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Watch clips from season one and two

Also see the episode page and individual ep pages for clips from each show.

Season Two

Boston Legal: Schadenfreude
Airdate: October 4, 2005
Watch "She's gone" clip (6:50)
Kelly Nolan is crossed, Denise Bauer challenges alimony, War in the court, Malcolm meets Alan, Denny on jury wrangling.
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads

Boston Legal: The Black Widow
Airdate: September 27, 2005
Watch "Have you checked the pulse of this country, lately?" clip (3:46)
"Sometimes you have to take chances in life, in law, in love"
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads

Boston Legal: The Black Widow
Airdate: September 27, 2005
Watch "I'm not the FBI" clip (3:46)
Brad "Shore" Chase technically skirts misrepresentation in order to shut down a website defaming his client.
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Boston Legal: The Black Widow
Season 2, Episode 1
Airdate: September 27, 2005
Watch segment clip (5:35)
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Watch 5 min. from "The Black Widow" at

Season One

Watch 'You smell good'
(4:34) wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads.
Two scenes from "Hired Guns" [Airdate: 12/19/04]

Boston Legal: Hired Guns
Season 1, Episode 10
Airdate: December 19, 2004
Watch 5th segment clip (6:24)
wm stream; 298 bitrate / no downloads

Watch 'I'm Sick of It'
(5:49) wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads.
Three scenes from 'Til We Meat Again
[Airdate: 2/13/05] Full transcript of episode 1 2 3 4
[Thanks to "Imamess" at JSMP]

Spotlight on Brad Chase, pt. 1 (13:36)
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads
Edited & compiled by Imamess

This video launches our Spotlight Series, setting a character center stage with only scenes they are in. We begin with Brad Chase [Mark Valley] and his scenes from ep. 1 - "Head Cases".

Alan Shore Argues the First Amendment
Boston Legal: Let Sales Ring
Season 1, Episode 16
Airdate: March 13, 2005
Watch the First Amendment clip (3:50)
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads / video by Imamess
Article: A Suburban Surprise: First Amendment Appreciation Weakest in Suburban Schools by Warren Watson
The Poynter Institute
[excerpt] "...James Spader, the actor, took up the cause in his role of lawyer Alan Shore, delivering an impassioned defense of the First Amendment in a high school in an oral argument in an episode of the TV series "Boston Legal." >> read more


Recently Added Videos

Boston Legal: "Later that night... "
Airdate: October 11, 2005
Watch "The Spooning" clip (4:42)
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads

Other Clips from the Show

Leave a comment about the Balcony scenes.

Epilogues: The Balcony Scenes

The Balcony Scenes, pt. 1 (13:52)
The Balcony Scenes, pt. 2 (14:23)
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads
Edited & compiled by Imamess of JSMP

Spader recently conjectured why David Kelley has made The Balcony Epilogue a Boston Legal tradition: "There were a few episodes in the middle of the season where I think it was his favorite thing to write. It was almost as if he was writing the show to get to that. When he was first discovering those scenes, he really fell in love with that."

Boston Legal Opening Credits Video
Watch opening credits (:30)
wm stream; 340 bitrate / no downloads

Rhona Mitra as Tara WilsonCalling All Taras
Alan Shore certainly will miss calling upon Tara in most every episode over two seasons. Our own Alan/Tara girl - 'Imamess' - has preserved a montage of Taraness for posterity. There's a clip from The Practice, all mentions of Tara in 22 episodes, and a clip from the 17 episodes of Boston Legal. Can you count them all? In which show did Tara get called upon most? Can you match episode to clip?
Watch The Practice: 'Calling All Taras' (2:18)
Watch Boston Legal: 'Calling All Taras' (1:38)
800 bitrate; 640x480; windows media streaming only/no downloads

Listen to The Practice (2:18) 2 mb mp3
Listen to Boston Legal (1:38) 1.5 mb mp3


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