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Alan Shore prepares for the International meeting - by reading the personals[February 13, 2009]
Boston Legal nominated for a Prism Award
The 2009 Prism Awards have announced a nomination for "Boston Legal". Prism recognize movies and TV programs that address issues involving alcohol and substance abuse. "Boston Legal" previously won a Prism in 2007 for the storyline involving Paul Lewiston and his drug-addicted daughter, Rachel. The awards will be April 23 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  >> Variety

Mark Valley Marries Anna Torv and is Cast as 'The Human Target'
Former BL'er Mark will play lead Christopher Chance in the Fox pilot "The Human Target", based on a DC Comics graphic novel. He also married "Fringe" co-star Anna Torv December 2008.
>> more at
Mark as The Human TargetFringe

[Dec. 18, 2008]
Boston Legal Nominated for Three Screen Actors Guild Awards
SAG announced nominations today, honoring the entire cast of "Boston Legal":
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
Boston Legal
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series
William Shatner, Boston Legal
James Spader, Boston Legal
Actress Taraji P. Henson led the formidable pack with three nominations, two for her work in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and one as a member of the "Boston Legal" ensemble. The 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® will will be telecast live on TNT and webcast live on TNT.TV and TBS.COM. broadcast on Sunday, January 25, 2009.

[December 10, 2008]

Boston Legal Nominated for Producers Guild of America Award
Variety - Drama series mentions went to ABC's "Boston Legal," FX's "Damages," "Dexter," ABC's "Lost" and "Mad Men." The PGA awards will be presented Jan. 24.  >> more in the forum

[December 6, 2008]
Boston Legal Online Auction
Set dressing, props, production equipment, furniture and main cast wardrobe will be auctioned off December 6 at 9 am PST with previews at 8 am.  The online auction of costumes are at and ebay or in person at the Premiere Props warehouse, while the post-production items are at
** SALE EXTENDED to Dec. 13-14 and some wardrobe now available online to purchase!

>> read full press release in our forum

David E. Kelley at the Boston Legal Wrap Party, Nov. 15, 2008

[November 15, 2008]
Boston Legal Wrap Party
Boston Legal cast, crew and creatives gather at LA's Cicada Restaurant to celebrate 101 episodes and the end of the series.
>> see large image of the amazing cake
>> more images in our forum

[November 14, 2008]

"That's a Wrap!" Boston Legal's Final Day of Filming
The director marks 'cut' for the last time Nov. 14, 4 years, 2 months, 8 days after Alan impertinently shoved Brad's legal pad down the conference table. To mark this poignant day, members of our BL community are expressing their thoughts to David E. Kelley and the cast, crew and creatives of Boston Legal.  >> Read them here: "Dear Boston Legal Cast/Crew/Staff"

Waldorf: "I really loved the show tonight."
Statler: "So what, you also loved World War II."
BL forum member "Cree" created a heretofore undiscovered parallel universe when she married up the balcony boys of "Boston Legal"  with their predecessor from "The Muppets", Statler & Waldorf.  As Cree says: "I can almost see James and Bill, in twenty years from now, looking back on BL, when I watch this video. It's strangely soothing. >> see for yourself

[November 12, 2008]
Boston Legal Wardrobe Sale At Manhattan Beach Studios
Premiere Props, on behalf of David E. Kelley Productions, is holding a two-day public lot sale of thousands of high-end wardrobe and costumes from David E. Kelley Productions’ hit shows including Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal. The fashion lot sale is taking place at Manhattan Beach Studios (1600 Rosecrans Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA) on Saturday, November 22nd and Sunday, November 23rd from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST.  >> read full press release in our forum

"Christian Clemenson: Lay of the Law"
"Christian Clemenson: Lay of the Law"
[excerpt] Q: Is there a place online where people can go to in order to learn more about you?
Christian: "At some point I might but I have not done that yet. There actually is a great website for "Boston Legal" and it's It's a tremendous website and the people who run it are amazing. The work that they put into it and the quality of work that they put in to it is kind of amazing and it's all done because they love the show."   >> read more

[November 3, 2008]

Boston Legal 3D
BL Forum member Cree has created seventeen Boston Legal stereographs for our amusement. As she says, they're "exactly the kind of stuff your great-grandfather used to ogle at fairground peep shows. You don't need any wacky bicolor glasses to enjoy these."
>> see BL 3D! Instructions and Images

[September 28, 2008]
Class of 2007 Reunion: Rene Auberjonois and Julie Bowen Return  by Michael Ausiello | Entertainment Weekly

[excerpt] Bowen and Auberjonois will appear in this season's 10th episode -- two shy of the show's series finale. Unlike Bowen, Auberjonois never technically left Boston Legal -- or at least his character, Paul Lewiston, never did. When last seen in December '07, Paul had begun scaling back his duties to focus on raising his daughter's kid. Bowen last appearedin May '07 when Denise left to be a mom.

[September 21, 2008]

Emmy Finish Line: Muddy track for Boston Legal
In an Emmy season that saw a record seven Boston Legal nominations, another record was attained: for the first time, not one statue went to the house of Boston Legal. no need for a recount, we're not mad men, no damages, our hearts may be breaking bad, but we'll not be in treatment. This time next year, Boston Legal may be pushing daisies, but they're still eligible for that amazing race for Emmy noms - and statues.

[September 19, 2008]

Boston Lawyers Get a Few More Days in Court
by Jacques Steinberg | New York Times
[excerpt] (The series) has become the equivalent of a weekly video op-ed column where Kelly uses Shore to rail about any number of matters that are troubling him. “Once I thought it was irresponsible for a producer to be espousing his own views and rants,” said David E. Kelley, “I have since become convinced we are living in a time where it is irresponsible not to. We were witnessing the death of debate.”
>> read more & listen to 4 audio clips of interview
>> comment in our forum

[September 18, 2008]

William Shatner Launches "The Shatner Project"
"The Shatner Project will focus on Bill's adventures in life taking cameras ...behind the scenes and into Bill's life," says Paul Camuso, Shatner Project co-producer. "The project will be interactive and we'll be including the audience in to make it a total 360 degree Shatner experience." >> Watch all Shatner Project videos

[August 26, 2008]
David E. Kelly finalist for HUMANITAS Prize - again
David E. Kelly is one of the finalists for a HUMANITAS Prize for the Boston Legal episode "Roe V. Wade, The Musical" (4x12). He's in the 60 Minute Category along with an episode of "The Wire" and "John Adams". The prize includes $10,000 and winners will be awarded Sept. 17. He previously won three HUMANITAS Prizes. The HUMANITAS honors feature film and television writing that explores the human condition in a way which affirms the dignity of the human person and reveals common humanity. [Thanks to hhogwild]
>> more info    >> more in our forum

[August 22, 2008]
Boston Legal begins syndication September 8
Thanks to ION viewer SaraC, ION affiliate stations have begun airing promos for "Boston Legal". ION stations will begin airing seasons 1-4 September 8 at 8pm ET. Check your local affiliates for details.
>> more in our forum   >> article

Check for your local affiliate to ION Television and watch Boston Legal, starting with the pilot on Monday, Sept. 8.
>> more "BL in Syndication" news in our forum

[July 17, 2008]
William Shatner accepts his Emmy, September 18, 2005Seven Emmy Nominations for Boston Legal!
Outstanding Drama Series: Boston Legal, Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series: James Spader as Alan Shore, Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series: William Shatner as Denny Crane, Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series: Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt, Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series: Director Arlene Sanford for "The Mighty Rogues" (4x16), Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One-Hour): Clark King, Peter R. Kelsey, Dave Rawlinson for "Beauty And The Beast", Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series: Philip Neel for "The Mighty Rogues". ABC will broadcast the Emmys Sept. 21 at 8pm.
>> Emmy 2008 discussion in our forum

[June 26, 2008]
The Primetime Emmy folks have revealed the 10 finalists in each of this year's best series races, as determined by the vote of Academy members. "Boston Legal" is one of the top ten shows under the "Outstanding Drama Series" category for the 4x17 episode "The Court Supreme". Screenings will be held and judged this weekend. Those results will be combined with the vote which begat the finalists to determine the five nominees for each category. All nominees will be announced the morning of Thursday, July 17. >> Emmy discussion in our forum

[June 18, 2008]

Gary Anthony Williams [Clarence Bell]Taraji Henson [Whitney Rome]
Gary Anthony Williams [Clarence Bell] and Taraji Henson [Whitney Rome] not returning to season 5 cast
Gary called his two years at "BostonLegal" "...the single best experience I’ve ever had" that grew from what was only to be a one-episode guest appearance. Taraji has four major films coming out in the second half of 2008, including playing Brad Pitt's mom.
>> more about Gary  >> more about Taraji

[June 14, 2008]
Sneak Peek at 'Boston Legal's' 5th season premiere
Olucy, our own Agent 99 when it comes to Boston Legal spoilers, offers intel on the first episode of Boston Legal's fifth - and final - season: "OK, m’babies, let’s strap ourselves in for S5 and see what DEK has in store! Our first ep is called Smoke Signals... "
>> read more

[May 13, 2008]
Shatner"Up Till Now" by William Shatner
William Shatner's long awaited autobiography, "Up Till Now", is published and available through our Boston Legal Store at a discount >> more in our forum

[May 12, 2008]
'Boston Legal's' Final Season
A person close to the production has confirmed that there will be 13 episodes in season 5, consisting of 11 regular one-hour episodes and a two-hour series finale. The fifth season will air Monday nights at 10pm. The crew and staff will be starting work mid-June, about a month earlier than usual, and the plan is to complete filming in November.  The Boston Legal stages at Manhattan Beach Studios will be cleaned out by the end of December.  >> read more

This is my renewed face

[May 11, 2008] 

'Boston Legal' set for fifth season
Per Variety: The verdict is in, and “Boston Legal” will indeed be back on ABC next fall.  The show had been at the center of a tug-of-war between ABC and David E. Kelley Prods. At issue: ABC wants to greenlight the pilot “Life on Mars,” but Kelley owns the rights to the show.
Per TVWeek: Kelley is expected to depart the project, and in exchange, ABC has renewed Kelley's "Boston Legal" for a fifth season. "Legal" will air in the fall, and it's believed ABC has the right to cut back its episode order on the show to 13, a person familiar with the discussions said.
Per The Hollywood Reporter: The deal on "Legal" includes a reduced license fee for the show and is said to be subject to David E. Kelley Prods.' ability to make deals with the cast under the new fee. Like last year, cast reductions are likely.   >> more in our forum

 Saffron Burrows Departs Boston Legal and Joins NBC's "My Own Worst Enemy"
Part of BL's renewal deal is to lower license fees. To that end, Saffron Burrows has left. NBC has added Saffron to the cast of the Christian Slater drama "My Own Worst Enemy." She will play the shrink to Slater's character, as well as the girlfriend to his alter ego. >> more

Saffron Burrows departs Boston Legal

[April 4, 2008]
The TV Talk Q&A: 10 Minutes With 'Boston Legal's James Spader
by Kevin Thompson | The Palm Beach Post
[excerpt] Q: Before landing your first acting role, you taught yoga.
A: It was an environment best for napping and flirting.
Q: Speaking of flirting, it's no secret that you love women. You've said you live your life in awe of their beauty. What is it about women that you love so much?
A: Everything. Everything and anything.
Q: Could you narrow it down a little bit?
A: Well, that would exclude something and that wouldn't be right.
Q: I know, but pick the favorite thing that you love.
A: I don't have one. It's everything and anything. My life has been most lovingly influenced by women
Thanks to Imamess for this. >> read more

[April 3, 2008]
Up for Auction: Boston Legal set visit is conducting a one-day online auction for a set visit and possible walk-on role in an upcoming Boston Legal episode. The winner will meet John Larroquette and some cast of the show and may bring up to three guests. The auction closes April 4, 3pm ET and the visit must take place by April 25. The current bid is $5,500 as of this posting. The proceeds benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Auction for advancing the human rights movement. >> details and bid site

[March 31, 2008]
ABC Moves Boston Legal to Wednesdays
"Boston Legal" will move to Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m., as of WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), where it will air for three weeks, on April 30, May 14 and May 21, with a preemption for an ABC News special on May 7. BL eps 15-217 will still air Tuesdays, April 8, 15 and 22. This unfortunate move is to make way for "Women's Murder Club", which previously aired Friday nights where ABC says on its website it was "slaying its Friday night competition" (so go figure), starting April 29 at 10 p.m. "Dancing with the Stars: Results Show" will still be the lead-in for both series (but those great lead-in ratings should have been only for BL).

