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Alan Shore prepares for the International meeting - by reading the personals[February 28, 2006]
Rene AuberjonoisRene Auberjonois: From Benson to Boston
by Matt Webb Mitovich, You had some interesting and very different father-daughter scenes in the Feb. 21 episode.
Auberjonois: Yeah, that's the beginning of an arc in which we find out a lot more about the private side of Paul Lewiston, and I love having that. Some friends of mine will say, "Oh, they don't use you enough!" and I look at them like, "What, are you wishing me to work hard? I'm 65 years old! I thought I was going to retire when this thing came out of nowhere!" It's the happiest gig of my life and I love to have challenging and interesting things to do. But I also don't mind if I'm just being grumpy Paul Lewiston, keeping everybody in line.
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Georgia MurrayGeorgia on their minds: Victoria singer discovered at resort by Boston Legal crew
Georgia Murray portrayed herself in the "Live Big" episode as the lounge singer performing in front of Shirley Schmidt and Paul Lewiston. Georgia was 'discovered' by the production team of the show while they were filming episode 2.3 ("Finding Nimmo") on location at Nimmo Bay, British Columbia last April. She sang three songs in the episode: "Thanks Again", City Lights" and "World Goes 'Round." Her website is and she recently recorded an acoustic version of "Thanks Again". Georgia is graciously providing a free mp3 download of  this song at her iSounds page.
>> read full article   >> see images of Georgia in "Live Big"

Yuks suit Boston Legal: Series now playing it for laughs, along with political irreverence
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Rob Owen

It doesn't get the press love that some of David E. Kelley's past series received (think: "Ally McBeal"), but ABC's "Boston Legal" has come into its own in its second season.
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[February 24, 2006]

"Ivan the Incorrigible": New Episode Announced
Season 2 episode 22 is tentatively set to air April 4 and is entitled "Ivan the Incorrigible". Ivan Tiggs is played by Tom Selleck and this will make his third appearance in the series, adding to "Live Big" [2x20] and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" [2x16].  Summary forthcoming in our Forums 'Spoilers and Dead Giveaways' section.

[February 21, 2006]
Aging gracefully in 'Boston Legal'
Deseret Morning News by Scott D. Pierce

[excerpt] David E. Kelley just might be the bravest producer in prime-time, network television.  Not because the only show he currently has on the air, "Boston Legal," is so groundbreaking or out-there. But because of who he has starring in "Boston Legal." More specifically, how long those people have been around. Remember, advertisers (and, thus, network executives) are obsessed with the 18-49 demographic. And they're generally under the impression that viewers between those ages only want to watch actors between those ages. It's a dumb theory all the way around, but it holds a lot of sway in commercial television. Which is why "Boston Legal" is so out of step — and refreshing.
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'Legal' is a guilty pleasure
United Features Syndicate by Kevin McDonough

[excerpt] Watching "Boston Legal" is a lot like eating a large tub of ice cream before going to bed. You know you shouldn't be stuffing yourself at 10 p.m., but the ingredients, consisting of equal parts romantic wish fulfillment, political righteousness and throwaway sexual gags, can be pretty easy going down.
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[February 19, 2006]
Quirks still work
Star-Ledger by Matt Zoller Seitz

[excerpt] David E. Kelley's career is a bag of tricks, but sometimes the tricks still dazzle. It's as zanily plotted, as tonally inconsistent and as chaotically directed as the Kelley norm. But it's also a reminder that Kelley's bustling, bizarre style can draw you in long enough to show you situations and emotions you never see on broadcast television. ... Rene Auberjonois' Paul Lewiston delivers one of the most quietly piercing performances he's ever given.
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[February 14, 2006]

Trial by Fire
Lawrence Journal World by Mindie Paget

[excerpt] Corinne Brinkerhoff was your basic intern. Young. Green. Adept at copying and filing, making herself as useful as possible. Her efforts paid off with an offer to become the boss’s personal assistant. The boss? Television giant David E. Kelley. [edit] ...After being promoted to development manager for Kelley’s Los Angeles production company and telling her boss that her dream was to write — he deemed the first script she’d ever attempted good enough for an episode of “Boston Legal.”
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Awareness about emergency contraception from has created a Boston Legal Viewing Party Toolkit >> pdf.  They're hosting a viewing party in Philadelphia and provided material for other activists to do the same, including Host/Facilitator Instructions, Episode Guide with Talking Points, Fact Sheet about Emergency Contraception & Sexual Assault and Next Steps for Activists.
>> read more at or on our Smile episode page

Prez Dispenser
by Ben Katner
Although new episodes of Commander in Chief were supposed to air through February, late Friday the network pulled the Geena Davis drama, saying that it would be back on April 18 in Boston Legal's time slot. "The show will return with a healthy run of seven straight [new] episodes," brags the net, reminding me of bygone days when seven new episodes in a row was the norm rather than the exception.

[Ed. note: We're counting on that being a typo for now, but will report as we hear. The ABC Program Schedule at ABCMedianet currently shows for April 18 CiC returning at 9pm and BL remaining at 10pm. So now keep fingers crossed for both an uninterrupted season 2 and an ABC commitment to season 3. ]
>> Read continuing discussion of timeslot change and on Tuesdays lineup changes in Ratings in our forum]

[February 12, 2006]
Cityscapes: Shows with eponymous settings resort to optical illusions and other tricks
by Steffie Nelson
[excerpt] Unfortunately there's no trick that makes a palm tree look like an oak tree, or a hacienda look like a brownstone, as Peter Politanoff knows all too well. The production designer's aim on "Boston Legal" was to present a Boston that hadn't been seen before -- and he had to do it in a place where quintessential Northeastern elements like brick and Georgian architecture were nowhere in sight.
"We have to cheat a little bit more," admits the designer, who uses the back lots at Paramount and Universal interchangeably. "You play it as the same place and hope no one notices," he shrugs.
The "Boston Legal" set's main "selling piece" is the 120'x25' photographic backing of the city skyline, which is visible through the windows of the Crane, Poole and Schmidt law firm.
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[February 10, 2006]
Season One DVD on sale May 23
Fox Home Entertainment says the Boston Legal 5-DVD set on will go on sale May 23. It will be in 16x9 Widescreen, with English and French soundtracks and subtitles. The price is $49.98 for 739 minutes of show, plus extras, including ab audio commentary on "Death Be Not Proud", a featurette: "Court Is Now In Session: How Boston Legal Came To Be" and on-camera interviews with cast and writers. Amazon is taking pre-orders for $34.99 >> read more

Tuesday night competition
CBS has put Boston Legal competition "Love Monkey" on an extended hiatus. In March, the new edition of The Amazing Race will air on CBS at 10pm. Repeats of NCIS will air opposite BL Feb. 14 and CSI on Feb. 21. See the Boston Legal Season 2 ratings chart prepared by Sue and read and contribute to the ratings discussion in our forum.

[February 7, 2006]
Season Three Update
Correcting an earlier unsubstantiated report that Boston Legal has been picked up for a third season (2006-2007), I've heard from both David E. Kelley Productions [Stacy Luchs] and ABC [Harry Linn] that no deal has yet been reached. Still, channel those positive thoughts.

[February 1, 2006]

Alan and Denny obliterate the fourth wall
Boston Legal fan Sammi let's us eavesdrop on a balcony conversation that might have happened:

Denny: I haven't seen you much this episode.
Alan: That's because there is no episode this week, Denny.
Denny: Really? No one told me. Why not?
Alan: We're preempted. It's the State of the Union tonight.
Denny: Oh. Well. In that case...Why don't you come over tonight? That way we'll be together when he mentions us.
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[January 31, 2006]
Mark Valley at the 2006 SAG AwardsBackstage at SAG: Real life, and an extra guest
Associated Press/
[excerpt] Another awards-show virgin, Mark Valley was equally thrilled, especially when he found himself standing right next to George Clooney. “I’m used to just sitting in my house in Venice,” said Valley, who plays Brad Chase on “Boston Legal.” page for Ensemble Comedy Series nominees uses our's website header to represent Boston Legal on its page for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The other series have their official show logos, but for BL, they chose to go with the photoshopped fan site logo. Unusual, but immensely flattering. Thanks, JZ, for this cool tip. 
[enlarge image]

[January 27, 2006]

2006 SAG Award seatingSAG Seating
Curious where the BL crew will be hanging out at the SAG's? E! News showed the seating charge [enlarge image 1 & 2]. They're just a few rows from the stage at table 20 [Bergin, Shatner, Spader] and table 27 [everyone else]. They're in good company.  The tables next to them: #21 & 34-Good Night & Good Luck; #13-Brokeback; #15-Capote; #19-I Walk the Line [Thanks to Sue for identifying the squirrelly sharpie scrawls]

ET: Countdown to the SAGS
Earlier this week, Kevin Frazier Entertainment Tonight was on the set of "Boston Legal" as SAG producer Paul Napier presented the official nomination certificates to JAMES SPADER, WILLIAM SHATNER and the show as an ensemble. Last year, both Spader and Shatner won Emmys in the Drama category, but this year they're up for SAGs in the comedy category. So, is the show a comedy or a drama? "It changes every week I think," says Spader. "It changes within the episode, really." "We're both funny and dramatic; that's a strange hybrid," adds Shatner, who jokes that if he wins and Spader doesn't, "[Spader] throws a hissy fit and stamps his foot and cries gently." [The 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® will be simulcast live on TNT and TBS from the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center on Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 8 p.m. EST/PST]
 [Thanks to Sue for this]

[January 26, 2006]
Season Three?
There's an unsubstantiated report that Boston Legal has been picked up for a third season (2006-2007). While I prefer to report confirmed news here, we've chosen to post this while also seeking official confirmation. We also ask your help. If you know the pick up to be a fact, we'd appreciate hearing about it. Email  [Thank you to Live Journal's Boston Legal Fans and Morganita for the post]

[January 23, 2006]
Mark Valley Masters LawMark Valley Masters Law
by Tony Bray
[excerpt] Tony: You have a lot of ethical issues with Alan Shore on 'Boston Legal.' Are the writers going to get you two any closer, at less odds?
Mark: I don’t really know what they’re going to do. James and I would like to work together more. We’ve told the writers. I think right now they’re taking advantage of the chemistry between Shore and Denny Crane.
>> read more  >> pdf

[January 23, 2006]

Producers Guild of America Awards Update
Boston Legal's producers were nominated for episodic drama. The Award was given to the "Lost" producers at the event Jan. 22. Darn.
>> PGA recap at The Hollywood Reporter

[January 22, 2006]
Inside Move: Identity crisis a 'Legal' issue for kudos
Fuzzy genres may lead to new TV categories
by Michael Schneider
Even David E. Kelley doesn't know what to call "Boston Legal." Is his ABC series a drama? The Producers Guild thinks so, nominating the show last Wednesday for its TV drama nod.
But maybe it's a comedy. That's how the Screen Actors GuildScreen Actors Guild Awards classified "Boston Legal". b >> read more

[January 21, 2006]
DVD News
Ed. note: The most frequent email we see at is 'Where can I get the dvd's?' Judging by all the Kelley series not on dvd, the prospects have always been bleak. Then Canadian BL fan Ross emailed us with good news...
We've got some very good news for you fans of producer David E. Kelley's various TV series. As many of you already know, Fox DID release a "best of" DVD of Ally McBeal episodes back in 2000... but that's pretty much been it thus far. Fox DOES own the DVD release rights to all of the Kelley TV series, including Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Snoops, The Practice and the current hit Boston Legal. It turns out that the problem with getting these things on DVD is the dreaded music rights clearance issue. Popular music plays a key role (to varying degrees of prominence) in virtually all of Kelley's shows, and getting the music industry to license these songs affordably for home video is an expensive prospect. That said, our sources are telling us to expect both Ally McBeal: The Complete First Season and Boston Legal: The Complete First Season to arrive on DVD from Fox sometime in the first half of 2006. Hey... it's a start.

