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Inspired by the words and predicaments of Boston Legal, the imaginations of fans have been piqued enough for some to put fingers to keyboard. You've landed upon a few here.  The Boston Legal haikus below were written by olucy, bbbeluga, xerxes3, darryl, dana and paulish.

A lively writing community at Live Journal uses role-playing to expand on themes from Boston Legal as well as create new fictional interactions. Every week or so we feature a new 'beyond the script' story from Brad Chase's point of view.  To explore further:

More stories from Brad's journal
Other Boston Legal and related fiction

Brad ChaseFor A Fistful of Mercenaries
Zovko took out a pack of cigarettes and offered me one.
"Thank you, no." I poured the rest of the bottled water into my glass and watched the 5 oíclock crowd hustle past our outdoor table at the cafť next to the firms building.
"Right. Corporate guy. Donít smoke, drink Pellegrino, golf on SaturdaysÖ "  >> read more

Brad ChaseFor Alan: In his book, a Social Contract is what you negotiate with a hooker
"Rebecca, when my 10:30 shows up, just point him to - "
I heard the snicker before I saw the poster. I crossed myself. Twice. Behind the receptionist, high on the wall for every client to see...
"ALAN!"  >> read more

Just like every day on the 14th floorJust like every day on the 14th floor by Dana
"Your 3:30 is waiting in the conference room." Brad emptied the mini bottle into his coffee and tossed the way too small glass into the recycling bin.   "Very good." Brad nodded at the receptionist, removed the small paperback from the file folder marked Duces Tecum and walked out of his office, making a left and putting half the firms associates between him and the conference room. 
>> read more

Brad ChaseTime, talk and tear gas by Dana
"He told Denny your Hail Mary pass saved his ass."
"Sounds like the beginning of a dirty limerick." I smirked at Shirley. She clinked my beer with her wine and we both let the alcohol soften the ragged edges of an afternoon spent in a Crane, Poole & Schmidt International meeting.
>> read more

Sacrifice for the LawSacrifice for the Law
"It's not pretty, but it's our legal system. And it works. It's like sausage: no one wants to see it made, and it will eventually destroy your heart, not to mention the sudden weight gain. Put some pants on, America. The Truth is knocking at the door."
Brad clicked the remote for his office flat screen, deleting the bear-hating journalist. It was midnight. Crane and Schmidt had long since gone home. Poole, he could only guess, was somewhere blissfully happy and pantsless.   >> read more

Brad Chase: "The Inside Man""The Inside Man"
by Dana
"On the house."
"Why's that?" All other mornings, the barista made a point to eye his tip cup when handing Brad his change. "In fact Ė "He pointed a finger to Brad's lapel as he switched to announcer mode, addressing his caffeine groupies in the small shop in the lobby of the firms building. " Ė you're not paying for another cup of coffee this year." A promotional smile tried to overshadow the fact there were only seven days remaining in his offer. "That kid you rescued. You're Charles Bronson, man. You're a hero. Hero's never pay. That'd be bad karma."  >> read more

Brad Chase: Permanent Failure [Letter to ten-year-old Brad]Permanent failure. Error: Sport unknown.
by Dana
3:27 a.m.

It felt like 90 degrees in the dark Boston brownstone, but Brad could hear the frigid wind shaking the window. It was the sound of Tito's fists banging the backseat window. It was the sound of Billy, thirty years ago, pounding the inside door of the shelter deep in the Rock Creek Park woods.  Brad opened the window, letting the icy pain punish him as it should have every day since Billy, then pumped out fifty push-ups on the hardwood floor.   >> read more

Brad ChaseOne Minute with...
Bradley Chase, J.D.
Junior Partner
Crane, Poole & Schmidt

Massachusetts Law Review: Do you consider yourself to be a people person?
Without question. Whatever your politics, we all bleed red, white and blue. People first.