[March 22, 2008]
GLAAD Media Awards to Boston Legal
WENN Entertainment News
Boston Legal picked up the award for Outstanding Individual Episode at the at the 19th annual Gay + Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards (GLAAD) on March 8, 2008. The episode "Do Tell" was about an openly gay man who is discharged from the army.

[March 21, 2008]
Boston Legal gets Television Academy Honors
Boston Legal the recipients of the inaugural Television Academy Honors, which recognize "television with a conscience." The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences gave BL the honor "for consistently taking on controversial issues such as euthanasia, immigration, race relations, sex education and other often volatile subjects." >> read more

[March 6, 2008]
Rene Auberjonois and Paul Lewiston Returns
Rene Auberjonois will reprise his role as Paul Lewiston in the upcoming episode entitled "The Court Supreme", season 4, episode 17.  The yet to be announced air date will likely be the end of April, the third of the remaining six post-strike episodes.  [Editor note: Although in the original script, Rene's scenes were cut. Paul Lewiston is also in the script for 4x18 "Indecent Proposals", but it appears he won't be in that, either.]
>> Read olucy's spoilers for "The Court Supreme"

Alzheimer's Association Honors Boston Legal
by Army Archerd
[Excerpt] Alzheimer's is not taken lightly in "Boston Legal," although William Shatner's character "Denny Crane" chooses to diagnose himself with mad cow disease. "Boston Legal" was awarded the Abe Burrows Entertainment Award "for its accurate portrayal of Alzheimer's Disease" at the Alzheimer's Association's 16th "Night at Sardi's" held on March 5, 2008 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  
>> read more  >> see cast members images

[March 5, 2008]

“Bill is really a frustrated ballet performer”
By Palm Beach Post Staff
William Shatner's upcoming project include a documentary on a ballet set to his music, then a spoof of The Wedding Crashers. “He’s the first to admit he can’t sing,” says Brooks Parsons, the film company spokesman. “But he co-wrote most of the lyrics about his artistic journey from Capt. Kirk, which had him typecast for 20 years, to Boston Legal. I’m told the company wants to offer it up to ABC first, then go to the likes of HBO." The other film is called "The Shiva Crashers", expected to be shot in Florida, also starting in late spring. The flick, directed by Shatner, tells the story of two film business hopefuls who crash a famous producer’s shiva in order to network with industry bigs. >> read more

[February 28, 2008]
Meet John McCain's (Boston) Legal Eagle
By Stephen Battaglio |
[excerpt] Craig Turk put his law background to use at Boston Legal in 2006, where he’s currently a writer-producer. But he's also had key behind-the-scenes roles in McCain's presidential bids. McCain's campaign asked Turk to travel with the candidate for a while. "Initially my role was to make him laugh." Turk is back at work for Boston Legal while McCain is headed for the Republican nomination.  >> read more

[February 17, 2008]
TiVo Ranks Boston Legal #3
TiVo's Most Recorded Shows  from Season Pass rankings  for the week ending 2/17/2008 lists "Boston Legal" at #3, behind "American Idol" and "Lost". That's up from #5 the previous week. "Family Guy" and "Medium" round out the top 5. [Thanks to TopDog]

Boston Legal in syndication this fall on ION Networks
Twentieth Century Fox sold Boston Legal syndication rights to ION Networks. Episodes will air M-F weeknights in primetime, reaching over 94 million U.S. television households.  One unusual clause in the deal permits Twentieth to sell the rights to a cable network for the series to run simultaneously with ION. [Thanks to Madame] 
>> read more    >> List of stations owned and operated by ION

[February 11, 2008]
Boston Legal's Future
Join the discussion, conjecture and news concerning renewal. >>Forum: ABC Renews Series

BL will have a 20-episode season
Boston Legal will produce six post-strike episodes to complete season four. They expect to shoot through the end of April.

[February 7, 2008]
BL plans to resume production, if...
Should the WGA strike come to a resolution at their meeting the weekend of February 9, Boston Legal could resume production as early as February 20, according to a source on the set. A back-breaking schedule could finish the remaining episodes, although possibly fewer than the normal eight remaining. New episodes could be ready to broadcast by April 8.

Replacement put in Boston Legal's Timeslot
ABC has booked "Primetime: What Would You Do?" for Tuesdays at 10:00/9:00c starting February 26. The five-week series takes over for "Boston Legal," which completes its pre-strike run on February 19. Then on Tuesday, April 1 at 10:00/9:00c, look for the Barbara Walters special "Live to Be 150... Can You Do It?" to fill the hour. It's not clear what will assume the Tuesday, 10:00/9:00c slots once the aforementioned runs complete.

[January 22, 2008]

Wiseguy: William Shatner: The sci-fi legend on blogging, living out of a car, and seeking enlightenment under a falling horse
by David Hochman | Details Magazine
[excerpt] "But no matter how great we think we are, we’re nothing but the temples of Ozymandias—we’re ruins in the making."
>> read more

GLAAD Media Awards noms Boston Legal
Boston Legal is nominated for Best Individual Episode for the episode “Do Tell.”

[December 20, 2007]

BL and the 14th Annual SAG Awards
James Spader will be a presenter at the SAG Awards Jan. 27. He is also nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series. The entire season 3 cast is nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. TNT and TBS will air the awards live at 8pm ET/PT.

[December 13, 2007]
William Shatner nominated for a Golden Globe
William Shatner will get a second shot at a Golden Globe, which he won in 2005, when the 65th annual Golden Globes Awards airs Sunday, January 13, 2008 from the Beverly Hilton on NBC. His category is Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television. Others in the category are Ted Danson, "Damages"; Kevin Dillon, "Entourage"; Jeremy Piven, "Entourage"; Andy Serkis, "Longford"; Donald Sutherland, "Dirty Sexy Money.  >> read more {Update: Jeremy Piven of "Entourage" won]

[December 10, 2007]
Boston Legal Reunites Bergen/Bakula!
From Ask Ausiello and TV Guide
Scott Bakula will guest star in episode 14 ("Glow in the Dark") as Attorney Rice, representing a nuclear power plan in a case opposite Alan Shore. Rice also has a past relationship with Shirley. Bakula is committed for just one episode, and it's slated to air on Jan. 22. Bakula guest starred in "Murphy Brown" as Murphy's boyfriend and played Captain Jonathan Archer in four seasons of "Enterprise", a Star Trek series. >> read more  >> read "Glow in the Dark" spoilers  >> comment in our forum

[December 4, 2007]
Kelley makes "Legal" last longer
By Nellie Andreeva | Hollywood Reporter
When "Boston Legal" wraps production December 14, ABC's acclaimed comedy-drama will be one of the last scripted shows to do so. The cast and crew "Boston" had been able to keep their jobs for so long because of a strong effort by series creator/executive producer David E. Kelley, who completed the scripts for three episodes days before the strike began on November 5. He was unable to finished a fourth one on time. So for now, until there is a strike settlement, production on "Boston" will end with Episode 14, now in production. >> read more  >> comment in our forum

[December 2, 2007]
John Edwards is a fan of Boston Legal

[November 28, 2007]
Boston Legal's James Spader a far cry from role he plays
by Jacqueline Cutler |
[excerpt] "He loves to talk about how lazy he is,” says producer Bill D'Elia says. "He doesn't want to come to work, and he relishes having days off and stretches off. ... But he loves the work; I think he loves the process of getting there more than most. He is very focused, very serious, very analytical, very thoughtful, and he has terrific instincts.”
>> read more  >> comment in our forum

[November 12, 2007]
Gary Anthony Williams causes a `Ruckus'
By Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn | The Associated Press
[excerpt] It was only to have been a one-episode gig, Boston Legal produder Bill D'Elia says, "but it was abundantly clear that Gary had a reserve of talent that we only scratch in asking him to play this role," says D'Elia, adding, "the more we give him to do, the more he proves we should give him more to do." [Thanks to ADA]
>> read full article    >> comment in our forum

Boston Legal syndicates Fall 2008
By Kimberly Nordyke | Hollywood Reporter
"Boston Legal" has made its case for a fall 2008 launch in broadcast syndication.  It has been cleared so far in 46 markets covering 50 percent of the U.S.    >> read more

[November 5, 2007]
The WGA Writers Strike and Boston Legal
On Thursday, Variety carried an advertisement, “Pencils down means pencils down,” signed by showrunners, including David E. Kelley of Boston Legal. On the first day of the strike, about 30 strikers are at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach. Raleigh is home to "Medium," "Boston Legal," "CSI: Miami," and "Psych". Strike captain Chris Sweeny, a supervising producer on "Medium," says the plan is to have about 35 people at any given time. There are a total of 75 writers on the Raleigh lot. Follow the news and speculation on how the writer's strike will impact Boston Legal in our forum. Icons depicting TV fans supporting writers of particular shows, including the BL one this site uses, are credited to
Boston Legal and the WGA writers strike: "Pencils down"

[November 2, 2007]

"Boston Legal" Tallies its Biggest Tuesday Audience in More than 1-1/2 Years
From ABC: "Hope and Gory", airing Oct. 30, stood as the most-watched show in the 10 o'clock hour, outdistancing its nearest competitor by 2.8 million viewers (11.4 million vs. 8.6 million "L&O: SVU" replay). The ABC legal drama also ranked No. 1 in the time period among Adults 25-54 (4.1/10) and Adults 18-49 (3.0/8). "Boston Legal" beat CBS' third-place "Cane" by a best-ever 3.3 million viewers and by 50% in Adults 18-49 ("Cane" = 8.1 million and 2.0/5). "Boston Legal" delivered the series' biggest audience on the night in more than 1-1/2 years, since March 7, 2006.

[October 27, 2007]

Fans worldwide come to the aid of Captain Kirk
An online petition - - for Star Trek actor William Shatner has gained massive response from fans all over the globe. Shatner, better known as 'Captain James T. Kirk', is missing from the new Star Trek movie, which is due in theaters in 2008. Last week, Shatner told the press [video] that he was sad to hear he won't be in the new movie. >> read more & sign petition

[October 26, 2007]
Patrick Stewart to Honor Shatner at Festival - Shatner will receive the Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement Award December 9. Patrick Stewart ("Captain Picard") will co-present the award to Shatner "in a spectacular way."

[October 18, 2007]
A date with two Gores
by Saffron Burrows by
[excerpt] Vidal is still the best company of all, but Al arrives looking visibly troubled. I'm in Los Angeles to shoot, rather perversely, a show named Boston Legal. Having visited many times over the past decade, I remain struck by my foreignness. You cannot fill your car with petrol, walk a block or look out of a window at dusk as the sun turns crimson orange without having a mobile phone ad or TV drama thrust at you from a billboard. [Thanks to FourPeas for this]
>> read more   >> comment on article in our forum

[October 15, 2007]

BL and Human Rights Excellence in Television
Boston Legal was one of four TV shows nominated for an Excellence in Television Award for their depiction of torture or interrogation. The award is to honor "... a TV program that self-consciously uses the medium to raise awareness about a human rights problem. This year, we are giving the award to a TV show that depicts torture and interrogation in a nuanced, realistic fashion." The episode chosen was "Guantanamo By the Bay" (3x22) where Alan pursued justice on behalf of his client, a Harvard-educated doctor who was mistaken for a terrorist and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Ultimately, the award went to "Criminal Minds". [Thanks to olucy for the news]
>> read more & watch excerpt

[October 7, 2007]
Craig Bierko guests on "Nip/Tuck"
Craig Bierko's character seeks the reconstructive services of McNamara-Troy in "Nip/Tuck" in the guise of Bob Easton, a studio CEO who needs some nipple gouges repaired before he takes poolside meetings. When McNamara asks if he had a run in with a dog, he replies: "When my mistress puts on my collar and leash, I'm the dog."
>> watch the video  >> comment about Craig in our forum

[October 4, 2007]
"Lincoln Meyer" Updates
David Dean Bottrell, who played Lincoln Meyer in season two, guested on "Ugly Betty" Oct. 4 [see screencaps]. Also, watch a brief video interview of David at a Seattle radio station.