Clay Aiken and James Spader: Separated at birth? Or THERE for the birth?[January 18, 2006]
Clay Shore? It's not coastal soil site visitor Jo Ann emailed us with this suggestion: "How about CLAY AIKEN as a guest star on Boston Legal. He could play James Spader's younger brother. He's already been on Scrubs and SNL. Ratings would go through the roof." [Ed note: After I stopped laughing, I realized Jo Ann is right. This is as funny as Denny and Alan doing the mambo]

Record Day
Thanks to your visits to, we set a record for visitors on "BL Tuesday" with 9,554 site visitors. Well, that record's history. On Wednesday, Jan. 18, 12,691 visitors had to have their daily fix of Boston Legal. Keep it up! Looks like we don't need a BL Golden Globe for all of us to show our support and love :^)
Wednesday, Jan. 18, 12,691 visitors came to

[January 14, 2006]

Ask Matt

Question: According to the SAG Awards, Boston Legal is a comedy. James Spader, William Shatner, Candice Bergen and the show itself all received nominations in the comedy category. The show is hilarious at times, don't get me wrong. But after all these episodes and all those Emmy/Golden Globe wins in the drama category, I never knew it was a comedy series. What gives? — Marcus
Matt Roush: Excellent question, and it comes with an interesting answer. David E. Kelley's company submitted Boston Legal to the SAG Awards as a comedy, feeling that the show has evolved this year into a hybrid that's more comedic than dramatic, regardless of the drama awards the show has reaped previously at the Emmys and at the Globes. But given that the show itself isn't likely to be nominated against such a tremendous slate of heavy-hitting dramas this season, maybe it makes more sense to try Boston Legal's chances against a more diminished comedy field. >> read more
Question: I know you've answered a lot of questions about congested time periods, and I just realized that there might be another one coming up soon: Tuesdays at 10, or 9 here in Minnesota. I have made a season commitment to Boston Legal, and The Shield is now back as well. With your recommendation, and my appreciation of Ed and Tom Cavanagh, I'd like to give Love Monkey a chance. — Josh F.
Matt Roush: All of these shows are so different that it's hard to give absolute advice. What I would suggest is giving Love Monkey at least a first look, even at the risk of missing an episode of Boston Legal.
[Ed. note: Bad advice, Matt. In the age of time-shifting, I suggest a recording device be employed. Poor Tom Cavanagh of Love Monkey. His show was either going opposite Scrubs, where he's had a recurring role, or Boston Legal, where he competes with his former co-star Julie Bowen]

[January 13, 2006]
Boston Legal editor Phil Neel nominated for ACE Award

Boston Legal has been nominated by the American Cinema Editors at the ACE Eddie Awards. Phil Neel (Boston Legal's editor) is being recognized for editing "Ass Fat Jungle" and is up against Stephen Semel (Lost) Chris Willingham (24) and Mark Helfrich (Prison Break) in the One-Hour Series for Commercial TV category. The winners will be announced Feb. 19 at the Beverly Hilton.  >> read interview with Phil from 2005

[January 12, 2006]

Kerry Washington is nominated for the 2006 NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She appeared in BL season one "Death Be Not Proud", "Let Sales Ring" and "Tortured Souls".
Kerry Washington – "Boston Legal" (ABC)
Aisha Tyler – "24" (FOX)
Chandra Wilson – "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)
Pam Grier – "The L Word" (Showtime)
S. Epatha Merkerson – "Law & Order" (NBC)
The awards are Feb. 25 and will broadcast March 3 on Fox. Kerry won an Image Award for Outstanding Actress for "Ray".
[Thanks, topdog, for bringing this to our attention]

Making an ass of the law
The Age - Melbourne, Australia by Chris Middendorp

[Ed. note: This is one of the most insightful - and amusing - review of BL I've read]
Boston Legal blows a big raspberry at all the self-important TV programs that depict America jurisprudence as solemnly dispensing truth and justice. Denny Crane is ridiculous, pompous, inflated, a human exclamation mark. Shore has been arrested, indicted and shunned. He is the ultimate postmodern ironist. For Shore, everything - morality, the law, America itself - is a colossal joke. The only thing left to do is be in on the gag. But it's not all easy cynicism at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Boston Legal is also, confoundingly, about acceptance and love.  >> read full review

TV Land Boldly Goes Where No Network Has Gone Before

Fans of ABC's Boston Legal will still have their favorite lawyer even though Shatner will pop up on TV Land on March 22 in a new episode of Living in TV Land . The former Star Trek star will perform with rock and roller Ben Folds at the piano in front of a live audience. The episode will showcase the actor at the Emmy Awards, a Hollywood horse show, at a Star Trek convention and on the set of ABC's Boston Legal. [Ed. note: Some of Shatners fans were part of this episode filmed,in part, during last year's William Shatner Fan Club Weekend. Read about the weekend on our Links page. Information on how to join this decades-long annual members-only Weekend get together is at Shatners site.

[January 7, 2006]

Hottest Female TV Personalities over 50
by Joel Keller
[excerpt] Candice Bergen: In her current role as Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal, Candice is just as tough as Murphy was, but in a much more understated way. She's not belting out Motown or making jokes about Dan Quayle; she's fighting for justice while fending off the clumsy advances of William Shatner's Denny Crane.  >> read more

[January 5, 2006]
Boston Legal nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards for televisionBoston Legal nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards for television
Boston Legal bested the rest of the TV pack with four SAG nominations in the Comedy category — William Shatner, James Spader and Candice Bergen for Outstanding Performance - and the entire cast for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. 
Boston Legal nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards for televisionThe 12th Annual SAG Awards ceremony is Sunday, Jan. 29, 2006, at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center, simulcast live nationally on Turner Network Television (TNT) and TBS, 8 pm ET/PT, 7 pm CT, and 6 pm MT.  [images courtesy SueB]  >> more at | CNN | Press Release

Producers Guild of America NominationsProducers Guild of America Nominations
On Jan. 4, the Producers Guild of America announced nominations. The producers of Boston Legal are nominated for 'Episodic Television, Drama'. Congratulations to David E. Kelley, Bill D’Elia, Mike Listo, Steve Robin, Janet Knutsen. David E. Kelley won this award once before - in 1999, for "The Practice". The awards will be presented January 22, 2006.   >> more

Tom Selleck on Boston Legal set with Maria Menounos of Access HollywoodBoston Legal on Access Hollywood
On Jan. 3, Access Hollywood did a piece on Tom Selleck, guesting on Boston Legal Feb. 21 in the episode 'Live Big'. Maria Menounos spent a few minutes with him on the set. They showed him shooting a scene with Candice Bergin when he asked her to be his best man - and they both cracked up when he made a rude gaseous noise when he went down on one knee. He talked about being a bit nervous after five years away from prime time. Shatner talked to the camera about Sellecks sexy goatee, all the while pulling on his suspenders.  >> full text]

[January 7, 2006]
Legal Eagle: An interview with Justin Mentell by Jamie Steinberg

[excerpt] Q: What is your most memorable moment from being on the show?
A: I would say working with William Shatner is my most memorable moment. He's fun to work with because he is real open and he's the one who will ad lib a little and maybe we'll improv a little bit. He's the kind of guy I can go up to and just joke around. I'll make up something and he'll just go along with it. We can BS a whole conversation just for the heck of it.
>> read more at   >>

The cast of Boston Legal on Dick Clarks New Years Eve show[December 28, 2005]
New Years Eve
Not so much recent news as a look back to New Years Eve last year, here's an albeit difficult to see screen shot of the then cast of Boston Legal wishing viewers of the Dick Clarks' New Years Eve telecast

[December 27, 2005]

Celebs worthy of great gifts
by Dusty Saunders / Rocky Mountain News
James Spader and William Shatner of Boston Legal - A lifetime supply of cigars and brandy

Dear Santa, don’t cancel my show
by Rob Owen / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
ABC - The network that’s doing the most things right these days, ABC has hits on Sunday and Tuesday, ... In its second season, “Boston Legal” has really found its voice, over-the-top and silly though it may be, as it focuses on comedy and political grandstanding over serious drama.

The year in television
The Virginian-Pilot
[excerpt] Television in 2005 gave us images of the real-life and the make-believe outrageous. Attorney Brad Chase, played by Mark Valley, used an ax to chop three fingers off the right hand of the Rev. Michael Ryan, played by Richard Fancy, in “Boston Legal” on ABC.

[December 23, 2005]
Have a sneery Christmas by Rick Salutin
The Globe and Mail/Rabble
[excerpt] It's been a good year for obnoxious on TV, a quality whose value rises as Christmas approaches. Obnoxiousness' triumph this season is William Shatner as lawyer Denny Crane in Boston Legal. Denny is so self-obsessed he is shocked when a colleague tells him that not every trial is about him. “Can that be true?” This is a triumph not just for a character, lbut for an actor, William Shatner. With the role, he completes the arc of his career on his own terms. >> read more
[Thanks to Diana at for forwarding the article to us]

[December 22, 2005]

 Matt Roush / TV Guide
Reader Comment: "It was good to see Mark Valley actually get some airtime on the December 6 episode of Boston Legal. He's a very good actor who hasn't had much to do. Having showed his talent in a terrific show that didn't make it-- Keen Eddie--this actor deserves to have a lot more to do on this series." --Lloyd Kay, Clyde, N.C.
Roush: "Hear, hear. Spin-off, anyone?" --MR

[December 16, 2005]
TV Gal Awards Best in Show by Amy Amatangelo
[excerpt] I'm torn about "Boston Legal" (Tuesday, ABC, 10 p.m.). I'm delighted to see more of Mark Valley, but did we really need another member of the firm breaking the law?

[December 13, 2005]
Congratulations to Candice Bergen, nominated for a Golden Globe today for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television." The 63rd Golden Globe awards will be handed out January 16, 2006 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and televised on NBC.
>> 2006 Golden Globes

[December 9, 2005]

‘Boston Legal’ to try real-life Plan B story
Boston Herald

A spokesman for TV titan David E. Kelley confirmed yesterday that an upcoming episode of “Boston Legal” will involve a rape victim who is denied access to emergency contraception at a Catholic Boston hospital. Word is, a “Boston Legal” writer made some calls a few weeks back to research a story on the matter and was the first to learn that a dispensation for Catholic hospitals was in the works. “Then he checked with Planned Parenthood and that’s how the whole thing came to light,” said Someone Who Knows. >> read more

[Site editor note: This 2006 ep is called "Smile". Notes below are from the writer's script]
Schmidt to Denise: From what I know about you, when things are tough, you prefer to bury yourself in your work. Allow me to provide you with a shovel. *Schmidt puts an arm around Denise as they head to her office where they talk to 18-year-old Amelia and her mother, who explains her daughter was raped, but the Catholic hospital refused to give her the morning after pill*
Later, in Judge Murphy’s courtroom.
Denise Bauer: Dr Wallace, as an OB-Gyn, could you explain to us how and why emergency contraception is used?
Dr Greg Wallace: It’s a higher dosage of the same hormones in birth control pills. It’s administered as a last minute contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.
Denise Bauer: And in your expert opinion, how is it related to the abortion pill?
Dr Greg Wallace: It’s not. RU-486, also called the “abortion pill”, terminates an existing pregnancy. Emergency contraception, like all methods of contraception, keeps a pregnancy from occurring.
Denise Bauer: But religious hospitals like St Mary’s object to it on the same grounds as abortion: it’s ending a pregnancy and therefore a potential life.

[December 4, 2005]

Shatner Inducted Into Broadcast Hall of Fame
By Michelle for

[excerpt] William Shatner said he had no intention of retiring when he was inducted October in the Broadcast Hall of Fame, explaining that he isn't bored and he is having a good time playing Denny Crane on Boston Legal. David E. Kelley on Shatner: "He has made us laugh in the courtroom, entertained us in space, scared us in the Twilight Zone — and truly frightened us with his singing career."  >> read more

Raleigh Studios contributes
Los Angeles Magazine / November 2005
This is a little dated, but just read it in my issue of Los Angeles Magazine in a story about Medium actor Patricia Arquette:
"On Thursday the memo went out to Raleigh Studios, the Manhattan Beach lot that has become Hollywood-by-the-Sea for TV's heavyweights. 'To: All Those Concerned: Please assist Patricia Arquette in her efforts to provide aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.' On just a days notice the Medium crew had filled Building 2A with a mountain of supplies. Across the way, in Building 4B, the people of CSI: Miami had also answered her call ... and around the other corner, The OC and Boston Legal were getting in on the act."

[December 2, 2005]
More BL on E
Kristin Veitch of E!Online's 'Watch with Kristin is asking for feedback on your favorite shows in order to help her cover the programs you watch. Read her request and then send her an email advocating Boston Legal.  >> read more

[December 1, 2005]

ODD MEN IN: Johnny Depp vs. James Spader
by Steve Ryfle
They're a couple of modern-day Peter Lorres, minus the creepy looks and creepier voice, beloved actors who've staked their livelihoods on playing weirdos.
>> read more   >> Spader image gallery

Rising TV Star - Julie Bowen
By Emily Feimster
She played the kind of girl every guy wanted to be with on "Ed" and now she plays the kind of woman every man is afraid of on "Boston Legal." Yes, Julie Bowen is making quite a name for herself in the TV world.  >> read more

[November 30, 2005]

New episode titles
"Breast in Show"
concludes the story of Daniel Post [Michael J Fox], who turns out to be a huge Boston Bruins hockey fan.

"Smile" finds Alan helping a 4th grade girl recover her dignity and Denise takes on a Catholic hospital's stance against emergency contraception for a young woman who was raped.

"Live Big" will air February 21 during sweeps and guest star Tom Selleck as Shirley Schmidt's first husband.
[excerpt] Ivan: I've known two great loves in my sixty-plus years. You. And now Missy. You should both be standing next to me during this ceremony.
Schmidt: Okay. As far as our great love goes, you strayed during our honeymoon.
>> read more on Tom Selleck's guest appearance on Boston Legal; Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Ask Ausiello / TV
Question: How about shaking things up a bit and talking about something else besides the Gilmore Girls. Like Boston Legal. — Paula
Ausiello: Fair enough. Lewiston's alcoholic daughter is going to turn up clean, sober and with child in early '06. And I hear she's still pretty pissed at pops for abandoning her when the going got tough.