Massachusetts Law Review: What do you dislike about your position as an attorney?
De-hiring. While unpleasant, the task falls on the ranking authority ... >> read more

GratitudeGratitude [for Bradley, vanquisher of clowns]  A story by Carolyn & Dana
Alan is certain that, except in very specific instances (those concerning Denny), gratitude serves no purpose but to make him feel uncomfortable. Gratitude in itself always seems an inadequate reward for any act eliciting it and so Alanís left with the restless feeling of needing to do something. As though heís allowing some potential to go to waste.  >> read more
I can't forgive him: a ficletI can't forgive him: a Brad Chase ficlet by Dana
[excerpt] The story wasn't linear. More of a confession and I fell back into the cadence of the young Marine lieutenant fully dedicated to our mission in Desert Shield.   It was February. We're told we're moving north again. We'll be back clearing some of the area we passed yesterday. There's radio chatter that the house where ten Iraqi troops... >> read more
"Strength" by Brad Chase . Boston Legal ficlet
"Strength: a ficlet" by Brad Chase
"At 6 a.m., the boat traffic on the docks of the St. Charles was minimal. Fog crept between the pilings and around the pier like a gray cat. Brad kept his pace even. He'd covered the mile from his brownstone to the US Coast Guard wharf in six minutes."   >> read more
Alan Shore / Live Journal
Short ficlet by Carolyn
"Today, Alanís under-the-table dealings consist of drumming his fingers on the heel of his shoe"  more >>

The first time I saw Alan Shore... I didn't see the attraction
Brad obsesses, Alan enjoys himself, Lori explains and Carolina shows her tattoo.  >> read more
I look great. Denny CraneRelax A ficlet by Nicalamity
[excerpt] He's found the company of women to be extremely relaxing; it's an addiction of sorts that's gotten into trouble on numerous occasions, but at this stage in his life, he doesn't mind a bit of trouble. He admitted to Alan once that being in the company of attractive women is arousing enough to help him think; he failed to be vulnerable enough to admit that the presence of a female tended to soothe his otherwise weary mind enough to provide clarity to his muddled thoughts.
"Tara, you're here late." >> read more
Denise Bauer fiction
"I Am So Close: A ficlet" by Denise Bauer
"Don't let my appearance fool you. Get in my way and I'll knock you on your ass. You see, being a lawyer who happens to be a woman is an especially tough road to Partnership."  >> read more

"That's Easy for YOU to Say!""That's Easy for YOU to Say!"
by olucy, bbbeluga & paulish
Alan is squeezing a lime over something in a shallow dish. Brad enters.
Brad: Oh my god. Whatís that smell?
Alan: Hello, Brad. Itís poisson cru. Evidently you didnít help make the Polynesian Islands safe for democracy when you were a Marine. Their loss, Iím sure. >> read more

Icon by GodhoppingIndependence Day forum moderator olucy once again allows us to eavesdrop on a conversation between U.S. President Denny Crane and his Chief of Staff Alan Shore.  >> read more
[Excerpt]  Chief of Staff Alan Shore: Good morning, Mr. President. Happy Independence Day!
POTUS Denny Crane: Hell, yes! Land of the free! Home of the brave!
Alan: Indeed. How are you going to celebrate, by the way? A copy of todayís Official Agenda was removed from my desk and Iím still trying to get to the bottom of it.
Denny: Yes, I asked Clarence to toss it. We donít need an Official Agenda. Alan, Iíd like to put my personal stamp on this day.
Alan: Oh, uhÖreally? The last time you did that you renamed everything either Denny or Crane. If it wasnít for a potential national uproar and the threat of a corporate lawsuit the White House would now be known as Dennyís.
Denny: Sounds friendlier than White House, donít you think? The White House is so generic, soÖ.bland. But...Dennyís. Letís you know who lives there and what youíre dealing with.
Alan: Well I canít argue with that.
Denny: Damn straight. Who do people think put the D.C. in Washington, D.C.?
>> read more [story by olucy; icon by godhopping]
>> read another POTUS Crane scene from Presidents Day
Bumped: Alan and Denny OTP by Nicalamity"Bumped" by Darryl the Hitman
Alan Shore: So, Denny, what are you doing?
Denny Crane: Oh, just practicing my moves.
Alan Shore: I'm sure it's clear why you're doing that but for the fun of it, tell me anyway.
Denny Crane: Well, I've got some free time now.
Alan Shore: Free time? Aren't we supposed to be in court next week?
Denny Crane: No, man, we got bumped.
>> read more
POTUS Denny Crane [icon by Nicalamity]"Versus" by olucy
Chief of Staff Alan Shore: Good morning, Mr. President. Happy President's Day.
POTUS Denny Crane: It's great having a day that is completely yours, Alan. Y'know, other people can share your birthday. And other people can share your anniversary. But there is no other President to share President's Day. It's mine! And I'm going to put my own special stamp on it.  >> read more