[October 2, 20707]

Interview with 'Boston Legal' Executive Producer Bill D'Elia
[excerpt] "...When it came to ... Julie Bowen and Mark Valley's characters, having gone through their marriage and then the birth of a baby. And then with Rene Auberjonois. We just felt that we had kind of run the course of telling stories with those people on a regular basis. We're hoping to keep them alive in our world."  >> read more

Christian Clemenson podcast interview
Christian talks with podcasters Todd N Tyler.   >> mp3

BL Nominated for an Environment Award
Boston Legal was nominated for an Environment Media Association Award as best episodic drama October 2nd. The EMA awards are October 24 and E!TV will televise the awards on November 7th. [Thanks to Bbbeluga]

[September 30, 2007]
Eric Stoltz directs Boston Legal
Actor/director Eric Stoltz apparently liked directing "Dumping Bella" (BL 3x13, January 30, 2007) last year because he's back directing 4x6 "The Object of My Affection" (October 30).

Shatner ABC Radio Interviews
Bill is doing a radio tour of ABC stations and affiliates early Monday, October 1. [Thanks to Paul for this] >> more info

[September 26, 2007]

Ratings for the Boston Legal premiere
10.3 million viewers, 2.5 A18-49  >> more Streaming Boston Legal Full Episode
Watch the BL season premiere at ABC's Full Episode Player. Click on the "ABC Premieres" slide. [Only viewable in the USA] >> launch

[September 16, 2007]
Congratulations from Boston Legal fans around the world to James Spader for his third Emmy as Alan Shore for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama SeriesCongratulations from Boston Legal fans around the world to James Spader for his third Emmy as Alan Shore for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Emmy Win!
Congratulations from Boston Legal fans around the world to James Spader for his third Emmy as Alan Shore for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, awarded at the Emmy Awards Sept. 16, 2007. Thanks to bbbeluga for the screen captures.
>> acceptance speech text
>> more images and discussion in our forum

[September 14, 2007]

Jack Myers’ Think Tank Emmy Predictions
by Jack Myers  | Mediapost's TVBoard
[excerpt] Outstanding Drama Series: "The winner will either be The Sopranos or Boston Legal. Boston Legal, as I have written many times, is in my opinion the only network series that consistently elevates the role of dramatic television as a contributor to the national dialogue and debate on issues ranging from Iraq, President Bush, abortion, diseases, insurance companies and other critical concerns. David E. Kelley proves himself, week after week, as the best writer in television history, and his team delivers week after week, delivering classic scenes that will be viewed for years. Why oh why haven’t ABC and Fox Television (the studio) taken Alan Shore’s (James Spader) summations to the jury and reissued them all over the web, on DVDs and on iPod."
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: "James Spader and James Gandolfini are both superb, and Spader transcends acting, giving real expression to Kelley’s words. But his performance, as great as it may be, belongs to Kelley. Spader could surprise again."  >> read more

Mark Valley and Rene Auberjonois Return
Although no longer in the regular cast for season 4, both Mark Valley [Brad Chase] and Rene Auberjonois [Paul Lewiston] will appear this season. Mark will be in episodes 1-2 ["Beauty and the Beast" and "The Innocent Man"] as District Attorney Chase, and Rene will appear in episode 8 ["Oral Contracts"], still at Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

[September 8, 2007]

Read Boston Legal Haikus written by fans
Icon by closercomfortsAloha Motel
[by paulish]
She sways her grass skirt
and blinks: pink, orange, green, red.
A man is watching.

He leans, close enough
to graze her skin, his lips the
petals, night, a breeze.
Morning and he dives,
kingfisher to sea, the white
his blue, she his fish.
>> read more haikus

The Creative Arts Emmy missed Boston Legal
Sadly, Christian Clemensons nomination didn't turn into a win at the Creative Arts Emmys Sept. 8. John Goodman won for guest actor on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". Emmy passed by the BL Sound Mixing guys - Clark King, David Rawlinson and Peter R. Kelsey - nominated for their work on the "Lincoln" episode. Even though CSI won that category, "I can still hear one of those ominous chords playing right about now." (Lincoln to Shirley, during her abduction.)

[August 30, 2007]

Emmys' Ace of Spader
by Susan King | The Envelope
[excerpt] "I can't tell you how many times when we are doing a scene I feel so lucky the show is about people talking to each other rather than people running after each other. I suppose I would probably be in much better health if it was more about people running after each other."   >> read more

Supporting Actor: Drama; Shatner found among the 'Lost'
By Stuart Levine | Variety
Why he may win: Between Shatner and James Spader, voters are enraptured with everything "Boston Legal." >> read more

[August 28, 2007]

Taraji P. Henson talks about her role on Boston Legal
by Lisa Steinberg | Starry Constellation Magazine
Taraji explains her character of Whiteny Rome: "She's from New York and she's like a hatchet woman, she's like a powerhouse litigator."
>> read the full article  >> listen to the podcast

Golden Gals Gone Wild Art Opening
The World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in Hollywood displays artists irreverent take on Betty White (Catherine Piper) and the other Golden Girls. Warning: The Golden Girls are naked. [Thanks to Paulish & Bbbeluga]

[August 20, 2007]

Boston Legal  casts Mare Winningham
Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actress Mare Winningham is set to guest star in episode 5-6.

 Emmy episodes submitted for Emmy's Outstanding Drama
According to The Envelope, Boston Legal submitted six episodes for consideration in its nomination for Outstanding Drama Series: "Lincoln", "On the Ledge", "Angel of Death", "The Good Lawyer", "Son of the Defender" and the season finale "Trial of the Century". The submissions are split into three sets of two episodes and distributed randomly to voters. [Thanks to TopDog & Bbbeluga]

[August 15, 2007]
Shatner and Zeus' Similarities
by J. Young | Variety on the Town
[excerpt] Moderator Arianna Huffington said that Shatner’s character resembled the Greek god, Zeus. As Shatner lit up with pride, co-star James Spader quipped, “He’s Zeus? You have no idea what you’ve just done!”   >> read more

The Boston Legal Cocktail: A "Strange Mix" of Sex, Comedy, and Politics by Mike Miley | The Huffington Post
James Spader: "I would loathe this show if all it was was a platform for change. It doesn't just try to do political but does it while it's trying to be silly and irreverent about itself. Any one of those elements alone would be terrible. >> read more

Cover Boys!
The Daily Variety for Wednesday, August 15, has a Boston Legal Emmy Ad on its cover. [Thanks, Lucky]

[August 15, 2007]
Boston Legal panel at WGA on Aug. 14, 2007'Legal' Eagles Mix It Up at WGA
by Alex Romanelli | Television Week
[excerpt] David E. Kelley said the show resonates on both sides of the political fence. "You'd be amazed how many letters we get from staunch Republicans thanking us for finally putting someone [like Denny Crane] on TV who tells it like it is." When moderator Arianna took to comparing the show's characters to Greek gods -- Shirley (Ms. Bergen) combines aspects of Aphrodite and Athena, Denny Crane (William Shatner) represents Zeus -- Mr. Spader exclaimed in mock horror, "Zeus? You have no idea what you've done."
>> read more    >> more about the panel in our forum

Sneak Peek of New Season of Boston Legal
In acknowledgment of its record number of nominations, ABC will air Boston Legals Emmy-nominated 'Son of the Defender' Aug. 23. In addition, there will be special sneak peeks of BL and returning fall series during the episodes airing Aug. 22-26.

[August 12, 2007]

Constance Zimmer is expecting her first child in December | People Magazine

Spader's 'Legal' Challenge to 'Sopranos' Star
By Allison J. Waldman | TelevisionWeek
[excerpt] Don't be surprised if Mr. Spader collects a third Emmy for playing Alan Shore, a TV lawyer who has redefined the type. It seemed that the show itself crossed over into the cultural conversation.  >> read more  >> comment in our forum

[July 19, 2007]
Emmy Nominated in 6 categories!
The Emmy's are on on FOX on Sunday September 16th at 8pm
Outstanding Drama Series
Boston Legal • ABC
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal - James Spader as Alan Shore
Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal - William Shatner as Denny Crane
Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal - Christian Clemenson as Jerry "Hands" Espenson
Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
Boston Legal • Son of the Defender - Bill D'Elia, Director
Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (one-hour)
Boston Legal - Episode: "Lincoln"

[July 8, 2007]
Boston Legal is 'The Best' in Critics Poll Summer 2007
Major critics voted on the best shows televised between January and June 2007 and BL ranked #16 of 19. Sadly, DEK's "The Wedding Belles" is listed in 'The Worst'.   >> read more [Thanks, LocknLoad]

[July 2, 2007]

More cast changes at "Boston Legal"
By Nellie Andreeva | Hollywood Reporter
Hustle & Flow" co-star Taraji P. Henson is joining the cast portraying a high-powered corporate litigator out of the New York office whom Sack brings in to help wrestle more political sovereignty within the firm. The character will be introduced later in the season. Saffron Burrows and Gail O'Grady will appear in multiple episodes. Burrows will play a sexy, sophisticated commercial litigator who once had a passionate affair with Alan Shore, the chemistry of which still lingers and distracts. Former regulars Mark Valley and Rene Auberjonois will return for multiple episodes. >> read more

"That's Easy for YOU to Say!" collaboration by bbbeluga, olucy and paulish"That's Easy for YOU to Say!"
Interior of CP&S kitchen.
Alan is squeezing a lime over something in a shallow dish. Brad enters.

Brad: Oh my god. What’s that smell?
Alan: Hello, Brad. It’s poisson cru. Evidently you didn’t help make the Polynesian Islands safe for democracy when you were a Marine. Their loss, I’m sure.  >> read more

Season 4 premiere episode summary revealed
A murder case, science research funded by oil companies, new attorneys and sex? Yes, all ingredients in a mouth-watering recipe for a Boston Legal premiere episode. >> read more in our forum

The Shatner Show
Calgary UPPERCASE Gallery owner Janine Vangool created "The Shatner Show", an exhibition of paintings, drawings, watercolors, collages and digital images. Shatner endorsed the show, running through Aug. 31. [images above: Writer-illustrator Zina Saunders and Lego sculpture Sean Kenney]  
>> buy The Shatner Show book   >> visit Gallery site to see other Shatner Show images   >> read article

Boston Legal Season 3 DVD[June 21, 2007]
DVD Artwork for season 3
Thanks to Nick for notifying us, Amazon is displaying cover art for the season 3 DVD due September 18. Preorder through our BL store at a 35% discount: $59.98 $38.99

[June 13, 2007]
John Larroquette joins Boston Legal
Emmy Award-winning actor John Larroquette ("Night Court") is set to join the cast of "Boston Legal" next season as a senior partner from the New York offices of Crane Poole & Schmidt who transfers to the Boston office. He won't be portraying Joey Heric, his role in five eps of "The Practice". In addition, Emmy Award winner Christian Clemenson (Jerry "Hands" Espenson) becomes a cast regular and Tara Summers ("Dirt") also comes on board as a young associate of the Boston offices.
Season 4 cast: John Larroquette and Tara Summers

[June 15, 2007]
Live Chat with William Shatner
Gold Derby by Tom O'Neil
The L.A. Times "The Envelope" conducted a live chat with William Shatner Friday, June 15 - 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET.
>> Read transcript and see the 2-part Shatnervision video

[June 8, 2007]

Season Three DVD due September 18

Season 3 is in session on Sept. 18th, with a 7-DVD set. All 24 and featurettes "Out of Order?" and "Character Witness" will come with subtitles in English, French and Spanish. Cost is $59.98. Stay tuned for cover art. >> see cover art

Meredith Eaton-Gilden Q&A
by Hofstra University

Q: Who in your field do you most admire?
Meredith: Mr. Kelley is one of the chosen few who cast nontraditional actors in traditional roles. His creativity demonstrates that actors who are different can lend credibility to roles for which they might otherwise be overlooked. I appreciate his willingness to think outside the box and open the minds of the public. He is in every sense of the word a creative "genius."  >> read more

[June 3, 2007]

Let go from Boston Legal: Rene Auberjonois, Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Constance Zimmer
Let go from Boston Legal: Rene Auberjonois, Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Constance Zimmer
From ORACLE by Marguerite Krause
June 3, 2007 - Sad cast change news reported by Marguerite Krause, website manager of
"Rene has learned that he has been released from the cast of “Boston Legal.” According to what he was told, his character, “Paul Lewiston,” has been discontinued, as have the characters played by Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, and Connie Zimmer. Two new characters (one male, one female) will be introduced to the show when the new season begins in the fall and, as far as Rene knows, James Spader, Bill Shatner, Candice Bergen, and Gary Williams are expected to continue in their current roles."