William Shatner stars in humorous DaimlerChrysler Canada TV adsWilliam Shatner stars in humorous DaimlerChrysler Canada TV adsWilliam Shatner stars in humorous DaimlerChrysler Canada TV ads
Launched November 17, the three 30 second television spots feature William Shatner as a "modest" millionaire who says "You know I'm a simple man, just like you. So when I heard that Chrysler was going to make someone in Canada a millionaire just by buying or leasing one of these great cars, I got excited." Various scenes of opulence surround him as he adds, "Like I said, I'm a simple man... and we all know money can't buy you happiness," spoken as the actor smiles knowingly into the camera. >> read more
[Watch two commercials, read the transcript and see images, compliments of!]

[November 28, 2005]
Boston Legal in the pop culture vernacular - again
Comedy Century and The Daily Show dig Boston Legal when they spoof Saddam's trial with Baghdad Legal. Large image
The Daily Show spoofs Saddam's trial with Baghdad Legal

Shatner as Evil Elf
OK - what is it with BL and elves? The next one to put on the elf uniform ["Can't forget the bells"] is William Shatner for Denis Leary's "A Very F#%$in' Christmas", airing sporadically on Comedy Central through Dec. 17. Leary explains: Well, William Shatner was probably the second guy we thought of when we conceived of the special, just because he's sort of an icon and he has this sense of humor about himself in the last few years, so we wanted to do something really evil with [him]. He not only came through, but he added a couple of his own evil touches that we didn't even think of. 
The premise is that he's reading letters from poor [children of] war-stricken countries, to very wealthy people in L.A. and it's really, really sick and twisted.
 [ details | schedule | article ]

[November 27, 2005]

Brad and Denny bond over push ups.A few minutes with Mark Valley
by Dana Greenlee

Mark shares his thoughts on where Brad Chase has been when not in storylines and whether Shatner cheated at push-ups.  [Interview from March 2005 at the Boston Legal panel at the DGA] >> read more

[November 24, 2005]
Vote for your favorite Boston Legal character at

[November 22, 2005]
Doing Justice to Complex Storytelling on Boston Legal
[BL uses Avid digital media production tools for editing]
Excerpt from BL editor Philip Neel, A.C.E.: "It's one of my favorite shows that I've worked on,” says veteran television editor Philip Neel, A.C.E. ( Ally McBeal , Sisters ), one of three editors on Boston Legal . “I like shows that combine dramatic moments with comedic moments. The way David Kelley writes - it's keen-witted and very sophisticated in both humor and drama. Plus it has William Shatner, James Spader, and Candice Bergen all in the same show. All I'm doing is making the best choices from really good material. There is no defensive editing going on.”  >> read more

[November 19, 2005]
People Magazine: Sexiest Lawyer AliveAnd People Magazine's Sexiest TV Lawyer for 2005 is...
Mark Valley. The Nov. 28 issue includes a full page photo and a brief Q&A. Excerpt:
Q: "What would you say you've done to impress a woman?"
Valley: "I find out what her favorite food is, then I'll probably have someone deliver it. I'm not the best cook." [pdf] [image]
[Read our 'Beyond the script' take]

[November 18, 2005]

Barely Legal / Watch with Kristin / E!Online
Excerpt: I talked to the lucky girl [Marisa Coughlan, who's playing Shore's new assistant, Melissa], who hinted that her icy attitude toward Alan isn't going to last long. "I become quite smitten with [Alan], because he's so bright, and he's come to my rescue. At this point, I'm not quite sure if it's going to go further, but it's definitely a possibility. I started with three [episodes], and then I did a few more, and now, I think it kind of depends. They're trying to figure out where they can go with my character, if I should go back as a love interest or [not]." >> read more

Scary TV

The CBS series 'Threshold' premieres in its new time slot this Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Yeah - Boston Legal's new sparring partner. E!'s Kristin predicts "...It is do-or-die time for this show [Threshold, not BL]." My plea? Let's just all get along. It's why TIVO was birthed. [Update: Threshold cancelled after one airing on Tuesdays]

[November 15, 2005]
The Practice Season 8 [Alan Shore's premiere season] will air every day on FX starting November 21, 2005 at 8 am Eastern. Images from the 22 episode season will be posted in our Image Gallery shortly.

[November 8, 2005]
Burn, Baby, Burn
Ever wonder how character names are chosen? Yeah, me, too. And no, I don't know - but I know how to speculate. In "Witches of Mass Destruction", the Wiccan wife's name is Evelyn Sawtelle. This was also the name of a character in a 1962 movie "Night of the Eagle", aka "Burn, Baby, Burn".  Plot: "A skeptical college professor discovers that his wife has been practicing magic for years."  >> Read more episodic six degrees trivia in our "Did You Know... " section on each episode page

Happy Birthday to Molly - three months ago!
Former Boston Legal actress Monica Potter, 34, has welcomed her third child and first daughter. Molly Brigid Allison was born on August 3rd, weighing 7 lbs., 3 oz. She is now three months old, and the family is doing "fantastic," according to Monica's rep. Monica also has two teenage sons from her first marriage.
Source: People

[November 7, 2005]

Leonard Nimoy and Boston Legal
Today, on the Tony Danza Show, William Shatner said a part was offered to Leonard Nimoy to be on Boston Legal: "Lenny is my dear friend. He's a wonderful actor, so we talked on Boston Legal about getting Leonard there and, just the other day, Leonard said, "You know, I've retired. I put it all behind me," because they offered him a part. So Leonard is not going to do it. I was so disappointed."

Album title aside, Shatner's no 'Has Been'
Chicago Sun-Times / Doug Elfman
I think I love William Shatner. Maybe I did all along and didn't know it. Not in the way a man loves a man, but the way a man loves an artist, a courageous trier.  >> read more

[November 4, 2005]
"Too Much Information"
A forthcoming episode [2x13] may be titled "Too Much Information", according to a casting site. Summary: "Catherine Piper holds up a convenience store..." See episode page for more info.

Oops! "We would not do that intentionally"
Question: "During Tuesday’s “Boston Legal” program on Channel 8, there was an interruption by the local station during a speech opposing the Iraq war. Was this interruption accidental or was it some local attempt at censorship?"
WQAD-TV and viewer question

[November 3, 2005]
Alan Shore for Congress
CrooksandLiars Blog has a video of Shore's closing - and a lively discussion of the issue of 'dissent v. disloyalty'.

Another blog heard from:
Dear Abby, I'm at a crossroad. Boston Legal is delightful, but... >> read more

Site editor note on viewer reaction:
By far, the Iraq war storyline in Witches of Mass Destruction has garnered more controversy than any other episode - and our highest traffic since our July, 2004 launch. I spent hours answering emails to the site already. It's interesting that the sentiments pro and con are about 50/50. Just check out the latest comments to see what I mean. Not as surprising, the, shall we say, Denny stance viewers have been inflammatory and... mean in their emails. I don't care for mean. Nonetheless, as Shore expressed to Denny after trial, "If Americans can continue to nurture the expression of differing opinions, what's happening over there will never happen here. - Dana
>> Full text of Alan Shore's closing argument

[November 1, 2005]

So... you live in Texas, you need a lawyer and you pick up the phone book:

Click image to enlarge. Gotta love the "As Seen On TV" logo and, of course, the phone number CAR-WRECK! The Law Firm of Malaise and Davis must attribute their malaise to mad cow. [Thanks to Economy Size Geek for this find]

TIVO'S Most Recorded Shows
1 Desperate Housewives
2 Lost
3 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
18 Boston Legal
The Tivo Season Pass rankings for week ending March, 27, 2005 was #23. More are recording it; perhaps fewer watching it live.

[October 31, 2005]
TV Gal Sends Out the Search Party
By Amy Amatangelo /

Where's Brad on "Boston Legal": Once they thinned the herd on this show, they immediately fattened it back up again and the shenanigans ensued. That means Ed's old girlfriend is getting more screen time than the fabulous Mark Valley. People, it's just not right. [editor note: Amen!]

[October 26, 2005]
It's a spoiler, but I don't care
Now this is what Brad Chase fans have been waiting for: the Dec. 6 episode of "The Cancer Man Can" includes a story line where Brad is up for partner, but Shore has other ideas.

[October 21, 2005]
More Location Shoots
As reported on by a witness, Boston Legal filmed at a hotel in LA October 12:  "I saw James Spader in the elevator lobby of the Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles on October 12th. Boston Legal was filming earlier that day. They were filming in the Crystal Ballroom and the Tiffany Room. I was able to peak in and saw a huge back drop with William Shatner's face and his character's name on it. it looks like the were filming a scene where Denny is giving a speech on some sort of organization..."
[Thanks to Vanilla for the info, who also tells us the prom scene from Pretty in Pink was also filmed at the Millennium.

[October 19, 2005]
From a casting call, although this part has now been cast with Larry Cedar [Deadwood]: Posted on October 3, 2005 (Manhattan Beach, CA) - Episode Title: THE CANCER MAN CAN. Shoot Dates: October 10, 2005 (in Manhattan Beach). Breakdown-- Robert Hopper: Mid-late 40's. Slightly gaunt from his battles with Stage 4 lung cancer, Robert was a participant in a double-blind research study of a new cancer drug. He is suing Daniel Post [Michael J. Fox], a wealthy businessman and cancer patient, who used his influence to insure that he received the actual drug while Robert received the placebo. Guest Star. [IMDb says this ep airs Nov. ]

Shatner Honored [pdf]
William Shatner will be inducted into Broadcasting & Cable's Hall of Fame at a ceremony in New York October 24.

Joanna Cassidy Guest Stars
Award-winning actor Joanna Cassidy will guest-star in a three-episode arc of “Boston Legal,” currently scheduled to air this season, it was announced today. Cassidy will play Beverly Bridge, a fifty year-old attractive predator trolling for her second husband amongst her high-net-worth peers. She steals the heart of the firm’s partner, Denny Crane (William Shatner), at a charity dinner.

Shatner defies Father Time, still successful
Entertainment Greekly by Thomas Demeropolis
News Record / University of Cincinnati
[excerpt] William Shatner has boldly gone where no man has gone before. He is one of the most recognizable actors today. He is the man that launched a thousand starships. He helped save millions of lives with his advice on Rescue 911. His style and delivery of lines is so definitive, it has its own name: Shatnerian. But the one thing that Shatner has been able to do that many actors have not is continuing a successful career later on in life. >> read more

[October 18, 2005]

Shatner Taken to Hospital With Back Pain
Associated Press / Tue Oct 18, 7:43 PM ET
"Boston Legal" star William Shatner was taken to a hospital from the set of the ABC series Tuesday after complaining of lower back pain, a spokeswoman said.  The pain was caused by a kidney stone, which passed successfully. Shatner, 74, had completed filming for the day at the Manhattan Beach studio when the problem occurred, series publicist Stacey Luchs said.  He was being checked out at a nearby hospital and was expected to return to work Wednesday, Luchs said. 
[Update, October 19]  Shatner was transported by ambulance from the show's set in Manhattan Beach to nearby Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance "as a precautionary measure only," according to his publicist. Shatner was examined but not admitted and "is resting comfortably at home. He's due back on the set Wednesday.

Time Change: 10:01pm
In order to retain viewers from the Commander in Chief lead-in, CIC will air until 10:01 and Boston Legal will air directly after. If you are TIVO'ing BL, double check that your TIVO understands it as there is a report from one viewer that TIVO saw it as a time change and did not record it.

