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Boston Legal Panel at The William S. Paley Television Festival

The William S. Paley Television Festival was held March 15, 2005 in Hollywood at the Directors Guild of America Theater. Following are some of my observations, images and audio from the event, also duplicated in my online journal.

Attending were René Auberjonois, William Shatner, James Spader, Mark Valley, Betty White and production creatives Bill D'Elia, Scott Kaufer and David E. Kelley. The moderator was David Wild. The two-hour program began with a pre-broadcast airing of Boston Legal episode 17, "Death Be Not Proud", introduced by David E. Kelley. Following the screening, the moderator introduced each cast member and executive, then led a discussion about  the show, its production and storylines. The final thirty minutes engaged the audience, soliciting about a dozen questions - including one from me.

Audio of the Event

Listen to the full fifty minute audio by clicking the play button on the Windows Media streaming player below.

The content is owned by the Museum of Television and Radio. The museum has made a video of the event to be viewed which can be purchased in our Boston Legal store.  You may stream the Windows Media audio only. Streaming and digital rights management are employed to protect against downloads and distribution, and is only offered here for as long as it's allowed.

Read the transcript of the discussion

[pdf format / 110 kb; free Adobe Acrobat reader needed to view]

1. To William Shatner: I think I speak for a lot of people - as much as we've loved you and watched you, we're seeing new shades of you as an actor, working with David E. Kelley. What is it like to have him writing for you?

2. To James Spader: From your point of view, what was the decision to go into television and to work with David E. Kelley? What attracted you to this collaboration?

3. To David E. Kelley: The show has a slightly unusual birth. Can you explain how this show evolved for you?

4. To William Shatner: When you discussed the decision to do the show, was it a difficult choice at all for you?

5. To David E. Kelley: Was he always, by the way, Denny Crane?

[Note: this is an ongoing work in progress that will continue to be edited as time permits. If you are listening and reading along and can decipher any words that are currently represented as “???”, please email corrections to bostonillegal at Thank you.]

Images from the event [click to enlarge; photos by site owner]

Mark Valley signing autographs after the event


"The Practice Unbound" with a Dickensian quality."

- Scott Kaufer, Exec. Producer, on Boston Legal's style


Images from the event [click to enlarge; photos by site owner]

James Spader signing autographs after the event


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