"Rene says that, although he has been proud to be associated with 'Boston Legal' these past few years, he also firmly believes in the philosophy that “when one door closes, another door opens,” and so he is looking forward to seeing what new opportunities will become available for him, now that his schedule is open for other projects."
Thanks to Orélye and Emalyn for sending the news to us.
>> read more and comment in our forum

[May 29, 2007]

BL Producer change
By Nellie Andreeva | Hollywood Reporter

Executive producer Janet Leahy has left the series. Lawrence Broch, who served as consulting producer on the show for the past two seasons, has been named co-executive producer and head writer. Thanks to TopDog  >> read more

[May 16, 2007]
May I Cut In? Dancing Stars Bump Boston Finale by Matt Webb Mitovich

A little last-minute schedule shuffle has the two-hour Dancing with the Stars results show/season finale moving back an hour to Tuesday at 9 pm/ET, effectively booting the Boston Legal season-ender to May 29. (Seriously, does any other show suffer such repeated indignities?)  Thanks to TopDog
>> In light of this postponment, Darryl the Hitman suggests a new Boston Legal promo for ABC.

[May 15, 2007]
Boston Legal STILL on Tuesdays at 10 pm
Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment, unveiled ABC's 2007-08 fall schedule May 15 at the Upfronts. Boston Legal will stay in its slot on Tuesdays at 10pm. Filling out the night: 8:00 p.m. "Cavemen" (new comedy series), 8:30 p.m. "Carpoolers" (new comedy series), 9:00 p.m. "Dancing with the Stars the Results Show"

[May 10, 2007]
59th Annual Primetime Emmy BL episode submissions
From GoldDerby/LATimes by Tom O'Neil
James Spader has submitted "Angel of Death" (air date: 1/9/07) for Emmy consideration. Wiliam Shatner submitted "Son of the Defender" (air date: 4/3/07). These are preliminary. The Emmy deadline for final episode choices is April 20 so actors may choose to submit different episodes. Still pending: Ep submission for Best Drama from producers and Candice Bergen's ep submission for Supporting Actress.
>> more Emmy discussion in our forum
Thanks to Lucky for the news

[April 25, 2007]

Rene, Jayne and Boston Legal receive PRISM Award
Rene Auberjonois as Paul Lewiston wins PRISM AwardRene Auberjonois and Jayne Brook both were awarded the PRISM Award for their performance in a drama series, multi-episode storyline: , Boston Legal, April 24, 2007 at The Beverly Hills Hotel. The award honors accurate depiction of addiction and mental health on TV and film. The winning story arc were from BL season 2, episodes "Live Big", "Shock and Owww!", "Stick It", "Word Salad Days", "Squid Pro Quo" and "Spring Fever" where Rene and Jayne played father and daughter, Paul and Rachel Lewiston. Rachel was hiding her meth addiction from her father and eventually went through recovery treatment while Paul cared for his granddaughter.
>> details in our forum

Shatner interviewed on Adam Carolla
Listen to radio host Adam Carolla engage Shatner about his Hollywood Charity Horse Show and co-host Danny Bonaduce pitch him about guesting on Boston Legal. Bad idea, Dan. [Thanks to Debb for this]
mp3: [15 min]
  Shatnervision Video [3:16]

[April 13, 2007]
'Justice in the Arts Award for David E. Kelley
David E. Kelley will receive the Justice in the Arts Award at the Death Penalty Focus's 16th Annual Awards Dinner April 19 in Beverly Hills. Death Penalty Focus is an organization working to abolish capital punishment.
>> more info in our forum  >> program [pdf]

[April 10, 2007]
It's a wrap!
The final day of principal photography for a third season of Boston Legal is Friday, April 27.  Cast and crew celebrate the end of their work and the start of their sleeping in time at their wrap party, Saturday, April 28.  Party on and have a rejuvenating hiatus, cast. Hang in there a bit longer, post-production people. [thanks to Lucky at JSMP for this]

Julie has her baby!Boston Legal' Actress Bowen Has a Boy
April 10 |
The set of "Boston Legal" got a surprise Tuesday when Julie Bowen's water broke during filming. The actress and her husband, real-estate investor Scott Phillips, welcomed a baby boy later that night (April 10), reports People. The baby, named Oliver Mclanahan Phillips, weighed 6 lbs., 15 oz. at birth and measured 19 inches. His is the first child for the couple. The couple has been married since September 2004.

[April 2, 2007]

Explanation: April Fools
If you visited the site Sunday, April 1, you may have seen one of two different announcements regarding special guest appearances in the season finale episode. Sorry to disappoint, but they were April Fools misdirection. If you missed them, here's one and the other.

[March 26, 2007]
Bill Clinton a fan of Boston Legal
Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
Clinton told TV advertisers his favorite show is the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy," and he appreciates "Boston Legal" for the dynamic between William Shatner and James Spader. "It's something to behold," he said.  >> read more in our forum

[March 21, 2007]

Boston Legal Renewed for 2007-08 Season!
ABC Press Release | March 21, 2007
ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson announced 'Boston Legal' as an early pick-up for the 2007-08 season. [Thanks, Jerry] >> more in our forum

Charity Auctions a Smoke with Shatner
The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial's online auction to benefit human rights work offers "A Visit to the Set and Cigar with William Shatner". The current bid as of March 23 is $3,750.00 and the auction closes April 6. >> more info

[March 14, 2007]
he Practice DVD Volume 1 release date June 12The Practice DVD Volume 1 release date announced
The first volume of The Practice will debut June 12, according to DVDEmpire. details the contents of the first DVD - "all of season 1 and the first six episodes of season 2", including a featurette, "Setting Up The Practice". The 4 DVD will retail for $39.98. [Thanks, Commander]
>> order from our BL Store

Boston Legal Charity Auction: VIP Backstage Pass to a Closed Set  - Very Limited Time
The Pacific Wildlife Project, in conjunction with Boston Legal, is conducting a sealed bid auction via email for a set visit for two and, at the producer's discretion, a walk-on, non-speaking background role on an episode. The auction will end on 3/21/2007 at midnight and the winner must redeem it by April 13. I've personally checked this out and it is confirmed by David E. Kelley Productions. This auction benefits Pacific Wildlife Project, a non-profit educational wildlife rescue organization. If you win, we'd love to hear about your experience! [Auction over 3/21 - for approx. $2200]

[March 13, 2007]
Boston Legal Nominated for a PRISM Award
Recognized for its commitment to accurate depiction of health and social issues, BL was nommed for PRISM's TV Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline for six season 2 episodes: Live Big, Shock and Owww!, Stick It, Word Salad Days, Squid Pro Quo and Spring Fever.
>> read more

David Dean Bottrell launches new website
"I don't walk, act or talk like "Lincoln." I am surprisingly boring in real life." That's only some of David's comments about portraying Boston Legal's own Lincoln Meyer. Visit the website of scriptwriter and actor David Dean Bottrell.
>> visit site

[February 26, 2007]

Short actors gain stature
By Gary Strauss | USA Today
Meredith Eaton-Gilden landed a recurring role as lawyer Bethany Horowitz, a streetwise spitfire in a love-triangle role with William Shatner on David E. Kelley's ABC dramedy Boston Legal. "If it weren't for David, I don't know where I'd be." >> read more

Anna Pou Case Takes Unexpected Turns
By Lynne Jeter | Louisiana Medical News
Supporters campaigned to stop ABC’s “Boston Legal” from airing the episode, “Angel of Death,” based on a case that strikingly resembles New Orleans physician Anna Pou's case. After spoilers reported the outcome was a guilty verdict on four cases of murder, supporters were concerned the story line would taint viewers’ opinions about the Louisiana case. Boston Legal changed the verdict to not guilty.
>> read more

[February 22, 2007]
Judge Larry
By John Eggerton | Broadcasting and Cable's BC Beat
[excerpt] "Judge Larry Seidlin of Broward, County, Fla., who is presiding over the trial to determine who gets to bury Anna Nicole Smith, has justified every Boston Legal judge casting decision ever made."
"Then there is the diabetic attorney who passed out Thursday, according to reports. Another bit of business straight out of legal TV. Maybe this is an episode of Boston Legal."
"I mean, you actually couldn't write this for TV, Boston Legal or any other show, and be believed. I have it from someone at David Kelley's shot that there are currently no plans to work a Judge Larry/Nicole Smith case-like scenario into the show, though for the life of me I can't understand why not."

[February 19, 2007]
Megan Mullally guest stars
Former Will & Grace fixture Megan Mullally will bounce back in a role on Boston Legal. Mullally plays Renata Hill, the slightly unhinged former flame of Alan Shore (James Spader). Renata reunites with Shore as she dashes down the courthouse hallway wearing a bloody wedding gown, carrying a bloody pair of scissors and proclaiming her innocence in the murder of her betrothed. The run of Mullally's episodes will begin with "The Bride Wore Blood," airing March 20.

[February 8, 2007]

Presidents Day
Chief of Staff Alan Shore:
Good morning, Mr. President. Happy President's Day.
POTUS Denny Crane: It's great having a day that is completely yours, Alan. Y'know, other people can share your birthday. And other people can share your anniversary. But there is no other President to share President's Day. It's mine! And I'm going to put my own special stamp on it.  >> read more

Pilot Season: Big News for Valley and Bierko
The Hollywood Reporter reports Craig Bierko has been cast as the lead in Fox's comedy "The Rules of Starting Over" for director Bobby Farrelly.  Craig plays a 35-year-old man who got married right out of college and finds himself entering an unfamiliar territory, the singles scene, when his marriage falls apart.  Mark Valley is set as one of the two leads on NBC's comedy pilot "Business Class," about the absurd adventures of  two traveling soda salesmen who live in a world of airplanes, cookie-cutter hotel chains and expense-account restaurants. Valley will play Chuck Haverchuck, an incredibly charismatic and completely amoral salesman.  Also, Monica Potter ("Lori") has come aboard CBS' drama "Protect and Serve," which follows the lives of street cops in suburban Los Angeles. Potter will play the estranged wife of one of the cops. [Thanks to Sue and Anna]

[January 28, 2007]

Screen Actors Guild Awards - bummer
While there was no The Actor love for Boston Legal's nominated Spader and Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, you can read and discuss or see a few screen captures in our forum.