[October 17, 2005]
Candice Bergen Interviewed
The Brown Daily Herald

[excerpt] Herald: You currently play attorney Shirley Schmidt on the ABC drama "Boston Legal." Why did you decide to take on this role?
Bergen: I loved the writing. I watched the show and I thought it was an incredibly weird, quirky, funny and intelligent show and it tackled social issues in a way that was never preachy, but was always intelligent. The man who writes the show, David E. Kelley, is very shrewd and subversive, so he finds a way to get his messages across without alienating an audience so they don't feel like they're being preached to. I love the writing and I love working with a great cast - I love working with James Spader and Bill Shatner. >> read more

[October 14, 2005]

Episode Trivia

From BL 2x7, Nov. 8: Truly, Madly, Deeply
"...Alan Shore and Brad Chase defend a TV station that has fired Zozo the Clown (Joel McKinnon Miller) for talking to his young viewers about environmental issues. During the trial, Brad is surprised to learn that Alan's childhood fear of clowns prevents him from addressing Zozo in court."
Fear... of... clowns? Where have I heard that before?
Ah, Conan. Spader said ""...and she was deathly afraid of clowns." []

Brad the Hero - and his Seals
From a casting call:
BOSTON LEGAL (Smith & Wesson)
David E. Kelley Productions/ABC; 1-Hour Episodic Drama
Cast list from
"Gone" Episode: #2.6
Dominic Comperatore .... Joe Martini
Aramis Knight .... Tito Perez
Dianna Miranda .... Helena Perez
Robert R. Shafer .... Smith

Thigh will be done
BOSTON LEGAL (Jerry “Hands” Wexler)
David E. Kelley Productions/ABC; 1-Hour Episodic Drama
[JERRY “HANDS” WEXLER] Mid 30’s – early 40’s. A lawyer in the banking and finance department at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Jerry’s sole focus is making partner. Unfortunately he has some personality traits and tics, i.e. rarely makes eye contact, no social skills, pedantic and keeps his hands on his thighs at all times, that make him less than ideal partner material...POSSIBLE TWO EPISODE RECURRING

[October 13, 2005]
Fox returns to guest on 'Boston Legal'
USA Today - Gary Levin

Michael J. Fox is making a rare return to TV with a three-episode guest appearance on ABC's Boston Legal.  Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, has been largely absent from series since 2001, save for brief stints on Spin City, which he starred in, and Scrubs, from Spin producer Bill Lawrence.   Here he'll play Daniel Post, an "extremely wealthy businessman" and a lung cancer patient involved in a pharmaceutical study, says executive producer Bill D'Elia. "He uses his influence to make sure he doesn't get the placebo," but another participant who finds out sues the company and Post, whom the Legal eagles represent.   Fox began shooting his episodes Thursday; they're scheduled to air Dec. 13, Jan. 10 and either Jan. 17 or 24 in Legal's new Tuesday 10 p.m. ET/PT time slot. D'Elia says Fox expressed interest in a Legal guest stint last year, and both the show and its predecessor The Practice have been known as Emmy bait, thanks to producer David E. Kelley; stars William Shatner and James Spader won consecutive Emmys for each. "David's been known to write things that cause actors to have to make some room on their shelf," he says.

Fine tuning: Boston Legal
With a single arch of an eyebrow and a barely perceptible nod of the head, Shatner managed to convey an entire speech. Better clear that mantel shelf for yet another Emmy. Boston Legal has been cracking good fun of late. >> read more

[October 12, 2005]

Sustainablog: Salmon, Sea Lice and Boston Legal
by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg
[excerpt] Tonight's episode of Boston Legal continues to make waves first in Canada and now here at home. The Canadian government has pulled print ads promoting tourism to British Columbia in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. And now, the industry trade association for farmed salmon, Salmon of the Americas (SOTA), has half-page ads scheduled to appear tomorrow in the New York Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, and the San Francisco Chronicle. The ad incorrectly claims wild salmon population are rising, yet their very own web site says differently. >> read more

Acting up a legal storm: Boston Legal launches in New Zealand

Boston Legal, annoyingly, is pretty close to appointment viewing. It's pretty much the best comedy on at the moment, even though it's really supposed to be a drama. But the clincher is the acting. Denny Crane, the firm's supremo, is a wise old bird and a legend in the profession, but the wisdom has been deeply buried beneath a lifetime of louche living, corner-cutting and own-way-getting. James Spader. That pretty, smart-alec slap-me face, the arrogance of bearing. Playing a glorious foil to Spader's character, super-hunk Mark Valley, who is a Grade A comedy actor, seen here last in the criminally underrated Keen Eddie. Valley's Brad is a prototype Ken Doll, extremely professional and fast-talking (because talking fast saves the client billable hours), who regards Spader's Alan as a spiv.
>> read more

[October 8, 2005]
James Spaders' deck of cards for charity
The Clothes Off Our Back charity auction site offers the Access Hollywood deck of cards signed by James Spader backstage at the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Proceeds from this auction will benefit Hurricane Relief.

The REAL Nimmo Bay Luxury Resort
News about "Finding Nimmo" [Season 2, Episode 3]
In "A Greater Good" [1:9; air date: Dec. 12], Denny needed to win a big drug company case so he could make enough
money to buy Nimmo Bay: "There is this fishing lodge in British Columbia called Nimmo Bay. Best fishing lodge in the world, very expensive, costs lots of money. I want to buy it. It's in the Great Bear Rainforest."

In season 2, Alan & Denny head to Canada to help Alan recover from Tara and save the Pacific salmon from extinction. According to [May 25 entry], filming for "Finding Nimmo" wrapped last spring, showing "...the lawyers on vacation at Nimmo Bay." Visit the resort Denny wants to buy.

[October 5, 2005]
Justin Mentell signs seven-year contract with ABC, lands role on 'Boston Legal'
Northern Star / Northern Illinois University
[excerpt] On Friday, July 8, Mentell flew to Los Angeles to do some workshops as well as read for the part. He stayed in a hotel while waiting to hear the final decision on whether or not he would get the role.  "My agent called me Wednesday [July 13] and asked how I liked Los Angeles. I said that I liked it fine and then my agent asked if I’d like to live [in Los Angeles] because I got the part [as Garrett Wells]," Mentell said. >> read more

Julie Bowen joins the club of actors appearing in two series
North Jersey Media
[excerpt] "The first month I spent in abject terror every time I was in a scene with one of them, said Julie Bowen, "because you're brain starts saying, 'It's William Shatner, it's William Shatner, it's William Shatner.' I finally get past that, and then you realize another amazing thing one of them's done and I retreat again." >> read more

[October 1, 2005]

Most people wish that I would get my hands dirty: Beyond the Script by Brad Chase
The court reporter swallowed hard and continued reading back the deposition: "It's my motivation to avoid the nauseation, frustration."  She stopped, glancing pleadingly at me. Without expression, I nodded for her to continue. >> read more

Video promo posted at directing viewers to watch BL season 2 on SUNDAY![September 30, 2005]
ABC! What?!
Trip on over to ABC's Boston Legal video preview page to watch preview videos of episode 2 - "Schadenfreude" - and they'll be so helpful in telling you "Boston Legal. All New This SUNDAY"! Conspiracy theory, anyone? *headdesk*

[September 29, 2005]
Emmy Clothes Off Our Back
Own the Taryn Rose shoes that William Shatner wore to the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. His shoes are up for auction through Clothes Off Our Back. Mr. Shatner won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor In A Drama Series for "Boston Legal." Proceeds from this auction will benefit hurricane relief, UNICEF’s work in the Sudan, Half the Sky and Cure Autism Now.
Style: Colter black patent
Size: 42.5 EUR, 9.5 US
Autographed on heel!
>> more about Shatner's shoes
>> Additional "Clothes Off Our Back" items

[September 28, 2005]
The H Word
It is being reported that BL may go on hiatus after the October 25 episode airs, returning in January. This is pending the outcome of the September/October ratings.
[Source: Mark at Boston Legal Yahoo Group]
[The Black Widow Ratings]

[September 27, 2005]

The Buzz on Boston Legal
Blog: Television Junkie /
[excerpt] The casts' banter is backed by rich, creative writing that will leave you in stitches. TiVo one episode, you'll be TiVoing them all. Trust me. >> read more

The Hollywood Reporter
[excerpt] Even with all the changes, "Legal" continues to deliver some of the smartest stories and most fascinating characters found on the small screen. Its mix of beautiful, powerful women and brash and quirky men provide constant tension and endless unpredictability. The first two episodes, penned by Kelley and featuring guest star Heather Locklear as an accused murderess, are delightful to watch and a bright sign of things to come. >> read more

[September 25, 2005]
OK... now to blog land: Beldar Blog
Here, in a trial attorney's blog, he sarcastically extrapolates current politics likelihood of putting Alan Shore in the Supreme Court:
[excerpt] "...How long will it be before the mainstream media begin labeling Supreme Court Justices like they do senators — "Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (R-IN)"? How long before they start running breathless Justice-by-Justice opinion polling: "An exclusive new MSNBC/WaPo poll reveals that if a Senate confirmation hearing were held tomorrow, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas would lose by a better than two-to-one margin to either Harvard Law's Professor Larry Tribe or Boston Legal's Alan Shore (as played by James Spader)!" Mr. Spader is approximately as likely a Supreme Court candidate as Judge Roberts is a presidential candidate.

[September 23, 2005]
Sorry, Jeff Rake.
"Head Cases", the Fox legal series written by Jeff Rake, who co-wrote the Boston Legal series premiere, also called "Head Cases", was cancelled today by Fox. With the similarities to Boston Legal, I rather enjoyed "Head Cases" and the Venice Beach filming location. You know, it's just a tough crowd in The Biz, I guess. My condolences, Jeff.
[Similarities between BL and HC: The series title; quirky legal dramady; Stars Chris O`Donnell and Adam Goldberg were both in season 8 of The Practice; the vibe was very Shore/Crane; the law firm of Payne and Schultz sounds like Crane and Schmidt. I always did wonder what David E. Kelley thought about "Head Cases"...] >> review

Boston Legal on the cover of TV Week[September 22, 2005]
Cast of Characters
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
With new cast members for the new season, creator David E. Kelley carved up the leftover episodes, inserting scenes with the new characters, including soon-to-be divorced senior associate Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen) and junior associates Garrett Wells (Justin Mentell), who's attracted to Denise, and Sara Holt (Ryan Michelle Bathe), who pretty much just gapes at Garrett and Denise.   Kelley fans will be happy to see the return of Anthony Heald as Judge Harvey "Mass-a-chu-setts" Cooper, a role he originated on "The Practice" that led Kelley to cast him as the vice principal on "Boston Public." Also take note of Southern-fried TV news commentator Gracie Jane, an obvious stand-in for CNN's Nancy Grace, and the continuing story of murderer Bernard (Leslie Jordan), who's now spending time with Alan's secretary (Betty White).  In the first season, it took time for "Boston Legal" to find its footing, typical for many new series. That process continues in year two, but a killer ending for the Oct. 4 episode suggests "Legal" is ready to stand tall.

The Tonight Show
William Shatner made a brief appearance on The Tonight Show Thursday night, time enough to sign a Harley for charity - and, good boy that he is, remind everyone that Boston Legal is on Tuesdays! Bless you, Bill. [video coming]

Kelley signs new pact wtih 20th Century Fox TV
The Hollywood Reporter
David E. Kelley Prods. has signed a new three-year overall production pact with 20th Century Fox TV, the studio that has been his TV home for nearly 20 years. "I used to be the youngest producer on the lot," Kelley said in a statement announcing the deal. "Now I'm the oldest. They'll never get rid of me." 20th and Kelley Prods. are also in negotiations with NBC for a pilot commitment for a Kelley-penned dramedy revolving around a network TV morning show (HR 8/12). Sources said the network and the studio have been tussling for some time over budget issues on the untitled pilot, but both sides still expect it to come to fruition for the 2006 development season.  >> more

TV ratings: Is Tuesday the new Thursday?
Entertainment Weekly
[excerpt] Is Tuesday about to rival Thursday as the most competitive night on network TV? ... plus new 10 p.m. rivals Boston Legal (ABC) and Law & Order: SVU (NBC), and you've got a real TiVo-confounding night of programming.
>> more

"Entertainment Tonight" will feature an on the set visit to Boston Legal in tonight's episode. This may be a repeat,
>> more

[September 18, 2005]
Emmy Winners!
8:25pm EST: William Shatner won his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Boston Legal!
10:48pm EST: James Spader won his Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Boston Legal!

Shatner - larger images 1  2  3  video coming soon
Spader - read his acceptance speech
Images and video coming soon  >> Awards page

Delayed Gratification
The Boston Globe
by Nelson Handel
'I don't want to share anything," begins James Spader, as we sit down to talk. "I think there probably are performers who want to share their private stuff with the world, and therefore they don't mind letting it play out in public. I don't want to heal. I don't want to share." Suddenly, he reaches down to the coffee table between us and says, "That's funny. I use these same pens." He picks one up, studies it a moment, places it carefully where he found it, and keeps talking, as if that bizarre pause had never happened.  >> read more

And the Emmy goes to...
10:48pm EST: James Spader won his Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series for Boston Legal!
8:25pm EST: William Shatner won his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Boston Legal! [no images yet as I'm PST and can't watch for 3 more hours]

William Shatner [photo credit: L.A. Times]Riding high, but so what?
L.A. Times Calendar
by Maria Elena Fernandez
[excerpt] William Shatner: That hearty voice and halting cadence. That expansive knowledge of anything and everything, that unquenchable curiosity and voracious attitude toward living and loving, even at age 74...
This season promises to be a doozy for Crane, who will march into court in one episode dressed as a minuteman to make a point about gun control. In another, he shoots a child murderer and rapist in the kneecaps to get out of defending him...
"Boston Legal" has so changed Shatner's life that he named a 4-year-old American saddlebred he and his wife purchased last year after the show.
>> more of a wonderful article

Shatner's Tea Party
William Shatner painted a teapot for charity during the 3rd annual Emmy Nominees’ Tea Party Saturday, September 17 at the Park Hyatt in Century City. [source:]

TV Guide's Matt Roush Predicts the winner for Best Actor, Drama
WILL WIN: Spader SHOULD WIN: Laurie WHY: The perversely amusing Spader could very well repeat last year's upset win-Emmy loves those bizarre David E. Kelley characters.

