. With the six of you? Guns out? Now heíll never come in.  Bad policeman! Very bad!
>> transcript

8x09: "Victims Rights"
November 30, 2003
Anna: My name is Anna Viorka, and I need a lawyer.
Alan: I see. Do you have any money?
Anna: Umósomeótwelve dollars.
Alan: (laughs softly) I see. You know twelve dollars barely covers the time it would take me to say, ďI canít help you.Ē And since Iíve already said it, give me the twelve bucks.
>> transcript

8x10: "Equal Justice"
December 7, 2003
Tara Wilson: And then what happened?
Tang Jing Yu: Sit on toilet. Do business. Then decide have cigarette. Long drive. Need relax. Go lift off! Explode!
Tara Wilson: And what happened to you, sir?
Tang Jing Yu: Knocked unconscious. Bottom botox. Bottom burn red, raw, low skin bottom. (Tara tries to suppress her smile.) Burn red raw..
>> transcript

8x11: "Police State"
Ellenor: Of everything that happened in the last twenty-four hours, the most frightening to me is the look of futility in your eyes. Eugene, people like you, they canít give up. Most people donít want to live in a police state. Most people still believe that civil liberties and human rights are more important than just rounding up bad guys. And with the erosion of our basic human rights and everything else that is going on in this country, what most people need right now, desperately need, is for men like you not to give up.
>> transcript

8x12: "Avenging Angels"
January 18, 2004
Alan: Well, thereís nobody else here. Just you, me and this big conference table.
Tara: Would you like to have sex on the table, Alan? That would definitely be considered a first move. You see, the thing is, if youíd like to go to nice restaurant, share a lovely bottle of wine, caress a little in a taxi cab on the way back to my place, or yoursÖ I might enjoy having sex with you tonight. But you donít want that. You want to do it on a conference table because itís debased. Itís to commensurate with your self-esteem, which always seems to nosedive when you behave as you did in this case. Youíre not going to find some twisted sense of self-loathing affirmation on that table with me. Iíll tell you what, though. Get some helpÖ and then ask me out to dinner some time.
>> transcript

8x13: "Going Home"
February 15, 2004
Victoria Stewart: You know Paul. He could never be capable of bludgeoning the life out of a human being.
Alan Shore: People change. If you only knew what Iíve become.
Victoria Stewart: When you were sixteen, you slept with your best friendís mother. How have you changed, Alan?
>> transcript

8x14: "Pre-Trial Blues"
February 22, 2004
Catherine Piper: *To Jamie* No offense, Sweetheart. Iím sure youíre darling, but your mouth looks like a drive-through window for oral sex. *To Alan* Iím a Christian woman. Get me another lawyer.
Jamie Stringer: What the hell is this?
Alan Shore: Sheís nuts. But we need her.
>> transcript

8x15: "Mr. Shore Goes To Town"
March 7, 2004
Dr Paul Stewart: Look! You traced my moves that night. If I had tossed or ditched a weaponÖ
DA Harvey Clarke: Whereís the hammer, Dr Stewart?
Alan Shore: Your Honor, I must object to this. Its one thing not have evidence, itís quite another to try to prosecute with that which you do not have. Well, I tell you I have a hammer! Itís a hammer of justice, itís a hammer of freedom, itís song about love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land. Except, perhaps Dedham, Massachusetts.
>> transcript

8x16: "In Good Conscience"
March 14, 2004
Alan: You need me?
Eugene: Yes. Close the door please.
Alan: Is this something sexual?
Eugene: Sit. Weíve decided to let you go.
Alan: Aaah! Go where?
>> transcript

8x17: "War of the Roses"
March 21, 2004
Alan: Itís not that I didnít appreciate your riveting performance, but Iíve mainly retained you to sit at the table as honorary friend of the judge.
Denny: Let me tell you something, tiger.
Alan: Tiger?
Denny: You want Denny Crane to talk. When Denny Crane talks, E.F. Hutton listens. My presence aloneómy presence is so powerful, I donít even have to talk. Sometimes Iím better when I donít talk.
Alan: This was my thinking.
Denny: Iím Denny Crane, damn it!
>> transcript

8x18: "The Case Against Alan Shore"
March 28, 2004
Eugene Young: You left out the part where you secretly installed video cameras in a womanís hotel room and taped her having sex.
Alan Shore: For blackmail purposes only. Okay. That was a lie. I watched for my own pleasure.
>> transcript

8x19: "The Firm"
April 18, 2004
Manny Quinn. "I wanna bring a motion to suppress. I mean, this is beyond unconstitutional. You canít bug a manís ass. It isnít right."
>> transcript

8x20: "Comings and Goings"
April 25, 2004
Alan Shore: "I donít accept criticism, Hannah. Though I do enjoy harsh discipline."
>> transcript

8x21: "New Hoods on the Block"
May 2, 2004
Tara Wilson: "Well, I suppose that when I see you alone, I worry about the company youíre keeping."
Alan Shore: *laughs* "Let me tell you something. The most lonely Iíve ever been has been in a relationship. Iím happiest alone. Conversationís better; certainly the sex isóalbeit heavy-handed." *sips Scotch from a glass*
>> transcript

8x22: "Cheers"
May 16, 2004
Denny Crane: "Walter, I canít represent a pervert. Denny Crane does not have sicko friends."
Walter Shepley: "Youíre practically my best friend. Denny?"
Denny Crane: "Youíre an evildoer."
Alan Shore: *exhaling* "Oh, Iím a mess."
Tara Wilson: "Youíre just figuring this out?"
>> transcript



The Practice Season 8

8 x 1,  28 Sep 03 We the People
8 x 2,    5 Oct 03 The Chosen
8 x 3,  12 Oct 03 Cause of Action
8 x 4,  19 Oct 03 Blessed Are They
8 x 5, 26 Oct 03 The Heat of Passion
8 x 6,    2 Nov 03 The Lonely People
8 x 7,    9 Nov 03 Rape Shield
8 x 8,  23 Nov 03 Concealing Evidence
8 x 9,  30 Nov 03 Victims' Rights
8 x 10,  7 Dec 03 Equal Justice
8 x11,  11 Jan 04 Police State
8 x 12,  18 Jan 04 Avenging Angels
8 x 13,  15 Feb 04 Going Home
8 x 14,  22 Feb 04 Pre-Trial Blues
8 x 15,    7 Mar 04 Mr. Shore Goes to Town
8 x 16,  14 Mar 04 In Good Conscience
8 x 17,  21 Mar 04 War of the Roses
8 x 18,  28 Mar 04 The Case Against Alan Shore
8 x 19,  18 Apr 04 The Firm
8 x 20,  25 Apr 04 Comings and Goings
8 x 21,    2 May 04 New Hoods on the Block
8 x 22,  16 May 04 Cheers (a.k.a Adjourned)







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