[January 25, 2007]

William Shatner on the Passionate Dance
The Milwaukee Ballet has choreographed a ballet entitled “Common People” set to William Shatner’s voice from his CD “Has Been” and put to music by Ben Folds. The ballet will run Feb. 15-18. WKTI Radio interviewed Shatner, where he reveals Boston Legal is shooting 24 episodes, rather than the usual 22.  >> read more
>> listen to Shatner's WKTI radio interview

10 Questions For William Shatner
By Clayton Neuman | Time Magazine
Time: How do you feel about the evolution of your character Denny?
Shatner: I like the character; I think he's fun. But the writing this year does not enhance him as much as it might. There are a lot of characters in the series that need to be serviced. We always want more to do, to go deeper and funnier. I'm sure that at some point they'll come around to it.  >> read more

[January 14, 2007]

Stephen McPherson on Boston Legal
ABC President McPherson from the TCA Winter 2007 Q&A: "That's one of my favorite shows. I mean any show where, you know, the lead of the show can say, 'I think that midget I'm dating is my daughter' -- I mean, that's good television right there." Also, "Dancing With the Stars" will be BL's lead-in beginning March 27. [Thanks, Topdog]
>> more

[January 13, 2007]
Boston Legal director Arlene Sanford nominated for a Directors Guild of American award
Sanford was nominated for 2x14 "Breast in Show". She has directed three episodes in the series. The awards are February 3..

"Imagine the billable hours... " - Article about BL production assistant Heidi Hinzman [Thanks, Sue] Exclusive Interview with William Shatner
"... by January 4th, we'll shoot a balcony scene in which I dance with James Spader, who's dressed in a costume. And it's one of the laughs of all time."  >> comment about this in our forum

[January 9, 2007]
Gary Anthony Williams Added to Main Titles
Gary, who portrays Clarence, Clarice and Clovis Bell (and other personas to come) was added to the opening main titles of Boston Legal. Congratulations! >> see images

"'Legal' provokes thought" [Deseret Morning News] reviews "Angel of Death" episode

[January 4, 2007]

Congratulations to James Spader, nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards®. In addition, the cast received a nom for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Last year, the ensemble was nominated for best COMEDY ensemble. Watch the awards January 28 on TBS and TNT. 
>> Read more on the SAG's in our forum

[December 17, 2006]
Congratulations to James Spader, winner for Best Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical at the 11th Annual Satellite™ Awards Dec. 17. >> more

Meredith Eaton makes the Yahoo 12 breakout stars of the year

Rene Auberjonois is lending his voice to an animated series on Nickelodeon called "Hornswiggle".

[December 13, 2006]

Boston Legal vocalist Billy Valentine releases new CD
 Visit to hear track samples. You can own Billy's CD of jazzy standards by ordering through

No better love: 'Boston Legal' couple's intense guy friendship is refreshing By Diane Holloway | American Statesman
[excerpt] Alan, a bleeding-heart liberal three decades younger, suffers from night terrors and aching loneliness; Denny spends the night and comforts him. Heterosexual men aren't supposed to love each other. Denny and Alan clearly do.
>> read article   >> read comments in our forum

Will Catherine Piper return?
by Cindy Elavsky | Gulf-Breeze News
The producers have informed her that there will be a few more scripts coming her way this season.

Michael, the husband of Boston Legal's Meredith Eaton-Gilden, passed away December 5

[December 7, 2006]

Ask Matt |
Matt answers a viewers question: "Would you agree that Boston Legal is severely underrated critically?" >> forum comments

Betty White is a 'She Made It' honoree
On Dec. 5, The Museum of Television & Radio announced Betty White is among its 2006 "She Made It: Women Creating Television and Radio" honorees.
>>details (pdf) >>Betty arrives (TMOZ video)
>>Betty talks (video)  >> forum comments

[December 1, 2006]

Spader nominated for a Satellite® Award for Best Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical
Nominations for the 11th Annual Satellite® Awards were announced by the International Press Academy:
Actor In A Series, Comedy Or Musical
A. Steve Carrell - The Office NBC
B. James Spader - Boston Legal ABC
C. Ted Danson - Help Me Help You ABC
D. Stephen Colbert - The Colbert Report Comedy Central
E. Jason Lee - My Name Is Earl NBC
F. James Roday - Psych USA
The awards ceremony will be December 17, 2006 at Le Meridien Hotel, Beverly Hills. Spader was also nominated last year, as was William Shatner and Candice Bergen.
>> read our 'Nomination Season' thread in our forum

TiVo ranks Boston Legal #8 in "Most Recorded Shows"
Tivo's list of shows are from Season Pass rankings. The series also got a rare spot in the Top 20 at #16 in the Nielsen Ratings for the week 3x8 "Lincoln" and 3x9 "On the Ledge" aired, Nov. 26 & 28.

[November 29, 2006]
Nia Long joins Boston LegalNia Long recurring on Boston Legal
By Nellie Andreeva | Hollywood Reporter
Nia Long has been tapped to do a multi-episode arc on ABC's drama series "Boston Legal." There is a possibility for Long to continue on as a regular next season. On three episodes of the David E. Kelley Prods./20th Century Fox TV-produced "Boston Legal," Long will play Vanessa Walker, a disciplined, ambitious, micromanaging new associate from the New York office of Crane Poole & Schmidt who comes to Boston to solicit help from Alan Shore (James Spader). Long has starred in such features as the two "Big Momma's House" comedies, "Are We There Yet?" and its upcoming sequel "Are We Done Yet?" "Baadasssss!" and the upcoming "Premonition."
>> comment in our forum

[November 21, 2006]

Spader Relishes 'Legal' Acting Gig
by Erin Carlson | Associated Press
[excerpt] "I realized how much I liked it and how sort of addictive it is," said Spader. "And I have a very addictive personality, you know, so I've become rather intoxicated by it ... So I really look forward to getting the next script. I mean, I REALLY look forward to that. That's something I think I would miss if I wasn't doing the show."
>> read article   >> read comments in our forum

Putting the Boston in 'Boston Legal' | Boston Globe
By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan | Boston Globe
[excerpt] "We got a terrific shot of the entire Back Bay and Cambridge along the Charles River," filmmaker Bill Aydelott said. "And the officers scrambling to get into the cruisers. . . . It sure made for a great shot."  >> read article   >> read comments in our forum

BL Season Two DVD Released - Read the reviews
[excerpt] "Everything that made season 1 so entertaining is refined here, often to the point of perfection."

[November 19, 2006]
Julie Bowen Is Pregnant
By Stephen M. Silverman with Nicholas White | People Magazine
[excerpt] "I'm eating in the middle of the night. I'm like a bear. I wake up in the middle of the night, eat food and go back to sleep again. It's not fun, but it's a wild ride. I'm looking forward to it being over."
>> comment in our forum

David, the Goliath
by Tim Stack | Entertainment Weekly
Prolific producer David E. Kelley makes a big comeback with four new TV projects.  >> read article in our forum

[November 9, 2006]

BL wins Environmental Media Award
"Finding Nimmo," an episode of "Boston Legal," was honored as best TV episodic drama. Constance Zimmer ["Claire Simms"] and Julie Bowen ["Denise Bauer"] attended the event.
>> read more in our forum

[November 3, 2006]
David Kelley Likes Stirring the Pot
by Eamon McNiff and Chris Cuomo | Good Morning, America
[excerpt] ...Through the deep bond between his troublemaking, idealistic lefty lawyer Allan Shore (played by James Spader) and his aged, crazy, friend of the right Denny Crane (portrayed by William Shatner), Kelley also wants us to know that we can all disagree, and we can all get along. >> read more   >> discuss in our forum

Shatner teaches G4TV host how to smoke a cigar

[Oct. 31, 2006]
Dueling dwarfs on ABC and FX: Romantic storylines around little people are the subject of Tuesday's head-to-head episodes of "Nip/Tuck" and "Boston Legal."
By Greg Braxton | LA Times

[October 30, 2006]

 A defense brief on behalf of 'Boston Legal'
by Nicholas Fonseca | PopWatch
[excerpt] The trials: They're compelling, timely, and often imbued with a tawdry twist. The little lady: Meredith Eaton-Gilden is a total riot. My neighbors know about it because I'm usually bellowing out something stupid like, "Betha-NYYYYYY!" and raising my fists in victory. Mark Valley: Hey, I just like looking at his pretty face. The guest stars: Constance Zimmer, Katey Sagal, Michael J. Fox, Heather Locklear, Rupert Everett, Anthony Heald, Leslie Jordan, Christian Clemenson, Tom Selleck, Parker Posey, Robert Wagner...need I go on? Oh wait, yes! I do! Betty White! Few shows can match Legal for hey-it's-that-guy! delight.
>> read more  >> read or comment in our forum

[October 27, 2006]
"Show Me the Money," a new high-octane variety/game show series to be hosted by William Shatner, will premiere Wednesday, November 22 at 8pm. Adding to the variety aspect of the show are the thirteen stunning Million-Dollar Dancers who are always ready to break into any style of dance, while audacious master of ceremonies William Shatner spontaneously boogies with the beauties on stage.
>> read the full ABC press release

[October 26, 2006]
Comedy or Drama: Shows Play It Straight
by Ann Oldenburg | USA Today
[excerpt] Two guys go on a fishing trip and sleep in the same bed. Are they gay? Nope, at least not if they're on network TV.
James Spader: "I don't think we're intrigued by this relationship because it's a male friendship." "I'm intrigued because you've got two people who are so dichotomous and have very little in common but their friendship. Their view of the world is so very different."
Bill D'Elia, executive producer of Boston Legal:
"The funniest part of it to me is that I decided to build a balcony so that Denny Crane could have a bigger office with a better view than everyone. That was it. It was a design element of the show that I thought would be visually interesting. (But) we've tapped into something that's out there."
>> read more   >> comment in our forum

[October 23, 2006]

An Evening with BOSTON LEGAL
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is hosting a panel discussion with the cast and producers of Boston Legal Thursday, November 9, at the Leonard Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. 'The Practice' star Camryn Manheim will moderate the conversation. Attendance is restricted to Academy members but there will be a live webcast of the program at
UPDATE Nov. 10: >> Images and video in our forum

Meredith Eaton as Bethany HorowitzMeredith Eaton: Just Getting Started
by Marilyn Beck | National Ledger
[excerpt] "Boston Legal" fans have been watching Meredith Eaton slice and dice William Shatner's character, Denny Crane, down to her size the past few weeks, but the 4-foot-tall actress says, baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet.  The former "Family Law" regular says she's already shot seven episodes with no sign of imminent departure for her character, which was written specifically for her by "Boston Legal" creator David Kelley.
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Sweeps Special: BL after Desperate Housewives
ABC can't decide if they want to hide or promote Boston Legal during November sweeps. BL is absent from the schedule for three weeks in November to make room for US election coverage, a Barbara Walters special and the American Music Awards. A special episode will air after Desperate Housewives Sunday, Nov. 26, pre-empting 'Brothers and Sisters'. The special episode is the first of a two-parter, concluding in its regular timeslot, Tuesday, Nov. 28. Whether anyone will know to tune in on a new night after three weeks without may be dependent on ABC promoting it more than their usual 1-2 previews per week during season three

TV Gal Looks for the Funny: She's high on 'Boston Legal
by Amy Amatangelo |
So, it's technically not a comedy but sometimes this show provides the biggest laughs of the week.
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[October 9, 2006]

William Shatner Is So 'Money', hosting ABC game show
William Shatner will serve as host for "Show Me the Money," a game show set to air sometime later this season on ABC. It comes from Endemol USA, the go-to game-show producers behind "Deal or No Deal". "Bill was the guy we wanted from day one to host 'Show Me the Money,'" says David Goldberg, president of Endemol USA. "More than anything, we were looking for a great showman, and in addition to being an instantly recognizable entertainer to audiences of all ages, Bill's got a naturally warm and witty presence that is simply perfect for the material."
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Constance Zimmer, Upgraded
Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
Constance Zimmer has been upped to a regular on ABC's "Boston Legal." She joined David E. Kelley's legal drama in the recurring role of Claire Simms, a sharp-tongued, aggressive new attorney at Crane Poole & Schmidt.