Live from LA: Countdown to Emmys
... Other front-row stars to look for include Jennifer Garner (two seats down from James Spader) ... [USA Today]

Boston Legal bit at the Creative Artrs Emmys
[editor note] Both Spader and Shatner had a witty/droll 2-min. scene at the very beginning of the 2005 Creative Arts Emmys that aired on E! TV at 7pm Sept. 17.

On the balcony set of BL and acting like Shore and Crane, Spader asked Shatner what he was going to do and he replied, chomping on his cigar, he was waiting for the Creative Arts Emmys. Spader asked him what that was. Shatner schooled him that it was about the talented people working behind the scenes. The camera, controlled by a cameraman, of course, sort of started to jerk as if the behind-the-scenes guy was distracted - or perhaps booking it off the stage and to the Emmys. Now in scene is the guy holding the cue cards. He looks rather alarmed - and casts off the cards as if they were on fire and darts off. Spader purses his lips, contemplating. "He's certainly not going to get an Emmy." "No," agrees Shatner. "I wouldn't think so."

[Actually, the quotes are very inexact but that's the gist of it. Email me if you know of a repeat broadcast of the CA Emmys and I'll add the video to the site]

[September 9, 2005]

Handicapping the Emmys by Marc Berman
-Who Will Win: William Shatner (Boston Legal, ABC)
Although Terry O'Quinn as eccentric John Locke manages to dramatically stand-out in a cast of 14 ongoing characters on Lost, Emmy loves a comeback story and William Shatner's victory last season as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for The Practice is likely to be upgraded to Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for spin-off Boston Legal.

TiVo Season Pass
The most recorded TV shows by TiVo users for the week ending Sept. 4, based on Season Pass rankings:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. CSI
3. Lost
23. The Simpsons
24. Numb3rs
25. Boston Legal
>> more

[September 7, 2005]
The Official Justin Mentell site has recently launched. Looks terrific - as does he. Check his Boston Legal behind-the-scenes gallery.

Who's Headed for the Podium?
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: TV critic Amy Amatangelo, who writes for and The Boston Herald, posits that the race is between Alda and William Shatner, whose larger-than-life performance as lawyer Denny Crane gives Boston Legal its quirky kick. "[Shatner] made the name 'Denny Crane' funny," she says. "He can just say the name and he's funny. And I think that's a role that really surprised people, especially for someone like William Shatner, who's already had a lot of success in his earlier career, to kind of reinvent himself in a role like this was fantastic."  >> more

[September 6, 2005]

Shatner To Sing Trek
Original Star Trek star William Shatner will sing the theme from his show at the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, airing Sept. 18 on CBS, TV Guide Online reported. Shatner, now on the cast of ABC's Boston Legal, will be joined by opera star Frederica von Stade.

The stunt is part of a segment called "Emmy Idol," in which actors will perform classic TV theme songs throughout the telecast and viewers will pick a winner. [source: TV Guide]
[Ed. note: Kids... VOTE for Shatner! Didn't realize the star Trek theme has lyrics? Um, if you can call these lyrics: "He'll find in star-clustered reaches Love, Strange love a star woman teaches." Hey, hey... sing along now.]

[August 30, 2005]
Emmy Watch
Spader has submitted "Death Be Not Proud"[1:17]; Shatner's tapes are "It Girls And Beyond" [1:13] and "Tortured Souls" [1:15].  Lead actors submit to a jury of their peers (comprised of about 50 to 70 fellow actors) one sample episode from the past TV season as an example of their best work. Supporting stars submit two.  Odds: At, Spader's odds are 3/2, ahead of the other nominees. At, Spader is also winning with  1.85/1.

5 minutes with...William Shatner
New York Daily News
[excerpt] Q: What have you learned about life?
William: The good life is one that's artistically made. Here's something pompous — you take your day and ­artistically create it, so every moment has an artistic flavor. Drink your coffee with consciousness.  >> read more

Spader Gets Emmy Duty
"Boston Legal" star James Spader may or may not become a repeat Emmy winner next month, but he'll definitely be on stage during the awards. Spader is among the latest group of presenters added to the 57th annual Primetime Emmys.
>> read more

[August 28, 2005]

ABC hypes fall promos
To hype "Boston Legal's" move to Tuesdays, ABC set up billboard in major cities urging people with legal woes to call 877-SUE-2-WIN. Dial the number and you get a recording of actors from "Boston Legal" talking in character.
Listen to the phone message [mp3, :30]
ABC marketing chief Mike Benson says both on-air ads and stunts like the "BL" billboards are designed to make ABC's marketing more than just traditional tub-thumbing.  "We want the marketing to be as entertaining as the programming," says Benson. "We love all of our children, but it's just impossible to feed them all," Benson says, adding that McPherson has shown a willingness to be patient with skeins that don't get as much promo love as others.
[ note: Um, sort of like how ABC slacked on the BL marketing last fall?]

[August 26, 2005]
Boston Legal premieres in Fiji August 28, 8 pm.

[August 19, 2005]
Vote in the 57th Annual Primetime Emmys - sort of
Turn the tide in this unofficial vote for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Currently, Kiefer and Hugh are at 45% while James is in third at 5%. Help out Shatner as Supporting Actor as well, in third behind two Lost actors. Get in there and vote! [Thanks to Janette for sending this in]

Patrick Dempsey [Gray's Anatomy] on Boston Legal
TV Guide Insider I bet the boys over on Boston Legal were pretty disappointed too, seeing as you kicked them off of Sunday night.
Dempsey: [Boston Legal has] a great cast and it's well written...even though we kicked their asses. We literally got calls the next day joking, "We're out of our time slot! Screw you!" But seriously, there's a great camaraderie amidst all of it, everybody supports each other. And I think their show will do much better on a different night, certainly. I'm happy to see that James [Spader] can remodel his house now and not worry about unemployment. I've known him for years, and he's happy and he's cool. It's all good.
[Patrick also goes on to credit his role as Paul Stewart on The Practice - season 8, 3 ep arc - as helping his recent success.]

[August 15, 2005]

The Creatives [site editor post]
Boston Legal is about much more than characters. It stems from writers, producers, show runners and editors. A new page of this site will spring up focusing on the creatives of the series. The following three stories sort of nudged that decision along:

Producer Kelley targets morning TV with new show
Hollywood Reporter/Reuters
Hot off the yellow legal pad of David E. Kelley is a pilot script that has generated considerable buzz around town. Sources said the project is an hourlong comedy-drama in the vein of Kelley's "Ally McBeal" set behind the scenes at a network TV morning show. [Thanks to B for this news tip]
>> read more

'Legal' eagle pacts Paramount TV: Kaufer inks two-year deal
TV scribe Scott Kaufer ("Boston Legal") has sealed a two-year deal at Paramount Network TV to develop and produce new series. Under the seven-figure deal, Kaufer and his Chartwell Prods. label will focus on developing one-hour series that he said would blend drama and comedy. He'll also be executive producer on UPN's upcoming drama "South Beach." There he'll serve alongside the current producing team of Phillip Levens, Tony Krantz, Jennifer Lopez and Simon Fields.

Fleet Street Blues: A license to have unusual, unique behavior in a realistic setting
Writers Guild of America by Denis Faye
[Ed. note: This interview with both Exec. Producers Scott Kaufer and Jeff Rake was published Oct. 1, 2004. Rake left BL Nov. 16 and Kaufer apparently just left to produce series for Paramount]

[excerpt] Scott Kaufer: Often, when a writer's working on a show and gets a call from an actor in his dressing room learning his lines, it's a dreaded phone call because the actor's coming from a place that isn't helpful to the material. He wants his character written in a selfish way or he wants something that has nothing to do with the work. We're very fortunate. I know this sounds Pollyanna-ish, but it happens to be the case that all the actors on this show, including Shatner and Spader, when they call us up, they have invariably been suggesting smart, very helpful things with their characters because these guys have a laser lock on who these guys are.
>> read more

[August 14, 2005]

Paul Lewiston Speaks: Boston Legal Tidbits from Actor Rene Auberjonois
Chris Bichler shares thoughts from Rene while attending the Toronto Trek 19 Convention in July. [Special report for]

[August 9, 2005]

'Boston Legal' presents its case on a new night
Chicago Tribune
In a bid to re-acquaint viewers with the show, which has been off the air since March, ABC is re-running the series premiere of the quirky law drama on Tuesday. "Legal" is something of an acquired taste: If you don't appreciate the enjoyably hammy Shatner or the skeezy charisma of Spader, this is probably not the show for you. The casting also changed almost weekly in the first year; Mark Valley went from featured player to near-nonentity, unfortunately, and the ineffective Lake Bell was written out by mid-season. Kerry Washington and Rhona Mitra will also be gone in the new season. >> read more

After long recess, 'Boston Legal' moves to new location
Buffalo News
Kelley also expects to make a significant change in the structure of the show, making it more serialized than it was in its rookie season.  >> more

The Return of Boston Legal
San Jose Mercury News
In a sense, "Boston Legal'' didn't get much respect from ABC last season. "Boston Legal'' is back (10 p.m., ABC) in what will be its time period when the new season begins in September. Sure, it's a repeat but that's better than nothing for fans of the series who were, shall we say, less than happy about its sudden disappearance.

The repeat is a good example of "Boston Legal'' when it's at its best. The main storyline -- and it's quite funny while still making a point about the politics of race -- concerns colorblind casting of the musical ""Annie.'' There's also a very cool cameo from the Rev. Al Sharpton playing -- the Rev. Al Sharpton.

"Legal'' is facing a much tougher fight for viewership. It was one thing to do head-to-head with "Crossing Jordan.'' It's another thing entirely to take on NBC's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'' and a very high profile newcomer in CBS's "Coming Home.''

The show's creator, David E. Kelley, admitted the other day that "Legal'' is ''up against obviously tough competition. Last year on Sunday, we had a pretty cushy and protected time slot, so we're going to have to earn it.''  >> more

[August 2, 2005]
Boston Legal' to return on Tuesday nights
By Kevin D. Thompson, Television Writer
Palm Beach Post
[excerpt] "...Five episodes were bumped last season. Four of those, including the two starring Locklear, will air to start the show's second season. Kelley, however, isn't quite sure how Legal will fare in its new Tuesday home."

[Ed. Note: Are they bumping or absorbing one of the five episodes? We know ep 2 "Black Widow", 3 "Schadenfreude" and 4 "Finding Nimmo" are safe. Ep. 5 "A Whiff and a Prayer" may be safe as its been reported the title has changed from "In Closing". Does that mean episode 1 "Race Ipsa" is the victim? This one addresses Lori's sexual harassment lawsuit against Denny, Alan convincing Chelina not to move to Texas and Tara's growing suspicions. If anyone knows, please report to us.]

Feeling Down Down Under
Janette from Sydney, Australia reports after viewing "Greater Good" [i.e. "pharmaceutical case", ep. 9, US air date Dec. 12, 2004], the latest ep to air in Australia, that no future episodes are scheduled.  Janette wrote: "I rang Channel 7 and spoke to Programming. The man said it was not being aired because of the low ratings. I asked him if it would be put on at another time or later on and he said it might be, but he wasn't sure, but it would not be in the near future. This is bad news."  [Ed. note: Bad news, indeed. 23% of this site's visitors are from Australia - coming in second after the US; If anyone has further details about Ch. 7's plans - or wish to contribute a report from their own country - please contact us.

Update to Aussie BL [Aug.2]: Janette again called Channel 7: "...Boston Legal is being rested for the moment. They will be running the rest of the Season of Boston Legal, but not in the same time slot. He said they had been discussing it yesterday. He said a few new shows will be starting and that it will be back on possibly in 4 weeks or so, when they find the right time slot."

Update to Aussie BL [Aug.8]: Marco from Australia reports: "I rang channel 7 today and they sad they'd be showing it again around December/January."

[July 30, 2005]

Is Drama Selling Out?
TV Guide / The Biz
During ABC's press tour, writer-producer David E. Kelley complained about how commercials have been cutting into hourlong dramas' program content. Back when he was writing for NBC's L.A. Law in the '80s, an hour drama was delivered at 48 minutes. His current ABC show, Boston Legal, runs 41 minutes. >>read more

[July 29, 2005]

News about "Finding Nimmo" [Season 2, Episode 4]
In "A Greater Good" [1:9; air date: Dec. 12], Denny needed to win a big drug company case so he could make enough
money to buy Nimmo Bay: "There is this fishing lodge in British Columbia called Nimmo Bay. Best fishing lodge in the world, very expensive, costs lots of money. I want to buy it. It's in the Great Bear Rainforest."

In season 2, Alan & Denny head to Canada to save the Pacific salmon from extinction. According to, filming for "Finding Nimmo" wrapped last spring, showing "...the lawyers on vacation at Nimmo Bay." Visit the resort Denny wants to buy.