President Crane Outlines Historical Virtues in Shower Scandal;
Attorney General Shore comes to his Aide

By Patrick O'Rourke, Shamrock Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - Debate across the country, in politics and in the public, continues to rage around the controversial February 19 incident in which President Denny Crane apparently gave a confidence-boosting address to members of the Cranes White House Beach Volleyball team - in the women's communal showers. >> read more

Password: The Crane, Poole & Schmidt Edition
by bbbeluga, olucy, drsheri, melloday

Fiction: "Three Dreams, Five Women" by greensilver
"Alan's corpse is a singularly boring host..." 
>> read more
The remark I was not supposed to hear by LJ Denise

"Yeah, Denise can be a real bitch but that's because she's sexually repressed. I can easily fix that."

I was strolling by the break room when I overheard Garrett's remark to Sara. 
 >> read more
Too much responsibilityThis is so the weirdest job I've ever had by Melissa

Hands wigged out.

Duh. We all shouldíve seen that one coming. The guy was totally weird, but I guess I really didnít think heíd freak on Shirley and try to kill her! I mean, dude. All I can say is thank god for those typing lessons. I canít even imagine what would have happened . . .
>> read more

What I'm happy about right nowWhat I'm happy about right now by Melissa
Right now I feel happier than Iíve felt in months. Partly because I smashed a window, which felt a lot better than I ever could have imagined.
>> read more

Alan and Brad debate the defense of necessity by Carolyn and DanaAlan and Brad debate the defense of necessity by Carolyn and Dana
Tell me, Brad--and this is something I've always wondered--how many Hail Marys are required as penance for hacking off the fingers of a member of the clergy, and does it vary with the number and location of the digits?  >> read more

Too Sexy by Bev
Hey, Brad.  There I was perusing the latest issue of People at the checkout counter - you know, their big "Sexiest Man Alive" issue - and guess who they chose as the "Sexiest Lawyer of 2005"?
>> read more
Cartman visits Boston LegalHow do you relax after a hard day? a Boston Legal/South Park crossover ficlet by R. T. Sblock
[excerpt] Denny smiled. "I like that young man. Authoritative, assertive...reminds me of myself."
Alan rolled his eyes and got up. All of the lawyers stood and left the conference room. By the time Alan reached his office, Cartman was already spinning around in his chair.
"Dude! This chair rocks! >> read more

Departure by Michelle
"He still embodied the calmness of the morning sun, unflinched by the chaos around him, he sat, absorbed in his space, clinging to the moment as long as possible, reluctant to succumb to the fast paced meeting which was about to ensue."
(9 pages; July 6, 2005; pdf)  more >>    |    larger image
Rebel Without a Crew: Life is not a movie
Tales from the Hollywood Guy
I'm Guy. I'm a production assistant at a Hollywood studio. I work for everyone; therefore, I'm everywhere.   These are my observations. These are also my indictments of the industry. This may even be a cynical there-but-for-the-grace-of-the-mogul-go-I cautionary tale. However, this is a work of fiction, a parody... we think.
[excerpt] "She was on set today. She's been in the industry so long that everyone's got some opinion of her. I met her once at The Whiskey, back when it was painted black."  >> read more




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