Overdue Bill
By Margaret Guroff | AARP Magazine
[excerpt] Winning his first-ever Emmy in 2004 (and a second in 2005) for his role as egomaniacal attorney Denny Crane on The Practice and Boston Legal can't have hurt. But Shatner says the sense of repose he feels "is not from an award; it's from my ease of artistry, whatever part of me is an artist. To have my art at my fingertips, whether it's writing, directing, or horses." Longtime manager Larry Thompson puts it even more poetically: "This period of his life is almost as if, all along the way, everything he did were these precious pearls, and now they've been strung together as a necklace, and that's what you're seeing."
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Spader: Nice Guy
by Lorrie Lynch | USA Weekend
Q: I think James Spader, who plays Alan Shore on ABC's "Boston Legal," has a big heart under all that stuff he pretends to be.
Kathy Latturner Riverdale, Utah
A: Could be. But Spader, 46, who has played many a morally challenged or downright sleazy character, isn't much into analyzing himself for public consumption. A divorced father of two teenage sons, the actor has called himself a nice, friendly guy. I believe it.

David E. Kelley cops Wambaugh police tale
by Josef Adalian | Daily Variety
David E. Kelley is teaming with Joseph Wambaugh to create a police drama based on Wambaugh's novel "Hollywood Station," which chronicles the lives of LAPD cops who work the gritty streets of Hollywood. Kelley and Wambaugh will co-create and co-write the pilot script on spec.
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Return of Lake Bell - and Sally Heep
Ausiello Report |
Lake Bell will reprise her role as Sally Heep on BL for two episodes in 3x06 "The Verdict", Oct. 24 and 3x07 "Trick or Treat", Oct. 31.

[September 26, 2006]

The Boston Legal Season 3 Teleconference
Visit our forum to read the summary or listen to David E. Kelley and James Spader answer questions from reporters.

Why does Boston Legal continue to employ the fine Mark Valley yet steadfastly refuse to use him?
 by Maureen Ryan | Chicago Tribune
Why can't “Boston Legal” fix its Chase situation? In Tuesday's episode, the show even adds a new character who is, for all intents and purposed, a clone of Valley’s Brad Chase. Chase tells the fast-talking new guy, Jeffrey Coho (Craig Bierko), not to chase the women at the firm, because “I’m that guy.” Yes, Chase is that guy - why bring Coho aboard when you already have Chase? I just don’t understand it. Use Valley or set him free, is that too much to ask?
Other than that, “Boston Legal” is its usual loopy self. I wonder if anyone at ABC understands that the show is essentially a comedy - a perverse goof on legal dramas. In the season premiere, Denny Crane meets a woman via online dating who’s not what she seems, and Alan Shore defends a cross-dresser who wants to take maternity leave. Of course these bizarre story lines don’t make much sense - they’re not meant to. They’re just an opportunity for “Legal’s” David E. Kelley to play around with the rules of the hour-long legal drama, which he does through his acerbic, politically incorrect characters and by having lawyers even address the camera at times (Crane cues the theme music in the show’s opening minutes). Say what you want about “Boston Legal,” but I find its twisted take on life more entertaining than most of the season’s new “comedies.”

'Boston Legal' attorneys speak of their lives as television characters in what's called breaking the fourth wall.
by Maria Elena Fernandez | LA Times
[excerpt] "Cue the music," says the affable mad-cow-deranged legal eagle Denny Crane in the opening of tonight's episode of "Boston Legal." But to whom is he talking — the other zany lawyers at Crane, Poole & Schmidt? No. He's speaking to you, the viewer. Again. Since last season, "Boston Legal" has been breaking the fourth wall [edit] Creator David E. Kelley "is using it as shock value and entertainment value," Shatner said. "So in that shocking moment of a character looking at the audience and saying 'Cue the music,' the viewer takes a mental step backwards and says, 'Good God, did he really say that?' " [Thanks to TopDog for this news]
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Kelley lands legal comedy pilot at Fox
by Nellie Andreeva | The Hollywood Reporter
Fox has teamed with Emmy-winning writer-producer David E. Kelley for a single-camera, legal-themed comedy. The network has given a put pilot commitment to the untitled project, from 20th Century Fox TV and studio-based David E. Kelley Prods., which chronicles the lives of a group of jurors on a high-profile trial who are sequestered in a motel. Kelley is set to oversee the comedy's co-creators, Steve Baldikoski and Bryan Behar, who will write the pilot script. Kelley will executive produce with his manager, 20th TV-based producer Marty Adelstein.

2006-07 Network Advertising Price Chart
Ad Age

Ad Age has posted a chart showing the cost to advertisers for a 30-second spot for each show on network television. Boston Legal ad rates are $140,000, compared to time slot competitors "Smith" at $117,000 and "Law and Order: SVU" at $205,000. [Thanks to TopDog for this news]
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[September 22, 2006]

Bosom Buddies, Redefined: On 'Boston Legal,' Denny & Alan Go Straight to the Heart of Male Bonding
By Frank Ahrens | Washington Post

[excerpt] "It's the best love story on television. [edit] Shatner's Denny is a lawyer-celebrity, a reflexive libertine five times married, a gun-toter (in the office) and quite possibly an Alzheimer's sufferer devoted to making money and the priapic rush of winning cases. Spader's Alan is a hedonist intellectual, always ready with a Wildean riposte, self-destructive and self-loathing, willing to hire thugs to rough up a foe and hating himself for doing it. They are both wounded, deeply flawed characters, at once lovable, pitiable and noble in their majestic ruin. "
[Dana's note: This is probably the best-written article I've ever read about BL and the characters of Denny and Alan. It's also just about the only interview with the actors published for the fall season. Be sure it read the full article, as well as watch the video clip.]
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Actor Eric Stoltz to direct Boston Legal episode
In an interview with, Stoltz said he will direct an episode of Boston Legal in November. Eric has quite a history with James Spader - he has acted in four projects with Spader, more than any other actor: Keys to Tulsa, 2 Days in the Valley, The New Kids and A Killer in the Family. >> read full interview

Watch cast member Craig Bierko's scene in "Scary Movie 4"

[September 19, 2006]
Boston Legal v. She-Hulk: Heritage and Metafiction on Trial
Mitch Montgomery |

[excerpt] "... The series has since taken an incendiary stance against the norm by openly celebrating the nutty conventions of the prime time medium—spin-offs, sweeps weeks, and guest stars... The Marvel Comics corollary to Boston Legal is writer Dan Slott’s current run on She-Hulk... hired to work for the superhuman law branch of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, a firm whose very name consists of three of the progenitors of the “Marvel Age” of comics in the sixties."
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[September 13, 2006]
William Shatner in the October 2006 issue of Cigar AficionadoFull Speed Ahead | Cigar Aficionado
Read the extensive interview with William Shatner in the October 2006 issue of Cigar Aficionado  >> read more

This much I know: William Shatner
Observer Magazine by Sanjiv Bhattacharya
[excerpt] Shatner: "You know what's great? Para-motoring. You put a propeller on your back, with an engine and a parachute sail. You run like hell, yank the throttle and jump into the air. And you fly with the birds. It's the most incredible experience. To fly!" >> read more

[August 30, 2006]

Craig Bierdo, Katey Sagal, Tyler Labine, Constance Zimmer
Craig Bierko and Katey Sagal Joining Boston Legal in 3x2
by Variety
Craig Bierko (Scary Movie 4, Cinderella Man) is joining the cast of David E. Kelley's "Boston Legal," one of several cast additions that will coincide with a major story arc planned for the early part of the season. Bierko will play Jeffrey Coho, an "intense, grandiose" criminal defense lawyer. The deal represents a reunion for Bierko and Kelley, who last worked together when Bierko guested on "Ally McBeal." First case for Bierko's character will set off a multi-episode storyline -- penned by Kelley -- about a client (Ashton Holmes) accused of murdering a judge. Katey Sagal, most recently a recurring actress on "Lost," will guest in several episodes as Holmes' mother. Tyler Labine ("Invasion") will play an assistant D.A., while Anthony Heald ("Boston Public") will play the judge in the case. Bierko's first appearance comes on the second episode of "Legal's" third season, currently slated to air September 26.  ETA: Constance Zimmer will be a new lawyer.  [thanks to Sue and TopDog for this] 
>> episode 2 discussion in our forum

Earth to Shatner: Are you for real?
by Alexandra Gill | Globe and Mail
[excerpt] So what part of Denny Crane is real?
“Well, the buffoon, and the forgetfulness,” he say with a sigh. “The outgoing, outrageous facilitator, who cares nothing about public image, and is selfish, yet has occasional lapses of generosity.”
>> read more

[August 23, 2006]
 Julie Truly: an interview with Julie Bowen by Low Lai Chow
[excerpt] If I have any complaint about the work environment at all, it is that it is very corporate and litigious. I have an EXTREMELY foul mouth and have gotten calls from the show's own REAL lawyer a few times. Apparently some of my disgusting comments aren't widely appreciated on the set. I'm trying to clean up my language… 
[Thanks to nightcrew for this article]   >> read more

[August 22, 2006]
"New Kids on the Block": Episode announced
A story of maternity leave, a bludgeoned judge and dwarf bigots. This was originally set for ep 4, but is likely to be moved up to ep 2.  If you want more than that, visit our forum. If that's not enough, read our spoilers.

[August 20, 2006]

Taking it all off
Daily  -  "I am about to do my first nude scene," reports Christian Clemenson, Emmy nominated for his "Boston Legal" performances as an ex-law firm employee with Asperger's syndrome. "They just let me know last Thursday. That's the crapshoot of doing anything on television. There's no way to know where the character will go."  Clemenson says the scene, shooting this week, has to do with his character "seeking help with intimacy problems. I'm sort of in shock about it. I can't even contemplate it. But I can't argue with it. It's a great story line, not gratuitous, and I'm sure it will be done with taste." As for whether he feels in shape to bare his all, he says with a laugh, "I'm so out of shape that it doesn't even matter."   >> read more

[August 19, 2006]
Christian Clemenson won the 2006 Creative Arts Emmy Award for "Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series". He noted backstage that he will be returning to the show during the 2006-07 season. BL crew Craig Hunter, Peter Kelsey, Clark King, William Butler won for Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing/
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[August 18, 2006]

Boston Legal season 2 DVD's expected Nov. 21 - The 7 DVD's will hold all 27 episodes (1165 mins) and 2 featurettes: 'Legal Pad: The Words of Boston Legal' and 'The Look of Boston Legal'.

Candice has two jobs at the Emmys
Candice Bergen has been confirmed as presenter for the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Her current role of "Shirley Schmidt" on ABC's hit "Boston Legal" garnered her a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

William Shatner Available to the Highest Bidder
The producers of the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts (CAEAA 2006) are auctioning off William Shatner. The package is dubbed "The Shat Pack" and will include newspaper and television cameras focused on them as they walk the red carpet with Shatner. The winners "purchase" of William Shatner will go toward making a $10,000 charitable contribution to The Richmond Therapeutic Equestrian Society.

[August 14, 2006]
Mark Valley and Julie Bowen and the Creative Arts Emmys
LA Times | The Envelope
You won’t get to see the taped Creative Arts Emmys – hosted by Penn and Teller - airing on E! Network until August 26, the night before the Primetime Emmys. But it’s definitely worth watching since the guest list has grown very impressive in recent years. 
This year's roster includes .... Julie Bowen and Mark Valley, those hot copulating attorneys from “Boston Legal.”  >> read more

Shatner wants you to be his spokesperson
William Shatner is looking for a spokesperson for his new science fiction DVD club. Entrants must create a short video clip that shows why they have what it takes and submit it to  Deadline for entries is Sept. 30. 
>> read more   >> watch submitted videos

[August 9, 2006]
Boston Legal cast turns out for Shatner roast
Futon Critic - Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Rene Auberjonois and Lake Bell will attend "The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner" on Aug. 13. Included as roasters will be "The Practice" alum Sharon Stone and BL's Betty White. The taped even will air Aug. 20.
>> read more    >> images
ETA, Aug. 23: Comedy Central's Sunday-night roast of William Shatner beamed in 3.6 mil spectators, making it the cabler's most-watched original telecast of the year.