[July 28, 2005]
David E. Kelley's "The Law Firm" premieres July 28 on NBC, 9pm. [Watch David's video interview]

ABC parties to ring in its new season
USA Today
The hottest gay club on Santa Monica Boulevard was closed to the public Wednesday night for a star-studded party ABC threw for its 2005-06 season.  >> read more

[July 27, 2005]

Ausiello's Press Tour Diary Day 7 (ABC)
by Michael Ausiello
[Ausiello's patently irreverent play-by-play of the Boston Legal panel presentation kept to his high standards of amusing me. Read the whole thing, but I'm excerpted the most important part]

Kelley says we “will see the emergence of Mark Valley's character a little bit more this year — hopefully, a lot more… Mark is very funny. We did not take advantage of that enough last year.”
[Editor note: More Brad? Well done, DEK. Well done]

David E. Kelley may move to cable to escape ad deluge
Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
[excerpt] Kelley said that makes it tougher to create character-driven stories and tell emotional stories, particularly within the five-act structure that sometimes gives only eight minutes between commercial breaks.

"It was very tough, but it's the reality that we're dealing with, and we're going to make a go of it in our new time period," Kelley said. He added it was particularly difficult because he felt "Boston Legal" was coming to its best five episodes when the show was taken off the air.

Court in session
USA Today
New this season: Julie Bowen of the sugarcoated Ed had one request: 'Please don't make me nice,' " Kelley says. "We'll try to honor that."  >> read more

[July 26, 2005]
"Entertainment Tonight" segment on Boston Legal.
>> Read the article   >> Watch the VIDEO now
Shatner: "It takes time for a show to settle in," he says. "If it were a stage show, you would be changing the show as the audience reacts to it. Here it takes several months before you get the audience's reaction. Now we have gotten that -- the strengths and what you want to eliminate that isn't working -- we are refining our wonderful show. I think it is better than ever."

ABC rolls into the Beverly Hilton Tuesday and Wednesday for its presentation at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in what is something of a victory lap .   Watch for news.

[July 25, 2005]
Lake Bell Talks About Boston Legal - sort of
TV Guide Insider by Michael Ausiello
Press Tour Day 5 - "Surface"
What’s the most surefire way to make Lake Bell squirm in her seat? Wait until she’s in a room with 250 people (including her current employers) and ask her how come David E. Kelley fired her from Boston Legal. “That’s a fair question. Fair question,” she says hesitantly. “I’m not really an authority to really talk about it. I don’t know what David… I don’t really know how to answer that question, actually. I think he just… I think that show… I don’t really know anything about that show anymore because I’m not on it anymore. But yeah, it’s all I guess I can say. Sorry I don’t have a cooler answer than that. I actually don’t know.” Am I the only one sweating right now?

'Law Firm' Makes Latest Reality Show Case
David E. Kelley's other baby.

[July 22, 2005]

ABC Media Net launches new site design, including Boston Legal page. All past press releases have now been reinstated and site url's have changed.

[July 21, 2005]
Ryan Michelle BatheJustin Mentell
Twosome pass bar for 'Boston Legal'
Hollywood Reporter/Reuters
Two more actors are joining "Boston Legal" as regulars when ABC's Emmy-nominated drama returns for its second season in the fall.

Three New Cast Members Join Boston Legal
Futon Critic

Ryan Michelle Bathe [IMDb] and Justin Mentell [IMDb - website] will play junior associates in the law firm at the center of the David E. Kelley series, which likely will have its second-season premiere at the end of September.

Bathe will portray Sara Holt, a brilliant woman who is sometimes given bizarre assignments. The actress' TV credits include appearances on NBC's "ER" and UPN's "Girlfriends" and "Half & Half."

Mentell will take the role of Garrett Wells, an ambitious young lawyer who sometimes doesn't know when to back off. His credits include Fox Searchlight Pictures' upcoming film "Roll Bounce."

Julie Bowen (NBC's "Ed") was previously announced as an addition to the cast. She'll play Denise Bauer, a tough, smart senior associate who is on the track to making partner and won't let anything -- including a messy divorce -- stand in her way.

[July 18, 2005]
What Shatner Did on Saturday
Associated Press
William Shatner was a guest at the wedding of actress Sandra Bullock and Jesse James of Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" at a ranch near Santa Barbara July 16.

Season 2, Episode 5 seems to have been retitled "A Whiff and a Prayer". Previously, "In Closing". []

[July 14, 2005]
Sources tell that ABC's Boston Legal has retained newcomer Justin "Jtell" Mentell, 22, to join the cast as a new associate at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. He'll debut this fall.  [IMDb]

James Spader and William Shatner nominated for an Emmy!

Larger images  1  2
Watch the 4 min. video of announcement

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Boston Legal • ABC • David E. Kelley Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television Studios
James Spader as Alan Shore

Deadwood • HBO • Red Board Productions and Paramount Television in association with HBO Entertainment
Ian McShane as Al Swearengen

House • FOX • Heel and Toe Films and Bad Hat Harry Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studios
Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House

Huff • Showtime • Showtime Presents in association with Sony Pictures Television
Hank Azaria as Dr. Craig “Huff” Huffstodt

24 • FOX • Real Time Productions in association with Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television
Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal • ABC • David E. Kelley Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television Studios
William Shatner as Denny Crane

Huff • Showtime • Showtime Presents in association with Sony Pictures Television
Oliver Platt as Russell Tupper

Lost • ABC • Touchstone Television
Naveen Andrews as Sayid

Lost • ABC • Touchstone Television
Terry O’Quinn as John Locke

The West Wing • NBC • John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Inc.
Alan Alda as Senator Arnold Vinick

[July 13, 2005]
Endless amusement at search engine keywords used to find
boston sexual offenders [AOL image search delivered our website images of Denny Crane. Paul Lewiston and Shirley Schmidt!]
boston sexual offenders [same for Google]
lesbian tara wilson and lori colson [yes, thank you, surfer from Malta!]
video clips of sex [Yahoo; finds our site]
elevator sex movie [Google; finds our site]
What happened to Boston Legal? [this phrase shows up as a search term nearly every day. I kid you not! Check it out]
Shield TV show ranking [inexplicably]
2005 emmys [Google; 5th result is our Boston Legla site]
57th emmy nominations [Google; 4th result]
57th emmy award [Google; 4th result]
Best Drama Emmy Nominations 2005 [2nd result]

[July 12, 2005]
TV comedy is not a laughing matter
Houston Chronicle
[excerpt] Boston Legal's Betty White sees other reasons for the dearth of TV comedy.
"I don't think our sense of humor is as subtle as it used to be," says the veteran of The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. "Now everything has to be slipping on a banana peel or bathroom humor to register with a big audience. I could be dead wrong, but I think the audience has a more juvenile sense of humor than it used to."
[Ed. Note: Or an over-reliance on sight-gaggy costumes?]

"Noel Holston On Television"
Actor, dramatic series:
James Spader ("Boston Legal," ABC) won last year. Most probably he will be nominated again, along with Ian McShane ("Deadwood"), whose legend grows; Matthew Fox ("Lost"), Keifer Sutherland ("24") and Hugh Laurie ("House").  more >>

At TCA, the advice is don't worry, be cranky
The Hollywood Reporter
"It's a matter of perception whether anyone really benefits from the-now quaint exercise known as the semi-annual Television Critics Assn. tour." more >>

[Ed. Note: Although no mention of BL in this article by Ray Richmond, I found it amusingly sarcastic, the parasite/host relationship between critics and the purveyors of packaged entertainment. Looks like the 2005 TCA Tour will be focused on the networks around July 18, after PBS and cable.]

[July 11, 2005]
Boston Legal Begins Filming Again
Posted by: BillShatner at

"I’ve begun filming on “Boston Legal” and I’m having a great experience developing the character of Denny Crane even further than last year. I try and take cues from the script and then add in my own interpretation of a situation. For example, on one recent episode, Denny is upset he is not getting to chair a case about guns. Circumstances come about, however, which result in him having to do the closing argument. Whereas he was eager at first, he finds himself losing his confidence and then finding it again once in a while. I find myself interpreting a character that is walking the line of being nuts and then not nuts. I don’t know what’s in store for the rest of the season but that’s part of the fun."

[July 9, 2005]
Denise Bauer is the name of Julie Bowen's character. Bowen's bio is now up at

[July 2, 2005]
The real deal
The Sydney Morning Herald
[excerpt] Boston Legal is some of David E. Kelley's best work, partly because the cast is so strong. He has managed to get quite an intoxicating cocktail out of his Ally McBeal-The Practice recipe.

James Spader and William Shatner get all the great lines. Revelling in their characters' putrid shenanigans, each episode flies by. But once the hour has passed, it is nearly impossible to recall what went on. Boston Legal is a televisual Chinese meal. Twenty minutes later you're looking in the fridge for something more satisfying. The cases are nonsense, and all the girls have breasts under their chins, waists smaller than Barbie's and legs ripped from a department-store window. One of those brilliant, gifted attorneys at law is made entirely of extruded rubber and nylon hair. We all know that the real Erin Brockovich didn't look anything like Julia Roberts, but nobody told David E. Kelley.

James Spader makes a flawed yet charismatic leading man, and I for one will watch him every week, on the off chance he takes a holiday in London and has the good sense to make a little mischief with our naughty, nasty commander.   >> read more

[June 27, 2005]
The Law Firm
David E. Kelley's The Law Firm series begins July 28. Unfortunately, according to 'Celebrity Justice', a tipster ruined the surprise of who is the Winner in an e-mail.

Shatner Speaks
The Montreal Gazette
A documentary, The Science of Star Trek, is being narrated and hosted by William Shatner. The show will air next season on The History Channel in the US, Discovery Channel in Canada and Channel 5 in Britain.

[June 26, 2005]
Shatner at opening night of the Hollywood Bowl's 84th season
Los Angeles Daily News
[excerpt] "Boston Legal's" William Shatner looked summery in yellow pants and a dark-blue tropical shirt that some backstage wags called the ugliest shirt they had ever seen.

Shatner said he’s been going to the Bowl ever since he came to L.A. He said he was even there for Neil Diamond’s "Hot August Night" concert and once introduced a sequence of whale sounds for a concert.

Asked if he caught Tom Cruise’s antics on the "Today" show, Shatner only sympathized with the star, saying, "If you’ve ever been on a tour publicizing a film, you’re half unconscious after a while. You can’t criticize him for anything he does or says."

When asked if he had any advice for the star, Shatner said it's helpful to remember that in the big scheme of things "you’re not very important."

After an introduction by Shatner, the evening kicked off with a tribute to the late film composer Jerry Goldsmith and a performance of the theme from "Star Trek, the Movie" by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

[June 21, 2005]
James Spader attended Egyptian Tourism Authority Private Reception and Viewing of the King Tut Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art June 18. [images]

[June 13, 2005]
Rhona Mitra joins Nip/Tuck
TV Guide online: Mike Ausiello's Entertainment News
As FX's Nip/Tuck goes into production on its third season today, it'll be looking a whole lot prettier. According to The Hollywood Reporter, inexplicably dumped Boston Legal beauty Rhona Mitra is joining the cast as a hush-hush recurring character who insiders hint will be a detective investigating the attack on Sean.

Boston Legal Ratings in Australia
The Age / Melbourne
A new US legal drama, Boston Legal, which Seven expected to rate strongly, attracted only 720,000 viewers nationally, being beaten by CSI: New York on Channel Nine with 1.35 million.

Satire in Boston Legal
by David Papke, law professor at the Marquette University Law School
Excerpt: "...The chief satirical target in Boston Legal is the legal profession and, in particular, self-impressed and immoral lawyers."  read more

[June 8, 2005]
Boston Legal Calendar
Aug. 9: Boston Legal returns from hiatus and begin airing repeats of season one in the U.S.
Sept. 20: Season two premiere on ABC [tentative]
June 15: Some production begins at David E. Kelley Productions
July: Cast reports back to Raleigh Studios.

Bill Shatner posts on
"I'm looking forward now to the beginning of "Boston Legal's" next season which begins filming in July. They've moved the show to Tuesday nights (anyone watching Grey's Anatomy?) and Denny and I can't wait."  >> read more

Dramatic pause: Could last year's statuette shake-up signal Emmy's effort to spread the wealth?
Hollywood Reporter
Strong nomination consideration also will need to be given to episodes written by 26-time Emmy nominee (and 10-time winner) David E. Kelley for ABC's "Boston Legal"...  [picture] >> read more

[June 6, 2005]
Boston Legal premieres in Australia tonight - so several new articles from down under.

Legally binding
The Sydney Morning Herald
The comedy offsets (and benefits from) Spader's innate creepiness and Shatner's innate hamminess.  read more >>

Ego-tripping lawyers
The Age / Melbourne
It must be payback time for David E. Kelley. With handwritten scripts on yellow legal pads for Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope and The Practice, the one-time Boston lawyer became one of TV's most prolific writer-producers. Now he has come up with another wonderful courtroom sleight of hand.
read more >>   [Thanks to Sarah from Melbourne for this]

June 2, 2005]
Emmy Award Preview
Hollywood Reporter
Drama series - Unprecedented quality is driving the genre.
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (CBS)
"Deadwood" (HBO)
"Lost" (ABC)
"The Shield" (FX)
"24" (Fox)
"The West Wing" (NBC)

Decent shots:
"Boston Legal" (ABC)
Lead drama actor might be the most competitive category this year despite the notable absence of three-time winner James Gandolfini of "The Sopranos" because of the series' ineligibility. Back to defend his 2004 crown is Spader (who won for "The Practice" and is likely to be nominated again for its ABC spinoff, "Boston Legal"). He faces "Lost" star Fox (never nominated for "Party of Five"), Sheen (a five-time nominee for "Wing"), three-time nominee Sutherland ("24"), 2002 winner Chiklis ("Shield"), "Deadwood" star McShane (who picked up this year's Globe in the category), Globe nominees Leary ("Rescue") and McMahon ("Nip/Tuck"), "Huff's" Azaria, "CSI: NY's" Sinise (a '98 Emmy winner for the TNT biopic "George Wallace") and 2004 Emmy nominee LaPaglia ("Trace").

In the drama actress race, it's tough to vote against "Wing's" Janney given that she has won four statuettes, including one in this category last year (the first three were for supporting actress). But we'll vote against her, anyway. Formidable contenders include 2005 Golden Globe winner and 2004 Emmy nominee Hargitay for "SVU," "Boston Legal's" Bergen (who copped five Emmy trophies for "Murphy Brown"). [link]

[May 28, 2005]

Boston Legal will begin broadcasting in Australia on the Seven Network on Tuesday, June 7. Showtime is 9:30pm. The contenders in that time slot are CSI: NY and a very popular show in Australia called Rove Live which is similar to David Lettermen. [Thanks to Sarah from Melbourne for this info]

[May 27, 2005]
Clothes To Go: Way Too Hot / AP
A security guard pleaded guilty Thursday to grand theft for stealing more than $60,000 in designer clothing worn by characters on "Ally McBeal," "The Practice," "Boston Public" and "Boston Legal." Police have said they found 350 items in Oliver's Long Beach home, including Gucci bags, Chanel suits and other expensive clothes and shoes from a locked wardrobe room at Raleigh Studios. The items were valued at $63,500.

[May 26, 2005]
Top actresses exit new series
Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
"Boston Legal" is said to be looking to add another female character [in addition to Julie Bowen]

[May 20, 2005]
The Law Firm
Zap2it / NBC Summer shows
David E. Kelley's eight-episode unscripted drama "The Law Firm" will premiere on Thursday, July 28 at 9 p.m. The goal here is an attorney is eliminated at the end of each episode. They argue actual cases; the ruling is binding and so is the $250k financial windfall going to the last lawyer standing.

[May 19, 2005]

Spader, Shatner, Valley, Bergen and Julie Bowen from Boston Legal attend the ABC Upfront Presentation Party held at Damrosch Park Lincoln Center in New York City on May 18. More of James and Leslie. 1 2  large
[filmmagic; gettyimages, rexfeatures, splashnews]

[May 18, 2005]
Tara and Lori Leaving Boston Legal
ABC also used its upfront to announce that "Ed" star Julie Bowen would be joining "Boston Legal," with Rhona Mitra and Monica Potter leaving the show. Candice Bergen will be back, however.
[Variety is subscription only. For full text, see JSMP posting, "More Makeover Magic at ABC?"  Thanks, Vanilla]

[ed. note: The competition on CBS at 10 pm Tuesday is another legal show. Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Close to Home: a new mother and lawyer tries to protect her community in this legal drama.  A female attorney show. Might explain why ABC's McPherson said David E. Kelley is hoping to add a stronger female perspective to the show.

So we have Boston Legal, Law & Order and legal drama Close To Home.  Fierce.]

Bowen Bounces to 'Boston'
David E. Kelley is hoping to add a stronger female perspective to the show through her and Candice Bergen. "I think he wants to get some of that 'Ally McBeal' voice out," ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson says.

Lake Bell's new show "Fathom" is set for NBC Mondays at 8 pm in the fall.

Julie Bowen joins Boston Legal[May 17, 2005]
Julie Bowen ["Ed"] Joins Cast
Julie Bowen is joining "Boston Legal" (Tuesdays at 10, a new night), which means her character won't find love on "Jake in Progress" after all.

Thanks to the Yahoo Boston Legal Fan Group for this news.
Julie Bowen at IMDB

Boston Legal, Tuesdays, 10pm in 2005-06

ABC announced at their Upfront in New York that Boston Legal's new home is Tuesdays at 10 p.m. This puts it opposite NBC's Law & Order: SVU. The competition on CBS is another legal show. Close to Home: a new mother and lawyer tries to protect her community in this legal drama.  Boston Legal will follow drama "Commander-in-Chief" at 9 p.m. starring Geena Davis as the female president.
TV Guide's 2005 Schedule Grid
Hollywood Reporter
Newsday Upfront and Center

[May 5, 2005]

Must-see network TV from our view
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Boston Legal has people talking about it long after "Grey's Anatomy" bumped it from the lineup. [Its] success lies in compelling, enigmatic characters. It's no exaggeration to say that "Boston Legal" is largely fueled by the deranged actions of Denny Crane and Alan Shore. Nor is it an overstatement to say that the two men were quite often the only reason to watch the show.

[May 4, 2005]
Good TV fare is very rare these days
Press & Sun-Bulletin
ABC, which had the best new show of the season in Boston Legal, shelved it in favor of yet another hospital epic featuring people who behave like the cast from Camp Runamok in surgical gowns. But take heart, culture is on the march.

Living TV interactive campaign to tempt viewers
Revolution Magazine
LONDON – Living TV is launching an interactive ad campaign, which allows viewers on other channels to access footage from Living's most successful TV shows ... 'Boston Legal' ... will gain exposure from the ads. The interactive ads will appear during commercial breaks on ITV, Channel 4, E4 and Sky One and will ask digital viewers to press the red button to gain exclusive footage of hit Living TV shows and interviews with cast members.
[Ed. note: Now that's the way to innovatively promote BL!]

[May 3, 2005]
TV Gal Indulges in Character Swapping
TV Gal gives James Spader her highest marks by rating him 5 Smits ("...since Jimmy Smits replacing David Caruso was probably one of the best cast swaps ever.")

Where's Our Show?
Rocky Mountain News
If e-mails and phone calls were a barometer, ABC's Boston Legal might be No. 1 in Denver audience ratings.

[April 25, 2005]
FootnoteTV /
Deep, fascinating analysis of the issues and events that inspire television shows, including Boston Legal.  Site author Stephen Lee, journalist and attorney 

Best on box
Edmonton Sun
ABC - Easily the network of the year even if it's not No. 1 overall in the ratings.

[April 24, 2005]
Boston Legal crosses the pond, begins broadcasting in the UK. Mondays 10pm, April 25th.
See Living TV's very nice website

Just... Pray!
Uncle Phil sums up the whole situation
Thank you to UnclePhil2K from Live Journal's BL Fans for creating and sharing this.

[April 4, 2005]
Listen to the cast and creatives from Boston Legal share their thoughts on production and storylines during the William S. Paley Television Festival held March 15 in Hollywood at the Directors Guild Theater.
[Go to Event page]

[April 3, 2005]
Who’s on first? Networks jumble TV show schedules
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Last week, ABC introduced the new medical series,"Grey’s Anatomy" on Sunday night at 10 p.m., which must have been a jolt to fans of "Boston Legal" which is usually in that time slot. "Grey’s Anatomy will be on again tonight at the same time, but the network has not yet announced where or when "Boston Legal" will return.

So who’s on Sunday?

I don’t know.


[April 21, 2005]

What ABC's doing to 'Boston Legal' is a crime
The Herald & Review
ABC has decided to stop the "Boston Legal" run this season at 17 programs. [edit] ABC is baffled about what to do with a pair of highly successful shows. ("I know just what they mean," one online wag noted. "I hate being so skinny." And rich, they might have added.) Instead of finding a place for "Boston Legal," they're sending it away. (Some insiders think ABC is resisting moving the show for fear of irritating creator David Kelly the way they did when they shuffled "The Practice" around their prime time schedule.)

These kinds of decisions are made even as the networks wonder why their audiences are shrinking and fragmenting. ABC, which leads the networks in arrogance toward the audience over the past 15 years (witness its treatment of "Twin Peaks" and "SportsNight"), is now risking alienating the 12 or 13 million people who weekly watched the show that has the rare distinction of featuring the best (James Spader) ... acting on television.
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Read summaries for the next four episodes, all of which will air in the Fall.

[April 17, 2005]
ABC leaving fans lost, but not desperate
San Mateo County Times

Susan Kidder of Oakland wrote to say how much she loves "Boston Legal" ("Although I could do without the young woman with the English accent— why are English accents considered so appealing?" Susan asks.)
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[April 14. 2005]

ABC Cuts 'Boston Legal' Short
Palm Beach Post
Kevin Thompson, TV critic/blogger wrote "... Now, I know there are tons of Boston Legal fans out there. I know 'cause when I kinda trashed the show in a recent column, I heard from a lot of you. For a few days, I must say, I was a little worried about starting my car...."
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[April 13, 2005]
A candid conversation with Boston Legal's press-shy star James Spader about pushing sexual boundaries, his bizarre characters and why journalists annoy him.
By Lawrence Grobel, in the May issue.
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[April 10, 2005]

Record Day at
[website news]
Sunday, April 10, experienced the most site visitors since launched July 2, 2004. Over three times the normal traffic - 1,653 visitors - came to the site today. Ironically, there was no episode this Sunday - nor any new episode for three weeks. Sundays and Mondays are traditionally the busiest days. A clue why today was so busy: stats show frequent Google search terms were 'schedule', 'ratings', and (ha ha, I kid you not) 'what happened to Boston Legal'. The most frequently used search engine was Google.

Looking Forward
[website news]
In lieu of original episodes for the next six months, we'll attempt to have new Boston Legal-related video here every Sunday: streaming segments, original music videos from eps, interviews. I have a lot of footage to post. We'll keep the momentum rolling here, even if ABC feels they don't have the - ha ha - resources or time to do this for our Boston Legal. Funny, if you should ever compare ABC's budget and this sites budget

[April 8, 2005]
BAD NEWS!  No new episodes of Boston Legal until Fall
Boston Legal” Will Return for the 2005-06 Season with 27 Original Episodes

The ABC Television Network announced today that “Grey’s Anatomy” will continue airing Sundays at 10:00 p.m., ET, through the end of the season, with “Boston Legal” scheduled to return for 2005-06 with 27 original episodes, which will include the episodes not aired this season. “We’re in the enviable position of having two shows that have each performed extremely well for us Sundays at 10:00 – ‘Boston Legal and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ We had already picked up ‘Boston Legal’ for next year based on its stellar run thus far this season. Now, with the strong debut of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ we are very optimistic about having an additional asset of tremendous value heading into Fall,” said Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment. “However, with this embarrassment of riches comes a tough decision. Ultimately we decided that, without having adequate lead time or marketing dollars to devote to moving either show so late in the season, we’d continue to let ‘Grey’s’ build on its tremendous momentum through May. We’re extremely excited that this will give us the amazing luxury of bringing ‘Boston Legal’ back next season with an unheard-of 27 original episodes.”
Season to date, since its March 27 premiere, “Grey’s Anatomy” is a dominant No. 1 in its time period, overshadowing its closest competition by 6.7 million viewers (17.0 million vs. 10.3 million -
NBC) and beating the combined delivery of CBS and NBC in the time slot by 32% among Adults 18-49 (7.4/18 vs. 5.6/14=CBS and NBC combined). “Grey’s Anatomy” is delivering ABC’s best retention yet in the time period coming out “Desperate Housewives.” The show qualifies as the highest ranking midseason TV program and also has the distinction as the only drama this television season (returning and new) to build its audience from Week 1 to Week 2. In addition, “Grey’s” is producing ABC’s strongest series ratings among young adults in the hour since “The Practice” during the 2000-01 TV Season.

Anatomy Too Good To Move
New York Post
TWO of ABC's best dramas are battling it out for TV's most desirable time period — the 10-11 hour following megahit "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday nights. [edit] The dilemma potentially puts ABC execs on a collision course with Kelley, who is not likely to be happy if his show is moved to another night, as happened previously with "The Practice," the series that evolved into "Boston Legal."  Indeed, the situation is so sensitive that ABC execs won't talk about it on the record except to confirm that the time period is under review.  If "Boston Legal" is forced to move, Carroll theorizes that a likely destination could be Monday nights at 10, the time period now occupied by "Super Nanny," which is averaging about 9.3 million viewers per week. An ABC spokeswoman said a decision could be announced today.