[August 7, 2006]
Invasion Alum Descends on Boston Legal
The Ausiello Report | TV Guide
Although Invasion sidekick Tyler Labine is joining ABC's Boston Legal this fall, don't bother trying to get any scoop out of him.  He accepted the mystery role over a development deal with CBS. Force him to take a shot in the dark, and he presumes he'll be playing the long-lost twin of the "quirky, unconventional lawyer" he played on UPN's ill-fated Kevin Hill. "I'm signed on for the whole season, except for the first three episodes," he says. "I don't even know my character's name yet. I can only assume they want me to play some kind of quirky, unconventional ass---e lawyer. I loved playing that kind of character on Kevin Hill, but then the show got canned. I guess David E. Kelley saw [that show] and thought I'd make a great addition." [Thanks toTopDog & Sue]

Actor William Shatner was all elbows, wielding his conductor's baton before the Boston Pops Esplanade OrchestraPops concert proves lively enterprise
by Mary Ann Bragg | Cape Cod Times
Hyannis - Actor William Shatner was all elbows, wielding his conductor's baton before the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra yesterday. William Shatner as he conducts the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra during The Washington Post March, during the 21st annual Pops by the Sea in Hyannis last night, August 6, 2006. [photo by Paul Blackmore] >> read more   >> discuss in our forum
Watch Sushiesque's YouTube video of Shatner conducting  the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra Aug. 6. [Thanks, Ruby]

[August 4, 2005]

Stick it to Shat
Comedy Central is encouraging you to send a video of yourself roasting William Shatner in honor of their Aug. 20 special. Visit their site to see the Shatner video clip egging you on: "...For God’s sake you can even stick it to me yourself! Send in a video of yourself roasting me."  [Thanks bbbeluga for the alert]

Season 2 DVD - November Arrival announced the original Sept. 26 release date for Boston Legal, season 2 has been pushed back to a possible November date.

New Cast Member?
 "Ask Ausiello" |
Question: Anything on Boston Legal?
Ausiello: There's a new lawyer joining Crane, Poole & Schmidt this fall, and my anonymous Legal consultant tells me he's going to look a lot like Invasion's Tyler Labine. [Thanks to Jerry for this; Aug. 2]]

[July 26, 2006]
Mark Valley - "Live!"
Mark Valley will star alongside Eva Mendes ("Hitch") and David Krumholtz ("Numb3rs") in the indie film "Live!," Production Weekly reports. The film will center on a documentary film crew that will follow an ambitious woman who attempts to create a highly-controversial reality TV show in which contestants compete for $5 million by playing Russian Roulette on the air. Documentary filmmaker Bill Guttentag, who won an Academy Award for the 2003 documentary "Twin Towers," will helm his first fiction film with "Live!" Shooting began in June in Los Angeles.

[July 23, 2006]

Boston Legal Gives Lesson
by Tom Jicha | South Florida Sun Sentinal

Thank you, Tom, for pointing to our site and transcript!
Q. On an episode of Boston Legal, James Spader gave a long closing argument for the defense. The plaintiff was requesting a large settlement from the U.S. government. Spader's argument was tongue-in-cheek. "Award this woman piles and piles of money ... who cares if our national debt is so high that the U.S. doesn't even have the money to give ... give it to her anyway!" He went on to list all of the countries who receive our aid and how they could all sue us too for late payments, because the world has come to expect, demand and feel entitled to our help, etc. It was a provocative speech and I would love to get a copy of it for a civics class. Could you tell me if this is even possible and, if so, how do I go about it? -- J.C., Fort Lauderdale

A. Given what you want it for, you might be able to get a copy of the dialogue, if not the episode, from David E. Kelley Productions, 1600 Rosencrans Ave., Building 4B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. If that doesn't prove fruitful, you can just look for the rerun this summer. Or, if you're willing to trust the Internet, there's a transcript of the episode, "Squid Pro Quo," at

[July 20, 2006]
Shatner Could Take Command Of Your Answering Machine: What Message Would You Want?
by Scott Nance |
The William Shatner DVD Club and recently announced that they are holding a contest and that the winner will have the answering machine message of his choice personally recorded by William Shatner. The contest is free, and anyone can enter at The Shatner DVD Club. >> read more  >> enter contest

"Pro Ana Bo Bana": Episode 2 details weigh in
The second episode of season three is a story of emancipation, emaciation, thinspiration and being in The Zone. If you want more than that - and why Denny is grumpy - visit our forum.

[July 18, 2006]
ABC presents at the Television Critics Association Press Tour July 18-19 and announced Boston Legal season 3 will premiere Sept. 26. [On Aug. 4, ABC changed the premiere date to Sept 19] 
>> TCA News in our forum  >> Press Tour @ ABCMedianet

[July 12, 2006]

Discovery: Atlas Its “Most Ambitious HD Project”
By Anne Becker | Broadcasting & Cable

Discovery Communications will launch its 30-part HD project Discovery Atlas Oct. 1 at 9 p.m., the network announced. The series will kick off with “Discovery Atlas: China Revealed,” narrated by actor James Spader. The 60-hour series will profile 30 different countries over the next five years.

Stealing scenes and turning heads | TV Guide
[excerpt] “Boston Legal” eagle Mark Valley, a West Point grad who actually served in Operation Desert Storm. Mark denies grabbing eyeballs from star William Shatner, saying “That would be breaking one of the numerous immutable laws of the universe.” TV Guide disagrees.

[July 6, 2006]
Emmy nominees share their thoughts
USA Today

1:35 p.m. ET: William Shatner
[excerpt] How many noms does this make? "Oh, who counts," the Boston Legal cut-up jokes. "Four!"
And how many wins? "Two, but there's always room for one more."
Where are his Emmys? "We have an interior waterfall it's true; and they're underwater being splashed even as we speak. They're seriously by this little waterfall with a spotlight."
But isn't he worried they might rust? "The Academy wouldn't give me something that would rust, would they? I'm oxidizing fast enough as it is."
Shatner wonders if the good news might give him a little more leeway with his bosses. "We start shooting the middle of next week, but I have an important horse show to do. I think now I have a little more weight — in emotional terms, not protein. So maybe I'll lean on them a little more to let me go to this horse show in Lexington."

9:35 am ET: Candice Bergen
[excerpt] She plans on celebrating her nomination by counting calories. "I'm going to celebrate by depriving myself of dessert for the first time in a long time, so I can try to fit into some kind of outfit by the time the end of August rolls around," said Bergen.
>> read more

Reaction to Emmy Nomination
Associated Press |

"The nomination is a nice bonus." - Michael J. Fox, nominated for his guest appearance on "Boston Legal," noting that working with the show's cast and crew was enough of a thrill.

Emmy reactions
The Hollywood Reporter

[excerpt] Candice Bergen says her nomination for attorney Shirley Schmidt on "Boston Legal" is all about the writing as well as the relationship among stars William Shatner and James Spader. "I'm so devoted to this show and everybody on it and in it. I love the quality of 'Boston Legal. Everybody seems to appreciate the quality of the writing, the substance of the issues the show takes on." But she admitted to being disappointed that the show itself wasn't nominated. It's a distinctive show, it's just not quite like anything on television and it's so much fun to work on and it's really a privilege."
>> read more
>> more Emmy talk; read and comment in our forum

[July 5, 2006]

"Can't We All Get A Lung": Season 3, episode 1 revealed.
With the seasons premiere still 68 days away, the first details of the first new episode have come to light. In cryptic fashion, I'll summarize it as a story of anatomical gifts, lyrical racism and weight vs. thrust.
>> read more in our forum      >> read here for spoilers

[July 4, 2006]
Don't underestimate Emmy King Kelley
LA Times / Tom O'Neil: Gold Derby

[excerpt] "Boston Legal" just made the finalist list for best drama series and may make the final, final cut on Thursday morn when nominees are trumpeted. For the past two years most Emmy pundits failed to foresee the victories by "The Practice"/ "Boston Legal" stars James Spader and William Shatner. Kelley has been behind the most acting wins (33) and nominations (96). Spader just made this year's finalist list for best drama actor, so it's likely his name will pop up again on Thursday morn, along with Shatner and Candice Bergen.
>> read more    >>Emmy talk in our forum

Boston Legal theme song vocalist Billy Valentine is currently recording a new CD. He has graciously given us a potential track from his sessions to download. When his CD is available, we'll make all the details available here. Listen to Billy Valentine singing "I'm Traveling Light" >> mp3

[June 22, 2006]
Boston Legal on air in India
- English general entertainment channel Star World will air the courtroom drama Boston Legal every Wednesday at 8 pm from 21 June. Episodes will repeat every Thursday at 11 am and on Sunday at 4 pm.

Aye, Aye Captain! Comedy Central to Roast William Shatner
- Comedy Central is taking command and putting William Shatner in the hot seat. Shatner is confirmed to brazenly travel where only the strongest have survived, as the all-comedy network's newest Roastee. The show is scheduled to tape in August in Los Angeles. "The COMEDY CENTRAL Roast of William Shatner" will air on Sunday, August 20 at 10:00 p.m.  >> read more

Shatner Leads ATAS Hall of Fame Quintet
- The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has selected five honorees to earn induction into the Academy's Hall of Fame, a crew led by "TJ Hooker" star William Shatner. After being robbed of Emmys over the years for his work on "Star Trek" and "Rescue 911," Shatner has now scored Emmys in consecutive years for his work on "The Practice" and "Boston Legal." The induction ceremony has yet to be scheduled.
>> read more    >> more articles & comment in our forum

Golden years busy ones for Happy Homemaker
by Eric E. Harrison
David E. Kelley has featured Betty White in guest appearances that are definitely at odds with her previous television images. “I’ve killed a man and held up a convenience store twice, and I’ve kidnapped my best friend out of a retirement home. I don’t know what crime he’s going to come up with next.”
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Shatner Still In Center Seat - Conducting?

William Shatner will take up the baton as Celebrity Guest Conductor for the 21st Annual TD Banknorth Pops by the Sea concert August 6, 2006, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the Hyannis Village Green, Cape Cod. Although William Shatner has ascended the podium numerous times to accept some of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry, this will be his very first time conducting a live orchestra.
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[May 23, 2006]
New cast member?
Television Week reports that station executives were teased with the promise that a male star will be added to the "Boston Legal" cast, and affiliates responded positively to other parts of the new slate.

Boston Legal DVD Reviews and Videos
Read an assortment of reviews about the DVD in our forum.  Watch five video clips from the DVD Bonus Features at

Ryan Michelle Bathe in Hollywood play
Ryan Michelle Bathe [Sara Holt in season 2] will star in the play "Stages", opening June 1 and running through July 9 at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre in Hollywood. More information is at and

[May 16, 2006]
Shatner: "Hats off. Here they come, the beautiful boys."
ABC Upfront/Fall Roll Out Presentation | May 16, 2006
William Shatner strolled onstage and broke into a Broadway-type song: "Hats off. Here they come, the beautiful boys. They have such good hair. Nothing respectable. Making a spectacle", and was then joined by a parade of ABC's handsome stars.
Watch Boston Legal moments from the ABC 2006-2007 Upfront Presentation; Event date: May 16, 2006 (9:38)  / wm stream; no downloads
>> read my notes from the ABC Presentation in our forum

[May 15, 2006]

"We seem to be living in a time when dissent is very much equated with disloyalty."
Kelly Defends Boston Legal's' Stances
Television Week by James Hibberd
| May 15, 2006
[excerpt] "We seem to be living in a time when dissent is very much equated with disloyalty," Mr. Kelley said at a Museum of Television and Radio presentation in New York. "[Our] writers want to scream sometimes, and inspire some of the viewers to scream along with us."
>> Stream archived panel at    >> read more

ABC's Boston Legal is 'The Practice' made perfect
Daily Herald by Victor Bolta
| May 15, 2006
[excerpt] William Shatner and Candice Bergen are completely reinventing themselves, stretching their comic timing and ability to new levels.  >> read more  >> read full article in our forum

[May 8, 2006]
Mark makes Bill laugh... Bill touches Mark...The Museum of Television & Radio To Stream Seminar on Boston Legal
New York, NY—Continuing efforts to expand its offerings to a worldwide audience, The Museum of Television & Radio will stream its upcoming seminar, “Boston Legal Comes to New York,” live on on May 15, 2006, at approximately 6:50 p.m. ET.

[May 8, 2006]
Season 1 DVD + Bonus: The Practice episodes
Best Buy announced it is offering an exclusive special edition of the Boston Legal season 1 DVD which also contains 4 episodes from Season 8 of The Practice.

[April 28, 2006]

Boston Legal Renewed | Ausiello Report

April 28, 6:40pm - You read it here first: ABC has renewed Boston Legal for a 22-episode third season. The network wouldn't comment, but my spies say it's a done deal.

[April 24, 2006]
ABC series ratings |
[excerpt] "Commander" continues to rank as the network's second-most "upscale" show, behind only "Boston Legal," as measured by ratings among viewers aged 18-49 from households earning $100,000 or more.

Legal Drama for Axed Housewives Star
by Matt Webb Mitovich |
Page Kennedy talks about his guest star role in Boston Legal's "Race Ipsa" >> read more

Candice BergenLegal Regal Candice
Ladies' Home Journal | May 2006
[excerpt] Candice Bergen, 59, who plays Shirley Schmidt on the ever-popular series Boston Legal opens up to Ladies’ Home Journal about kissing costar Tom Selleck, being married, aging and finding spirituality. On Secret silly things she does: My daughter and I like to reenact moments from…well, you know that section of Us magazine called ‘Stars: They’re Just Like Us’? We do a lot of that. Look: [Candice Bergen] taking out garbage! [Candice Bergen] washing the dog!”
Thanks, CBFan, for transcribing  >> read full article in our forum

[April 22, 2006]
Deb Hiett as Cindy"You can be my stand-in any time"
Tuesday's "Race Ipsa" guest star Deb Hiett relates an amusing rehearsal moment during the shooting of her scene as Cindy, Dr. Sydney Fields [Peter MacNicol] assistant. It involves the elusive David E. Kelley and a memorable prank.  >> read more at

[April 19, 2006]
"Los Angeles" - the season finale
The final episode of season two - 2x27 - is entitled "Los Angeles" and resumes where "Spring Fever" [2x26] left off, with Alan and Denny taking on a case in LA. Both episodes will be shown back-to-back in a two hour finale May 16.

From the ABC press release: Actress Jeri Ryan ("The OC," "Boston Public") will guest-star ... Courtney Rae -- the beautiful, sexy hostess of "The Phoenix," a fictional reality television series. Courtney is charged with attempted murder after shooting a member of the paparazzi who was stalking her.
[Ed. note: Jeri has a solid Star Trek pedigree as Seven of Nine in "Voyager" as well as a David Kelley gene, Ronnie on "Boston Public".]
>> Warning: Los Angeles spoilers in forum

[April 18, 2006]
New York misses Ivan
Boston Legal was not broadcast in New York City due to "Breaking News: Tram Rescue"! This affected upstate NY as well as some of NJ and PA. WABC apparently time shifted the episode to 2:05am Wednesday morning. Since one of the most important Nielsen regions were shut out, this site is providing a 20-min. video clip from "Ivan the Incorrigible". These are windows media streaming only - no downloads in keeping with this sites decision not to 'distribute' copyrighted material. By the way, last I heard, no one was seriously hurt in the NY tram incident.

[April 13, 2006]
ABC at the upfront: Lots of holes to fill
by Toni Fitzgerald |
[excerpt] ABC has had the biggest ratings bumps and the most-buzzed-about shows the past two seasons, and so you might think that it is in the best shape heading into next month’s upfront. ABC is the only network that’s grown among adults 18-49 this season, up 8 percent from a 3.8 rating to a 4.1. Safely returning: “Desperate Housewives,” “Lost,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Boston Legal,” “20/20”.
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[April 11, 2006]
Robert Wagner cast in season finale
Sign On San Diego - Actor Robert Wagner (“Hart To Hart”) was in Escondido Thursday taping television commercials with Angelo Damante, the owner of Mercedes-Benz of Escondido. Wagner told Damante and longtime friend, sportscaster Charlie Jones, that his next TV assignment is to head up the West Coast law office on ABC's quirky series, “Boston Legal.”  >> Warning: Spring Fever spoilers in forum

William Shatner assesses the damage sustained to his car due to an accident[April 10, 2006]
The busy man had a car accident!
William Shatner was at the 30th Anniversary Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, California on April 8, 2006. Apparently, according to the images and captions at, "William Shatner assesses the damage sustained to his car due to an accident he had during qualifying for the 30th Anniversary Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race April 7."
>> comment

[April 8, 2006]
Boston Legal Cast and Producers Panel May 15
The cast and producers of Boston Legal will have a panel discussion in New York City May 15 at the Museum of Television and Radio. It's open to the public and tickets are $15. This is the night before their ABC Upfront presentations to the advertisers. Thanks to Lauren for this news.  >> more in our forum

[April 5, 2006]
Boston Legal Wins Peabody Award -
The winners of the 65th Annual Peabody Awards were announced today. Peabody Award recipients stand as hallmarks of excellence in news, documentary, comedy, drama, education and public service. ABC`s "Boston Legal," a David E. Kelley dramedy that uses a blue-chip Beantown law firm`s civil cases as springboards to comment about issues from the death penalty to credit-card companies` predatory practices to morning-after contraceptives. David E. Kelley's series about a blue-chip Boston law firm somersaults from comedy to drama to stinging political commentary with acrobatic assurance and undisguised glee. The George Foster Peabody Awards are often cited as the most prestigious awards in electronic media. Each year, from more than one thousand entries, the Peabody Board selects outstanding works exhibiting excellence, distinguished achievement, and meritorious service by radio and television networks, stations, cable television organizations, producing organizations, and individuals.
>> comment on the award in our forum

Parker Posey is Marlene 'The Squid' StrangerParker Posey gets killer role in 'Boston Legal'
Hollywood Reporter
By Nellie Andreeva
Parker Posey will star in three episodes of ABC's drama "Boston Legal."
She will play Marlene Stanger, a recent transfer from another firm. Nicknamed "The Squid" after the only animal in popular mythology that can kill a shark, Stanger is a BlackBerry-carrying politico looking to make partner.

[April 3, 2006]
Artwork for the season 1 DVD set has been released. [large image]

DVD for Boston Legal season 1 released May 23, 2006[March 29, 2006]
Lead-in Changes
In the ever-experimental 9-10pm Tuesday slot, ABC is tossing another series against the board to see if it'll stick. According to ABCMedianet. April 18 will see "Less Than Perfect" as Boston Legal's opening act. No, that's the name of the show, not my personal opinion. LTP follows "According To Jim" and back-to-back eps of "Hope and Faith" because, you know, they're such lead-in gold. "Commander in Chief" moves to Thursdays at 10:01pm, also on April 18. Thanks, TopDog, for that scoop. >> Render your opinions in our forum's ratings thread.

[March 28, 2006]
Earth to ABC: Kelley preps 'Mars' attack
by Nellie Andreeva, Hollywood Reporter

David E. Kelley has a new project at ABC called Life on Mars, based on the BBC sci-fi drama that launched this past January. The story is about a detective who lives in the 21st century, tho following a car accident inexplicably finds himself living and working in the 1970's. Kelley will write and exec produce the pilot, which is targeting a Fall 2007 debut.
>> comment about the article in our forum

[March 25, 2006]
Editors' job evolves as film industry incorporates new technology ... at Manhattan Beach studio.
By Megan Bagdonas, The Daily Breeze [Torrance, CA]

[excerpt] There is a saying that the best editing is defined as when you don't notice the editing.  And it takes Michael Hathaway and Craig Bench many hours in a dark room at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach with the raw footage to chop, cut and splice it into seemingly effortless, polished scenes.  Hathaway, 38, grew up knowing he wanted to work in the film industry. Bench, 39, never had a desire to enter the entertainment industry. Now both men are editors on the television show "Boston Legal" with about 40 years of combined experience.  >> read more
>> comment about the article in our forum

[March 22, 2006]
"Wings of Justice Award" given to David E. Kelley, James Spader, and The Writers of "Boston Legal"
BuzzFlash and recognized James Spader's closing arguments in "Stick It" for their Wings Of Justice award. "We do know that it is a splendid experience to watch someone say what needs to be said. Spader was talking to a fictional jury, but he's really talking to every American. Never was the case for democracy so articulately and compellingly -- and entertainingly -- distilled into an argument that lasts just a few minutes." >> read more
>> see more articles about the "Stick It" episode

[March 21, 2006]
Season Finale May 16
ABC just announced the Boston Legal two-hour season finale. It will air Tuesday, May 16, from 9pm - 11pm ET/PT.
Thanks to topdog for this timely alert. >> more info in our forum

[March 11, 2006]
A Slew of Shows Expected to Be Axed

A biggish number of television shows won't be returning for the fall season. But while networks will be talking up new series in development as well as returning shows at next week's pre-upfront meetings with media buyers, failed shows will be more or less swept under the carpet, Media Life writes. As ratings improve for ABC, shows that might have survived in other seasons are at risk. Boston Legal ... is expected to survive.
>> read more

[March 10, 2006]
Mark makes Bill laugh... Bill touches Mark...Bill looked over at me and he goes, “Energize”
The dvd is now on sale for The Museum of Television & Radio's 2005 William S. Paley Television Festival Boston Legal Panel.
See images and quotes in our forum.
Mark Valley: I was a little daunted today. I think one day we're working, Candice was there, and Bill was there, and Shelly Long was there. These are the people that... You know and Betty...
William Shatner: Don’t say you grew up with them.
Mark Valley: These are all shows my parents would tell me about.

[March 9, 2006]
"Melissa's" Pilot
Marisa Coughlan [Melissa Hughes on Boston Legal] has landed one of the leads in ABC's comedy pilot The untitled sisters project. It revolves around two sisters who live together despite having grown up under different circumstances -- one rich, one poor. Coughlan, who is wrapping a multiepisode arc on ABC's "Boston Legal," will play the hardworking news producer sister. [July update: The series didn't get picked up.]

[March 7, 2006]

She’s Not Your Basic Chick on TV: With Boston Legal, Julie Bowen ’91 creates another smart, complex woman.
Brown Alumni Magazine
by Michelle Walson
[excerpt] “I’m a huge David E. Kelley fan,” says Bowen, now thirty-six. “Year after year he writes shows with good female leads. Ally McBeal wasn’t your basic chick on TV. She was complicated. She was weak. Kelley’s female characters aren’t just the girlfriends sitting around waiting for the guy to come home.”
>> read more

[March 3, 2006]
On March 6, Boston Legal season 2 premieres in Australia on Ch. 7, 10:35pm

Museum of Television & Radio's Boston Legal panel: Mark, Bill, James, David and mod, David WildWilliam S. Paley Television Festival Boston Legal Panel
The DVD from the March 15, 2005 Museum of Television & Radio's Boston Legal panel went on sale today for $19.95. Contents include the Cast & Creative Team Onstage, Introduction by David E. Kelley, the full panel discussion with James Spader, William Shatner, Betty White, Mark Valley, Rene Rene Auberjonois, David E. Kelley, Bill D'Elia and Scott Kaufer, audience questions [editor note: I asked a question of the panel] and "At the Firm", highlighted comments from the panelists. The audio and a transcript of the panel has been on this site for the past year.
>> order  >> read press release  >> more info in our forum

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