Legal Notice
Chicago Tribune
Now that "Boston Legal" has been officially renewed by ABC -- happy news, that -- it's time to ask the show's producers where they've been hiding Mark Valley. He has been criminally underused on the show, especially now that Candice Bergen has joined the cast. She's great, but they should either ax Valley or give his character something to do.
[site note: only let him go if he gets his own show. "Harry Green and Eugene", perhaps]

[April 5, 2005]
The ABC Television Network has given "Boston Legal" an early pick-up for the 2005-06 season, the network announced today. "Boston Legal" ranks No. 1 in its hour among Total Viewers and across each of the key adult demos, ahead of NBC's "Crossing Jordan": Total Viewers (12.5 million), Adults 18-34 (3.6/10), Adults 18-49 (4.9/12) and Adults 25-54 (5.7/13). Compared to the same point last season, "Boston Legal" has improved the hour for ABC by 39% in Total Viewers and by 48% in Adults 18-49. The freshman drama stars James Spader as Alan Shore, Monica Potter as Lori Colson, Rhona Mitra as Tara Wilson, Mark Valley as Brad Chase and Rene Auberjonois as Paul Lewiston, with Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt and William Shatner as Denny Crane. The series was created by David E. Kelley. Kelley, Bill D'Elia and Scott Kaufer are executive producers. "Boston Legal" is produced by David E. Kelley Productions in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television.  [Source:]

[Note: Thank you to the 1,300 viewers who signed our petition just shy of the two weeks it's been posted. You asked... ABC heard! Twenty-two more hours of Denny, Alan, Brad and company. While we no longer need to sign the petition, its heartening to read 1,300 - and still growing - amazing comments of support and devotion to Boston Legal: See the petition]

[April 3, 2005]
That Sly Shatner
The Fresno Bee
[excerpt] "...Shatner hasn't played a lawyer on television since the 1961 series "The Defenders." "Boston Legal" executive producer Bill D'Elia says that series creator David E. Kelly specifically wanted Shatner as the actor to bring the larger-than-life litigator to life."

TiVo Top 25
Season Pass Recordings; Rank based aggregated data, for the week ending 3/27/2005.
1. Desperate Housewives
2. American Idol
3. The Apprentice
23. Boston Legal
24. Without A Trace
25. Scrubs
[Ed. note: Perhaps this means viewers prefer to watch it live?]

TV Weekend
Detroit Free Press
Grey's Anatomy" may be an even better Sunday night partner for "Desperate Housewives" than "Boston Legal," which is on spring break during April. Not to worry, Denny Crane fans. "Boston Legal" will be back and looks like a sure bet for a fall season renewal. But the courtroom drama could always change addresses to a new night next season if "Grey's" stays on a hot Sunday ratings roll.

[March 31, 2005]

Cuss & Effect
National Review Online
Boston Legal's Scott Kaufer said that a boilerplate warning from ABC's Standards and Practices is to refrain from showing characters smoking, even though "we end pretty much every episode with James Spader and William Shatner smoking on the balcony... Never once this season have I paid any attention to that note or heard any follow-up."

[March 30, 2005]
Killers' To-Do List: Lawsuit, Long-Form Video With James Spader
"... And he's also got his eye on a leading man for the whole thing. "I'd love to get James Spader to be in it, and we're trying to pin him down now."

Boston Legal, Meet Terri Schiavo
"... Alan Shore , sarcastic lawyer extraordinaire played by James Spader, flies to Texas from the more humane State of Massachusetts to save the day."

[March 29, 2005]
William Shatner's "Invasion, Iowa" debuted on Spike TV.

[March 26, 2005]
All-too-familiar 'Anatomy' likely destined for morgue
by Dusty Saunders
From strictly a scheduling perspective, Grey's Anatomy probably will irritate the growing number of fans who have been watching Boston Legal in this Sunday time period.

And while much of Boston Legal is played in campy style, occasional story lines produce pulsating drama. Last Sunday's hour - featuring Shore making a desperate, unsuccessful attempt to save a convicted killer from a Texas execution - was strong stuff.
But even though Boston Legal has hit its unpredictable stride, ABC has yanked it for a predictable hospital drama. Such scheduling doesn't mean Boston Legal has been canceled. It will return for the May sweeps and undoubtedly will be renewed.

Meanwhile, I'll miss those Boston Legal endings when Alan Shore and Denny Crane sit outside on the office portico, discussing life over cigars and brandy.
[Full article]

[March 25, 2005]
Mitra is not a bit shy about her real 'Legal' age
By Richard Huff
So Mitra's not wasting time worrying about the show's four-week layoff - ABC is using the time slot to launch "Grey's Anatomy" - because it's not her call.

"I know the ratings are good; I know it's a very popular show and I know I'm enjoying my part in the equation," she said. "And the politics, that's for the boys in the suits."
[Full article]

[March 25, 2005]
Spader's no April fool

Following on from our earlier report here that a UK satellite channel had picked up the rights to air Boston Legal some time this year, there's definite news for fans of James Spader.

Living have announced they will be airing the show from Monday 25th April, giving UK fans a chance to see Spader as Alan Shore, the role for which he picked up an Emmy in The Practice. He's joined in Boston Legal by genre favourite (and fellow Emmy winner) William Shatner and Stargate SG-1 alumnus Rene Auberjonois (better known to sci fi fans as Odo in Deep Space Nine).

[March 23, 2005]
  Listen to Dana call in from Los Angeles to her radio show, talking about her experience at the William S. Paley Television Festival that featured the cast and producers of Boston Legal.
Windows (32k) Real (20k) MP3 (18 MB @48K)
[First 12 min. of the full hour broadcast; Dana runs and co-hosts WebTalk Radio]

[March 22, 2005]

An Interview with Boston Legal Editor Phil Neel by Diana Maiocco for
Phil edited Hired Guns, It Girls and Beyond and Death Be Not Proud.

[March 20, 2005]

Online Petition Launched to Renew Boston Legal for a Second Season.
Ed. Note: No longer necessary as it was renewed April 5. Thank you to all that signed. See the petition and thousands of fantastic comments about the show here:

Following is a pertinent quote from the Boston Legal Television Festival panel discussion March 15:
Audience member: "I was wondering if Boston Legal has been renewed for next season." (Then the audience member asked Shatner to sign her ketchup bottle)
Shatner: "I'd like to hear the answer to the first question." (big audience laugh)
David E. Kelley: "Uh... we have not been officially picked up - "
Shatner: (interrupting, deadpans) "Sorry - I can't sign the bottle."
(big audience laugh, again)
David E. Kelley: "I'm hoping the bottle gets signed."

Ha - nice metaphor. Yes, ABC... give them a nice renewal, hereafter referred to as "The Ketchup Contract"

[March 18, 2005]

Ask Matt
TV Guide
"Mark Valley, who was so good in the unfairly short-lived Keen Eddie, is completely wasted on Boston Legal. I thought Brad Chase was supposed to have a connection to the obnoxious Denny Crane that would allow him to act as something of a watchdog for his over-the-top antics. That certainly hasn't happened, and usually he is nothing but an afterthought. Any chance Valley will be written out after this season and given a chance on another project that will take advantage of his talents? I only started watching Boston Legal because of his involvement, and it has been a huge disappointment." — Elizabeth B.
"Haven't a clue what next season has in store for Boston Legal or any of its stars, but one piece of good news is that Brad Chase/Mark Valley will be involved in the high-profile Heather Locklear case that will likely be the biggest of Legal's May sweeps stunts. No argument that Valley has been underused. I was also peeved that a character intended to balance the wackiness of Denny Crane and Alan Shore was almost always shown up, even humiliated, every time he stood up to these lunatics in the first part of the season."

[February 25, 2005]

The Friday Rant
By Mark A. Perigard
Maybe it's the next item on ABC's promotional budget: advertising on milk cartons.  That's where you'll see the faces of your favorite ABC stars, missing in action.

Take the case of Mark Valley, who is a shadow on the network's ``Boston Legal.'' Introduced as the check to James Spader's ethically lapsed lawyer, the ``guy's guy attorney'' appeared in one scene two weeks ago and was absent from last week's episode. Since Candice Bergen's Murphy Brown-on-testosterone character was introduced, he's been pushed off the airwaves. Given Valley's range (check out the DVD set for ``Keen Eddie''), this is a criminal offense. [source: Boston Herald]

[February 20, 2005]
The American Cinema Editors presented their annual ACE Eddie Awards on Sunday (Feb. 20) night, with the top TV prizes going to a new network drama. Phil Neel won the award for best-edited one-hour series for ABC's "Boston Legal" episode "Hired Guns," upsetting the "Desperate Housewives" pilot and the "Long Term Parking" episode of HBO's "The Sopranos."
>> Read the article An Interview with Boston Legal Editor Phil Neel by Diana Maiocco for

[February 6, 2005]

Q: My husband and I tune in to "Boston Legal" to see Mark Valley, but he isn't getting enough screen time. Will the writers ever showcase his talents?
-  Jan Wells, College Station, Texas
A: Yes. Even with the cast addition of Candice Bergen, Valley's storylines will get meatier, we're told, although the writers wouldn't say how. We're glad to hear it: Valley, 40, is solid in his role as lawyer Brad Chase, the guy sent in to clean up shop in the midst of a cast of crazy characters.
[source: USA WEEKEND Magazine]

[January 23, 2005]
Boston Legal hit a series high Sunday, Jan. 23 with  15.8 million viewers; in fact, for the past three Sundays, the it has pulled in its three biggest audiences to date. [source:]

[December 15, 2004]
The Futon Critic
Betty White will reprise her role as Catherine Piper on "Boston Legal," a role she originated on "The Practice" and for which she received an Emmy nomination. The episode in which White will guest-star, entitled "From Whence We Came," will air on January 16.

[December 14, 2004]
USA Today Pop Candy's 100 People of 2004
At # 31 - "William Shatner. His CD isn't so bad. And Boston Legal? He's a good match for James Spader. Sigh. I know you still don't believe me. But you will one day. Just wait."

SyFy Portal's Top Newsmaker Of 2004
At #5 - "William Shatner. This actor has had more career resurrections than Madonna, but his iconic status seems to be far from waning..."  more >>

[December 13, 2004]
Spader and Shatner nominated for The 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards
James Spader is nominated for a Golden Globe for "Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama".  Airs January 16.

[November 30, 2004]
The Futon Critic
Five time Emmy-winner Candice Bergen has joined the cast as the company's name partner Shirley Schmidt, starting in episode 12.  Her first day was Dec. 10 at Raleigh Studios at Manhattan Beach, CA. Meanwhile, co-star Lake Bell's option is not expected to be picked up beyond the show's first 13 episodes. The actress plays young attorney Sally Heep.

[November 29, 2004]
Golden Globes: Television
The Hollywood Reporter weighs in on who should be nominated for a Golden Globe for Drama series actor [source: Hollywood Reporter]

Israeli Cable bought "Boston Legal" for Channel 3. The series will be shown sometime in early 2005.

Networks hope to strike TV gold at midseason / New York Daily News
It was announced that "The Law Firm," a reality show from David E. Kelley, is in development where real lawyers try real cases for a chance at a $250,000 prize.

[November 25, 2004]
The U.K. gets Boston Legal Spring 2005. The agreement covers the first and second series of the programme. Living TV said the show averaged 12 million viewers in the US, which put it in the top five of all new series and made it number-one in its time period among in the 18-49 and 25-54 age groups for both men and women. Viewership in its time period was up 15% from a year ago.  [source: MediaWeek]

Watch it, tape it, enjoy it
USA Today
"Times are good for TV fans. Let's end the week with one of the season's most pleasant surprises, a blissfully bizarre Practice spinoff from David E. Kelley. I was no great fan of the characters played by James Spader and William Shatner on The Practice. But transferred into their own playground, they're amusing in a larger-than-life, guard-the-scenery kind of way."  [source: USA Today]

[November 22, 2004]
Mark Valley and Rhona Mitra do PSA's for 2004 Marine Toys for Tots toy drive [source:]
[Note: if anyone can obtain a copy of these PSA's, please contact the site]

[November 16, 2004]
Executive Producer Jeff Rake quits 'Boston Legal [source: Digital Spy]

[November 15, 2004]
Rene Auberjonois has been bumped up from guest star to series regular

[November 11, 2004]
William Shatner will be one of the many presenters on the 32nd Annual "American Music Awards". Click the link below to see who else will be a presenter.

[October 4, 2004]
William Shatner's magnificent "Has Been" album released. SO good! Listen to sample "Common People" (mp3)

[October 3, 2004]
Boston Legal premieres in the United States.

Ratings Winner!
Boston Legal," dominated its 10 p.m. time slot with 13.8 million viewers overall and the No. 1 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, exceeding No. 2 "Crossing Jordan" on NBC by both measures. [source:]

[September 19, 2004]
Spader WINS Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Alan Shore.

[September 12, 2004]
William Shatner and Sharon Stone WIN Creative Emmys for Guest Actor/Actress Drama!

[September 1, 2004]
Monica Potter ("Along Came a Spider") has joined the cast. She will play Lori Colson, a junior partner at the Crane, Poole & Schmidt law firm. (Source: ABC)

[September 1, 2004]
Crane, Poole & Schmidt will hang out its shingle at 500 Boylston St., a 25-story office/retail building adjacent to Trinity Church. The phony address will be 1 Fleet St. (Source: Boston Herald)

[August 31, 2004]
Deep Space Nine actor Rene Auberjonois (Odo) will appear in at least three of the first five episodes. 'Paul Lewiston'is the head of the law firm.

[July 7, 2004]
Mark Valley is added the cast of the upcoming "The Practice" spin-off "Boston Legal."
[Source: The Futon Critic]


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